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Hello everyone! Sylvaneer over here! I play on various other sites including Felisfire, Ayways, Digis, Mycena Cave, and Wajas. (My username differs on every site I play on, just so you know ;3)

Feel free to friend me if you like!

Regarding trades, I am not accepting dragon trades at this time as I have no space for new dragons. Also, any dragon named or with a familiar is not for sale.

Otherwise, feel free to contact me if you're interested in a dragon I have for sale and you'd like to pay in another currency or in a mix of the currencies :D Also please note that unless I know you pretty well, I don't really do holds as I need to sell dragons as soon as I can to make room for new babies.

As you may be able to tell from my lair, I'm obsessed with Imperials. If I had more space, I'd probably have a horde of SDs as well.

I love colors in the black and white ranges, as well as both cool and warm colors. I'm generally not all that fond of greys, browns, greens, and yellows, but that does depend on the dragon. Sometimes those colors work really well :D

As an additional note regarding dragon sales: If a dragon isn't up for sale in the AH, then I'm afraid it's not for sale. But you're welcome to ask about the ones that are for sale :)

Long-term Goals:

[x] Get every festival skin so far
-Completed with Jade Idol Skin 7/19/15!

[] Get every familiar except for kickstarters
Need: A lot, lol!

[x] Get a kickstarter familiar
-Completed with Bone Fiend 10/25/15!

[] Get all my permanent dragons to 25

[] Rainbow dragons

[] Fully bond with all familiars

Note to self:
- Message SpaceParanoids if get Leaf tert female from Kalika/Loki pair.
- Jade Idol Quest:
- KS Quest:

To Do List:

-Gene Coatls and Gene/Breed Change their mates
-Breed Kalika and Loki and then Scatter their baby for a good color
-Scatter Zephyrus
-Increase lair space
-Possibly Circuit Anshar (or maybe one of their babies and get a mate)

-Add Shimmer/Iridescent to Artemis
-Change Artemis to SD

-Perhaps add Circuit to Hades/Persephone or Odin
-Perhaps add Circuit to Hel girl

-Gene Royal/Black Imp girl
-Add Iridescent to Midnight/Storm Imp boy

-Change up Juno/Jupiter breed/Jupiter's name since ATTOR is perfect mate for Juno.
-Find new mate for Jupiter

Need mates:
White/Red Gen 1 boy

Imps that need different mates (to match gens):
Gaia needs Gen 2 mate
Hades needs Gen 3 mate
ZhuRong needs a Gen 2 mate
Obsidian/Tangerine needs Gen 2 mate (or maybe gen 3)

Imp Breeding Pairs (probably a bit messed up):
-Kalika x Loki gives Crimson/Obsidian or Midnight
-Hades x Persephone gives Obsidian/Red-Crimson
-Odin x Frigg gives Obsidian/Crimson/Tomato-Crimson
-Nepthys x Set gives Obsidian/Obsidian
-Breksta x Kuk gives Midnight/Midnight/Midnight-Grey
-Nyx x Erebus gives Obsidian or Midnight/Shadow-Obsidian
-Tau x Kerana gives Obs-Mid/Obs-Mid/Obs-Mulberry
-Summanus/Fulgora gives Obsidian-Midnight/Black-Shadow/Gold-Lemon
-Hel x Ankou gives Crimson-Blood/Obsidian/Crimson
-Shinigami x Setesuyara gives Obsidian/White-Maize/Obsidian 3-gened
-Bastet x Anubis (or Horus) gives black range/black range
-Ekhi x Meri gives Obsidian-Midnight/orange-range
-Gaia x Pontus give Black-Shadow/Leaf-Royal
-Izanami x Izanagi gives White/Red-Rust
-Bifrost x Iris gives White/White/Sky-Platinum
-Icarus x Eos gives Maize-Ice/golds-oranges
-Freyr x Freyja gives White-Ice/Obsidian-Midnight/blues-purples 3-gened
-Pengarii x Unnamed Ice/Obsidian gives Silver-Ice/Obsidian 3-gened
-Boreas x Pitys gives Obsidian/blues-purples (with Circuit/Shimmer)
-Shiva x Parvati gives Obsidian/blues-purples/greys-blues (will be 3-gened)
-Aja x Olokun gives Obsidian/greens-blacks
-ShitalaDevi x Jvarasura (to maybe rename to Namtar) gives purple-blue range/Black-Midnight/green-grey range
-Aeolus x Deiopea gives Ice/blues-purples/White 3-gened
-Anshar x An gives Stonewash-Splash/Sky-Splash/White (will be 3-gened)
-Amaterasu x Apollo gives warm range/orange range 3-gened
-Agni x Svaha gives red range/orange range 3-gened
-Vulcan x Venus gives orange range/orange range 3-gened
-Indra x Sachi gives blacks-blues/Maize
-Ishtar x Gilgamesh gives Blood-Midnight/blue-purple range
-North x Abus give range of colors
-Zahera x Church gives range of colors
-ZhuRong x HuTu same gives warm range/red range

