Level 7 Tundra
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Crumbling Goblin
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Male Tundra
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Personal Style


Witch's Staff
Silver Glasses
Brown Breeches
Mage's Ivory Tunic
Wise Whiskers




3.25 m
4.44 m
442.25 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Sep 25, 2015
(8 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 7 Tundra
EXP: 1276 / 11881



  • none


  • none


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Hatchling caretaker

Half-Moon Spectacles Granny Smith Apple Grouse Basilisk Field Notes

“He’s asleep, again.”

“No he’s not.”

She gestured at him wordlessly—his eyes were closed, slouched forward and breathing deep. In the glow of the fireplace and the crackling of logs, he was completely oblivious to the world. Even so…

“He’s just… resting his eyes,” Aiden argued, though he wasn’t sure why he bothered anymore.

It always happened, nearly every day without fail. Pappy would fall asleep — sometimes even in mid-sentence — and the hatchlings would skedaddle off at the first hint of inattention. It would’ve been fine, was actually no bother for the rest of the clan, but for some asinine reason, it was always Aiden and Rhea who happened across him.

Coincidence? Unlikely.

At this point, he wouldn’t be surprised if there was a betting pool for it.

Aiden was all ready to chalk it up to his horrible luck, what with the weird sacks of flour showing up wherever he went and the mud tracks all over his stuff. But when he told Rhea, she’d just smiled, and nodded and asked what else was new.

Pappy gave a loud snort in his sleep, mouth falling open and mumbling something about pudding, and Rhea stared, eyebrow raised.

“Yeah. He’s really just resting his eyes.”

Aiden didn’t bother to respond, tossing a patchwork blanket across the old man’s lap, ignoring the strange mutter of “Teacups. Where’re m’—" and said, “Let’s just find the hatchlings.”

“You mean, ‘Let’s just do his job for him.’” But for all her grumbling, Rhea followed along after him. “I’ll bet five gems that I can find them first.”


“I’m surprised you even have that much. Didn’t you lose everything to me last week?”

… Which, admittedly, he had. But in Aiden’s defense, it’d been late, and his inhibitions had been lowered, and c’mon, there was no way he could lose a bet twenty times in a row. Except apparently, he could. At this point, it was more habit than anything to counter everything Rhea said. Though his wallet was certainly crying.

Aiden sighed, long and suffering and wondering why it was always him stuck with her. Just once, he wished Bob could’ve been the one to do this. “Just go.”

“Careful, or that woe-is-me look is going to get stuck one day.”

“Don’t you have a bet to win?”

“That’s the spirit!” And with a grin and a cheeky wave, Rhea disappeared.

As fate would have it, two hours later, a lot of running around, breathless and weary and covered in mud, Aiden found himself fifteen gems lighter and with a cheerful Rhea at his side.

“—and I saw a biiiiiig ladybug, like, this big.” The hatchling stretched his arms out in a frankly unrealistic representation of a bug’s size.

“Really?” said Rhea. “It sounds like you had a great time. Isn’t that right, Aiden?” And she smiled, all smug and arrogant, and Aiden wanted nothing more than to—

“Yes,” Aiden said, voice carefully blank. “Sounds like fun.”

When they returned, Pappy was still asleep, happily snoring away beside the roaring fire. They quietly herded the hatchlings back into the room, the majority only half-awake and more than a bit exhausted from their adventure, and were just about to leave when a log in the fire snapped suddenly.

Pappy woke with a start. “—and I tol’ him, ‘Can’t wait ‘round all day while you go zippin’ about in yer fancy ‘vention. Snappers weren’t meant t’ fly!’ But he was determined, couldn’t—” Pappy blinked, catching sight of Rhea and Aiden trying to sneak out the door. “When’d you get here?”

“Oh, we were just leaving—”

“Nonsense! I ha’en’t seen ye in… how long it been now? Three weeks, was it?”

Rhea coughed, muttering, “Two days.” And Pappy smiled.

“Ah, yes. That sounds ‘bout right. Why don’t ye sit? Tell me ‘bout your day, Renee and—” He squinted, eyes bright behind his spectacles. “That you, Andrea?”

Aiden, ignoring Rhea’s snort of laughter, nodded. “… Good morning, Pappy.”

“’Morning’?” the Tundra repeated. “What you goin’ on ‘bout now, Andrea? It ain’t mornin’. Nearabout evenin’, dinner if ’m right.”

“Yeah, Andrea,” Rhea said with a grin. “What are you going on about?”

“Shut up, Rhea.”

That, had obviously been the wrong thing to say. Pappy frowned, disapproving. “Now, Andrea, that ain’t the type of things ye should say. Why, it reminds me o’ a time when I was jus’ a young whippersnapper, jus’ gettin’ started on—”

Once Pappy began, it was nearly impossible to get him to stop. Aiden sighed, resigned to wait him out when he caught sight of Rhea inching towards the door. He glanced towards Pappy, but the elder didn’t even notice her.

“Where’re you going?” he hissed.

“I’m not staying here,” she said. “Besides, I’ve got some money to spend now. Have fun!” She was gone before he could say otherwise.

“—Now, back in my day, we di’n’t have no fancy tech-whatchamacallits. No, we had t’ walk. Ten miles, every day, in pourin’ rain, with rabid wolves on our tail. Couldn’t go two feet without seein’ one o’ them—”

This couldn’t go on for that much longer, right?

… Somehow, the thought didn’t comfort him.

Bio written by Rosoidela

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