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Meet the Dragons of the Highlands

20408367p.png Roles: Food Preserver and Preparer

Desc: After retiring from adventuring due to injuries, he finds himself aiding in the preservation of crops and game through drying, smoking, salting, and pickling. Much of what he makes is used to feed the many hungry mouths of the clan, but a fair amount of extra game is sold at the local markets.
Main Exports:
Salt Salted Game Thick Meat Strips Dried Fish Bottled Embers

71196447p.png Roles: Hippogriff Stablehand, Large Game Hunter, Assistant Medic

Desc: She is the main caretaker of the flock of hippogriffs that are bred and sold as companions and working familiars for other desert-dwelling clans. Additionally, she helps with large game hunts for wild elk and more with her fleet of pack hippogriffs that help to carry large game out of the canyonlands.
Main Exports:
Cardinal Hippogriff Hippojay Elk Pelt Salted Game Gamy Shockshank

57645034p.png Roles: Weaver, Sentry, Assistant Carpenter, Assistant Cook

Desc: He is a reclusive clan member who helps process the raw wool from the domestic rambra flock. His specialty is weaving, creating both intricately dyed textiles and sturdy fabric for everyday wear. In the off months, he assists the clan in protecting their homes from dangerous wildlife and shade, as well as crafting simple but practical cedar furniture.
Main Exports:
Spool of Silk Bronze Fabric Scrap Intricate Weaving Umbral Yarn Sanded Cedar Plank

60938095p.png Roles: Gardener, Fisher, Stonemason

Desc: They live quite a ways away from the main dwellings of the highlands, tending to crops of seaweed off the coastal xeric shrubland. He regularly fishes, crabs, and collects mollusks for both his consumption and to sell at the marketplace. In his spare time and to supplement his income, he quarries local limestone deposits and exports the raw stone.
Main Exports:
Bountiful Fishnet Royal Oyster Murkbottom Kelp Water Lettuce Granite Fragment

39999928p.png Roles: Healer, Shade-Repelling Enchanter, Seamstress, Assistant Rambherd

Desc: After being purged of shade in a sacred spring, she uses her powers to heal others and to enchant clothing, weapons, or spaces in shade-repelling spells to keep the clan members safe from some threats. She uses cloth woven by Avvo, as well as locally sourced linen and canvas to create clothing for both clan members and to sell at the market. All of the clothing crafted by her are blessed with warding spells to protect the wearer.
Main Exports:
Airborne Warrior Belt Unicorn Dust Ancestral Incense Runed Tuft of Fur Decorative Centaur Quiver

33500465p.png Roles: Scholar (Zoologist), Cartographer, Organizes and inventories the food and goods

Desc: She has traversed most of sorineth in her quest to catalogue many of the animal and familiar species that inhabit the wilds, recording their distributions, behaviors, and diets. In this quest, she met many dragons and beastclan describing how the habits and distributions of animals in their homelands have been changing as of late due to mysterious happenings in the area. Intrigued, she and her partner moved in with a local clan to observe the changes further, and they have written many field guides and drawn maps to sell at the local markets.
Main Exports:
Grouse Basilisk Field Notes Forest Field Guide Intact Parchment Beeswax Used Cartography Ink

58640295p.png Roles: Historian, Rambherd, Recordkeeper

Desc: They enjoy reading and writing and have volunteered to record the daily happenings of the clan, including recording storehouse goods, how much was made at the markets, how much the Rambra herd numbers and how much produce is grown over the seasons. They occasionally help to herd the Rambra flocks across the pastures and aid in shearing and lambing the flock in the spring and early summer.
Main Exports:
Satin Rambra Rambra Rambra Horn Weathered Grimoire Empty Inkwell

32444504p.png Roles: Gardener, Potter, Marine Hunter

Desc: Being used to the humid swamps of the Veridian Labyrinth, she dwells near the clan's wellspring. She uses its water to grow crops for the clanmembers, and takes trips to the coastline to hunt large fish, selling some of the extra crops and fish to the local markets. After coming across some clay deposits, she uses them to line the wellspring to retain water better and to craft jugs, plates, bowls, and other ceramics for everyday use and to store the clan's goods.
Main Exports:
Pumpkin Golden Pepper Horn of Plenty Scaleskin Marlin Parched Clay Jar

48063870p.png Roles: Blacksmith, Leather smith, Saddler

Desc: They are a kind soul who previously only knew how to craft weapons. She has since discovered a love for working with hippogriffs, crafting comfortable saddles for long-distance travels, as well as using her blacksmithing craftsmanship to create cookware, buckets, bells, tools, and other odds and ends. She refuses to craft any more weapons, be it swords, battle axes, or pikes.
Main Exports:
Armadillo Leather Fluted Bat Spoon Glittering Sphinxband Pickaxe Pristine Trowel

28848006p.png Roles: Spring servant, Region guardian

Desc: Manju replaced the previous servant of the spring of this region after they passed without appointing a guardian. He has since been imbued with magics that help to keep the water safe to drink and ward off the shade beasts. He periodically sheds his sunrise scales, which can be used for calling rain to remote areas of the desert.
Main Exports:
Prairie Polearm Armored Scales Morganite

26132291p.png Roles: Apothecary, Assistant gardener, Scavenger

Desc: After apprenticing with a well respected Apothecary from the Ashfall Wastes, she learned that many of the medicines commonly used for respiratory illnesses were low in stock due to overharvesting of the crops from the shifting expanse. She joined the clan to cultivate and domesticate the flora and fauna and sustainably provide for the sick and injured.
Main Exports:
Feverfew Herbal Plantain Reefsnail Egg Leopard Coralclimber Toxin Hallowed Ivy

84142967p.png Roles: Chef, Hunter, Assistant Gardener

Desc: Vetustum is charged with preparing the majority of the meals for the dragons of this clan, and strives to create hearty dishes that will keep his friends and family full and healthy.
Main Exports:
Coffee Pot Old Tin Pot Mushroom Oil Flying Butter Salt

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Manju was on the front page, lovely!
December 08, 2023 19:30:54
Manju was on the front page, I absolutely love his outfit!!! He is lovely :D
October 12, 2023 18:53:08
Hello!! I sold Iolanthe. I saw in her bio that you might have thought her price was a mistake? Don't worry! I just price my dragons cheap lol, I'm glad you enjoy her! :)
November 23, 2022 08:25:26
Aww, thank you! Currently still working on bios, but we expand as I speak.. and the need for gems expands too, such is life
November 22, 2022 13:41:22
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Preonensis was on the front page! such a cutie
August 20, 2022 06:22:49
No worries about replying, just glad you saw the comment and that you're still around <3 Thank you so much!!
July 26, 2022 06:27:42
Just letting you know that I'm still super thankful for selling Shesmetet to me and that he's loved and spoiled ♥
June 10, 2022 12:51:52
Your dedication to ALLSTAR and SMASHMOUTH's offspring is admirable and impressive
March 15, 2022 16:15:04
Delegorguei was on the Random Dragon!
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Crowtheri was on the front page!
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