Level 25 Wildclaw
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Fire.
Female Wildclaw
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style


Searing Emblem
Tigerlily Flowerfall
Golden Birdskull Wingpiece
Will o' the Ember
Copper Filigree Helmet
Copper Filigree Banner
Traditional Broadsword
Copper Filigree Gauntlets
Conflagrant Kilt
Copper Filigree Breastplate
Orange Wooly Coat
Copper Filigree Wing Guard
Copper Filigree Boots
Copper Filigree Tail Guard




6.34 m
7.84 m
496.95 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jul 05, 2015
(9 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Wildclaw
Max Level



  • none


  • none


Adopt by: Me
Adopt by: biskitten(#187301)
Not for Sale/Trade/Breeding.

First double I hatched!

This section is under construction.
Áine Ardghal:

Clan Rank:
High General(Mercenary)
Deceased(Info to Come)
Deceased(Info to Come)
Crevan(Eldest Son)
Aiva(Eldest Daughter)
Jannon(Youngest Son)

Highest ranking officer of the Holt's mercenaries.
pRgPDDS.pngAdopt by: Stratus(#64694)
Extra Art!:
(Listed with Artists' ID#s in case of name change.)
dfmGwuo.png Personality:
Devoted | Decisive | Protective | Loyal
Favorite Activities:
Unfavorable Activities:
Life before Reivers' Holt:
Notes(subject to change):
-Born in a rival clan and betrothed to Igneus shortly after hatching as the spiritual leaders thought it was an omen.
-Their relationship was strained at first and Áine felt Igneus's disability would make him a weak warrior and mate. It made her bitter towards him for the majority of their childhood.
-A few years after they wed they began to grow closer but there was yet again tension between their clans so they decided to leave and join the Holt(?).
-Had their first child, Crevan, shortly after joining, during their five year training as initiates.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Project Progress:
Completed (7/6/15)
(--)Breed: Wildclaw Yes/No (7/6/15)
(--)Gene 1: Crystal Yes/No (7/6/15)
(--)Gene 2: Facet Yes/No (7/6/15)
(--)Gene 3: Underbelly Yes/No (7/6/15)
(Total Treasure: --)

Coliseum Progress:
Completed (2/6/16)
Happy belated Birthday, Val! < 3 Jo
Max Level?: Yes/No (2/6/16)
Eliminate?: Yes/No (1/30/16)
Sap?: Yes/No (2/2/16)
Rally?: Yes/No (2/3/16)
Berserker(x3)?: Yes/No (2/3/16)
Ambush(x2)?: Yes/No (2/3/16)

Participated, with her brother, in EarthDom '17!


Event Exclusive
Daily Contributions:
Day 1: 10
Day 2: 50
Day 3: 60
Day 4: 22
Day 5: 56
Day 6: 80
Day 7: -
Total Levels: 278



A fun little short story written by JovaniSkye about Áine and her brother!
Crevan winced as Aine applied the sticky green ointment. "It's really not that bad, Nee-chan, I promise." Aine pointedly ignored the younger Wildclaw and continued applying the goop on all infected areas. "This is just day one," she said, slicking another length onto a spot on his lower tail. "You need to heal as much as possible before tomorrow. Now go wash this off."

Cre offered a half-smile and trudged out the front of the cave. The moon hung low in the sky of the Delta, reflecting in the small stream nearby. Further ahead, the sound of rushing water could be heard as the stream merged with a larger body of water. It had been sheer luck they had happened upon the cave in the first place, and it was near perfectly hidden from view. Cre bent down, taking long gulps from the stream and cleaning the herbs off his skin, the resin it left properly covering his scrapes and cuts. He took a few more gulps, then skittered back into the cave.

Aine was removing her armor and setting it aside, though Cre noticed her wincing slightly. "You ok, Nee-chan? Need some of that stuff, too?" Aine cocked an eye at him. "I'm fine. -You- ought to consider wearing more appropriate attire." Cre laughed, sitting down, and noting a few tears in his light rogue gear. "Fighting styles, sis. I just got too tired to dodge." ^^; Aine scowled at him. "If you're not careful, it'll be more than scrapes and bruises. We're going up against tougher and tougher opponents from here on out." Cre nodded absentmindedly, removing his own garb and laying it out to air. "We did pretty good, though, right, Nee-chan?"

