HawkFirePhoenix's Hibernal Den

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Dragons Over Two Years Old
Often rescued from the fodder floor, these dragons will stay with me until they go to my main den or are adopted out. As long as I have Hib-Den space, I will happily take on oldies for future rehoming!
Page 1: Dragons I am keeping and intending to move out of Hib-Den
Page 2: Dragons open to offers, PMs are always open!
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This dragon is currently enjoying the company of a familiar.
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
This dragon is currently listed in a Crossroads Trade.
This dragon is benefiting from the effects of eternal youth.
This dragon is an ancient breed.
This dragon is currently nesting.
This dragon is under the permanent effect of a Silhouette Scroll. A toggle on the dragon's profile allows swapping between the artwork poses available for the breed.