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Long ago, a bright-eyed hatchling with eyes as green as lush valleys was separated from her clan. She had hatched in the midst of a terrible event, the rest of the clan having to flee their home in hopes of survival. The little hatchling had no idea of the horrors her clan had to face while she was entering the world. Everything was still by the time she awoke as the sunlight peeked through the branches. The little pastel hatchling waited, wondering where everyone was, wondering why she was all alone.

With time, she grew and began to clean up the things left behind for her. The plants were slowly growing back as well, but in her heart she yearned for company. She took comfort in the birds and other animals that started to return as well, but still she wondered: where has my family gone? For a while, she tried to live alone, tried her best to fight encroaching beasts, but eventually it got to be too much for her. Her heart was empty and the pain she felt was immeasurable.

Sylvana, given her name by the fairies that saw her living in the forest, made her way to a safe place near a large tree in the Everbloom Gardens. She laid down, ready for the earth to consume her and use her to create new life. The Gladekeeper saw something in her, so instead of taking her made the decision to thrust her into a deep, deep sleep; a slumber as deep as death. For years, the earth grew around and over her, safely hiding her away from beasts and enemies.

Finally, it had been too long. Awakened from a slumber so deep by the Gladekeeper, Sylvana rose from the ground where the earth had begun to consume her. She admired the humble daffodils that had settled in the earth around her. Her heart blossomed and beat as the sun energized her tired bones. She is born again to rebuild the grotto that was once lost. No longer is she Sylvana the Lost, from now on she is Sylvana the Serene. She will build her clan as colorful buds bloom beneath her feet.

She sought to build up a clan that she could take care of for years to come, with all the love stored up in her heart. No matter where they came from, she would accept anyone in need of a home; in need of love. Sebastian, her companion, was the first and more joined after him. Sylvana prides herself in making sure everyone in the clan feels like they belong and that they matter. If anyone desires to leave, she supports them and supplies them with anything they need on their journey.

Those who stayed would always find their place in the clan. Even those who weren't born into the clan! No matter where they came from, or what dark pasts they may have, they were welcomed with open arms. That is always what Sylvana wanted the clan to be about; new beginnings. In their Serene Grotto in the heart of the Everbloom Gardens, the Daffodil Clan would continue to blossom and thrive under the care and protection of Sylvana and Sebastian.
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marley - she/her - carat & orbit

innocent eyes, pastels, bee, opal, & firefly simp
check out my hatchery please owo
I love kpop (svt & loona are my ults!)
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bio structures by SuzyChi & Serpede
blooming grove art assets by Poisonedpaper

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April 15, 2023 19:31:23
Hi! If you ever decide to sell Hellebore, your obs/obs/mist ice primal, I’d be very interested! I can offer 100g? Thanks! Also, ah, your lair is beautiful <3
September 16, 2022 20:59:58
Akakin was on the homepage; he's beautiful~
March 14, 2022 03:27:47
Ooh! Hello, outlander! Haha, it's always interesting to find other players on the site. Anywho, I'll make sure to take great care of Blossom! Also, I love the lore on your profile and hatchery.
March 11, 2022 05:36:31
Of course! Your hatchery is very pretty and I was looking for a nice blossom tert to add to my gardening squad!
March 11, 2022 05:32:46
Yes, I would like to be added, thank you! I am perpetually lacking funds and space so I may not always be able to get anything but at the very least I shall admire
March 10, 2022 18:32:23
Your dragons are beautiful. Naiad is a stunning gloopy baby and I promise to raise her well. I'll be checking out your forum posts from now on- you are a great threat to my lair capacity lmao <3
February 19, 2022 11:42:41
omg u know b1a4 ;A: aaaaaaaaaaa!!! hardly anyone seems to know them omg!! jun is a good pick uwu my fave is dk!! hehe
February 18, 2022 15:54:04
aaa can i ask who ur bias is hehe my username is a ref to an older kpop group but man svt are awesome ;; one of my fave groups!!
February 18, 2022 15:41:17
i saw your name on the ah and just knew u had to be a carat hehe!
February 07, 2022 20:48:06
HAAAI u can tell day6dreaming to stop bugging me about making an account now lolololol
December 30, 2021 17:57:32
Happy Birthday!
December 30, 2021 10:03:05
Happy Birthday!!
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