Other Non-Starter Breeding Pairs:
-Unnamed Black/Crimson x Obsidian/Carmine Spirals
-Koto x Lyre for Gen 2 Spiral/Pearl
-Navaris x Bes for Gen 2 Obsidian or Midnight/Pink WCs
-Sinann x Bayan for Gen 2 Midnight-Black/Splash-Caribbean Skydancers
(Or mix up the above two pairs for greater secondary range SDs)
-Juno x Jupiter for Obsidian/red range/gold range 3-gened Skydancers
-Morrigan x Cuchulainn for Black-Midnight/Black-Midnight/Crimson-Blood Skydancers
-Tsukuyomi x Artemis for possible White/White/White PCs
-Unnamed Obsidian/Crimson/Crimson Spiral x ???

Absolutely wonderful people here ^^:

Mercifell, Reneshi, Vitani, Aether, Thorai, Helmintio, Shmoots, MagpieAngel...

Recent Comments

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October 11, 2021 17:08:45
Hi! Your ShitalaDevi is the kid of my g1 imps. I just got back in the game and thought I'd say hi!
September 09, 2021 20:28:42
Hi Sylvaneer, just wanted to drop in and say hello! I have one of Odin + Frigg's hatchies (Asami) who is still in my lair as a Lvl25. I was surprised to click on her parents and see they are still in an active lair and going strong at 7 years old!
January 16, 2021 20:29:29
Izanami was on the front page!
August 07, 2020 21:12:30
Elfling is super cool and was on the front page!
July 10, 2020 01:11:33
thank you for buying enkata! i hope you enjoy her, she's been looking for a home for a while so i'm glad she found one <333
October 12, 2017 12:11:02
I saw Hallow on the front page. He's very nice.
May 18, 2017 12:39:55
You have such an old lair :'D love it
February 22, 2016 10:59:46
And somehow the Site ate the rest of my post. Huh. I was just looking at Asterias Children and Grandchildren and I'm happy to see this one at least has found a good and loving home! :)
February 22, 2016 10:59:01
Hello there!
I just wanted to say : thank you for still taking care of Gaia after all these years
December 09, 2015 22:55:03
Hiya, I just wanted to let you know that there is now a Wind Flight member group on Facebook! Auctions, raffles, art, & so much more will be a part of this ever-growing group on FB. We hope to see you there!
October 07, 2015 21:16:31
I own Skadi's great, great grandaughter (Cruella) and Skaldi's great, great grandson (Elsen) uwu;; I was disappointed that I couldn't breed them, but it's cool that I managed to take them both in coincidentally owo;;
September 14, 2015 17:20:18
Hi! I'm doing a project and I was wondering if I could buy Hel or borrow her to breed? She's one of the only dragons that would fit that I found when searching and I'll pay whatever you want in treasure! If you don't want to I understand though c:
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