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After the disappearance of the Tidelord and the little-to-no pilgrimage of would-be oracles, the silence of the Shoredeep Presage has given way to beautiful dragon homes and sanctuaries full of life in its deep tunnels.

Welcome to the Presage Cove! Home to a sizeable group of dragons, this lovely lair is led by a Dragoness that once came to the Shoredeep Presage to see into her own future, but to no avail. After not getting an answer from the Tidelord, Momoiro had given up on returning to her home and decided to stay in the winding tunnels and build a life for herself.

After some time, Momoiro grew to adopt and welcome dragons into her home, steadily growing it into a lair the Tidelord could be proud of.


To Do:
Buy one of the scrolls that change the positioning of a dragon.
125 Lair slots (An ongoing dilemma) 115/125
Buy more chickens for the chicken army!!

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Strawberrysaur's avatar
March 14, 2023 22:01:54
Sonna blinked at Amejisuto. "Oh, well, it's nice to meet you, and I'm sorry to hear that."
Sonna looked over at Hyo again. "I wonder if maybe I'd be able to bring our young ones over to meet yours one day. They're all about the same age."
Garbagehaha's avatar
March 14, 2023 12:15:01
pee pee poo poo
yoyoboomqueefa's avatar
March 13, 2023 09:58:09
Nikko was intimidated. Sonna was already well-respected by the younger dragons.
"H-hi," the hatchling stuttered. "It's nice to meet you."
"Don't mind him," Amejisuto barreled into her brother. "He's a little wimp. My name's Amejisuto."
"Amejisuto," her father, Towairaito, barked. "Be nice to your brother."
"That's my dad," She lowered her voice as if telling a great secret. "He's been edgy since Momma left."
Strawberrysaur's avatar
March 10, 2023 21:39:43
Sonna lowered her head toward the hatchling. "Hello, little one. My name is Sonna. It's nice to meet you."
yoyoboomqueefa's avatar
March 10, 2023 09:52:06
Hyo led Sonna over to a bunch of quarreling hatchlings.
"Rakukanteki," he barked. A teenage dragon the color dark red, approached. "What's happening?"
"Amejisuto insisted on play-fighting," he sighed. "Kosai wanted to challenge her to the king of the hill and it all went insane from there."
"Grandpa!" Nikko squealed, nuzzling up against Hyo.
"Nikko, meet Sonna, a dear friend of mine."
Strawberrysaur's avatar
March 08, 2023 16:21:33
"And you as well, Hyo," she smiled. "I'd be delighted to meet them."
yoyoboomqueefa's avatar
March 08, 2023 10:39:47
Hyo approached, nodding respectfully at his mates' old friend.
"It's nice to see you again, Sonna," He smiled warmly. "Come. Some hatchlings arrived today. They'll be happy to see another new face."
Strawberrysaur's avatar
March 07, 2023 22:19:25
"Well then, come on," said Sonna. "Walk, swim, fly with me, and we can talk. I've lots of news to share about our den, and I'm sure you've got much from yours."
yoyoboomqueefa's avatar
March 07, 2023 08:07:23
(It's fine)
"Too long," Momoiro sighed. "I've been going crazy with all the new hatchlings coming and going. Frankly, I could use a break."
Strawberrysaur's avatar
March 06, 2023 15:28:24
Sonna nuzzled her daughter. "Hello, little ruby," she greeted, using the nickname she knew Aka never liked. She then turned to Momoiro, returning her friend's bow, then nudging her with a wing. "Hello, Momoiro. It's been a while, hasn't it?"
Strawberrysaur's avatar
March 06, 2023 15:26:39
(And hey wait that wasn't the dialogue I had planned for Sonna so if you don't mind I'm gonna rewind one scene)
yoyoboomqueefa's avatar
March 06, 2023 13:15:54
Lordy lord that was so repetitive
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