Aine was about to reply when a large tremor shook the cave. Both Wildclaws were on their feet as darkness filled the entrance. Two glowing eyes peered in at them, and the outline of an enormous Wildclaw came into view. It stared unblinkingly at them for some time before turning its head away, laying it down between its front legs, and letting out a deep sigh. Cre grinned. The Wildclaw was the biggest he had ever seen and something ancient. It had an aura of power and mystery to it he couldn't quite place. It's eyes were calculating and didn't miss a thing. When he and Aine had left on their journey, the beast of a Wildclaw had appeared, watching them fight and then followed after them. It spent most of its time watching, but every so often, it reached out and smote various opponents, giving the pair time to catch their breath and recoup. Cre was fairly certain they could ride their larger fellow into victory and avoid fighting all together, but then how would they learn.

The thrumming of the larger one falling into sleep was calming and Cre found himself yawning. Aine had laid herself properly down and Cre slid over by her on his back, one of his legs up awkwardly in the air. "Well, we did it... Level 10, huh? Night, Nee-chan..." Aine rolled her eyes in the darkness, but Cre was already lightly snoring. "Good night, little brother." Outside the the cave, the crickets sang.

--- --- --- --- ---

Flight Alliance Within Reivers' Holt's:
Although Reivers' Holt resides in the Stormcatcher's domain, Valishtu and War'uul accept any dragon, of any flight alliance, so long as they complete their contract and do their part for the continued survival and progression of the lair and it's inhabitants. Most of the dragons associated with the Holt(Nuzlocke related) are either under mercenary contract or have become permanent residents via a crafting/medicinal trade, guards, etc. after completing their contract. However, there are some taken in temporarily as refugees or simple crafting contracts for various jobs needed around the lair and it's territory.
--- --- --- --- ---
Becoming a Reiver:
Welcome to the Holt:
The Holt gives a dry and ideal place to sleep, food, healing and the necessary tools for any number of professions or hobby in exchange for loyalty and aiding in the Holt's upkeep/survival for the ever growing needs of it's expanding population. They are tied to the Holt for five years and are not allowed to seek out a new home until they have completed this time, unless exiled by the matriarch/patriarch/council for crime related reasons. Such cases are extremely rare and other punishments are usually enforced first.
Who is accepted?:
Given the amount and quality of the benefits one receives when joining, a not so surprising amount of warriors tend to line up in hopes of receiving an initiate contract. Unfortunately many are turned down. Val and the council would rather recruit those in need of a home and basic essentials, increasing the likelihood that a dragon will want to progress rather then quit/break contract when things get too tough in their training.
Reiver Initiate Contract:
In exchange for above benefits each new comer must agree to a sign a contract pledging themselves to the success of the clan for five years in which time they are not allowed to leave unless with their trainers and with a councilman's consent. Initiates are expected to complete at least four hours of hard training exercises in endurance, fighting styles and with various weaponry for five days a week, every week, until their contracts are completed. On top of their daily training, initiates are also expected to spend another four hours a day on guard duty, hunting or scavenging for the clan's needs after their daily training. Once an initiate completes their contract they are given the choice to leave on their own journey as a new mercenary or they can stay and continue to contribute to the Holt be it in protection or trade.
Reiver Tradesmen:
Now that they have finished their initiation, these dragons can focus on honing their skills in trades like carpentry, armor/weapon crafting, scholarly, etc. Each profession has a rank/title of its own.
Reiver Militia:
Instead of staying to be a craftsmen or trader of wares, these Reivers have chosen to stay and protect their home and clansmen alike. There are two kinds of dragons that fall under this catagory: Guards and Soldiers.
These dragons are stationed at the lair and are not permitted to leave while on duty(They may however request time off/vacation to do so but may not take jobs under the affiliation of a Reiver). Guards do not take contracts and dedicate themselves to the protection of the clan inhabitants and uphold its laws.
Soldiers are a hybrid between guards and mercs and occasionally are sent out with mercenaries when larger numbers are requested as part of a contract. Soldiers work as guards twice a week to fill in for those off duty/on leave and they are tasked with training initiates, but are not scavenging/gathering food like a merc.
Reiver Mercenaries:
Or mercs for short, these dragons bring in a good source of income and/or supplies. When awaiting a contract, mercs typically scavenge, hunt or group up with initiates who are interested in a future as a mercenary or soldier.

Steal a GenOne:
July 28, 2015
May 10, 2019

May make all my primal deities an ancient breed eventually, going to wait until the release of the fire version for her though.
But stiiiill...
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Exalting Aine to the service of the Stormcatcher will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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