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" Nerf kreutah urr "







The Founding
" I may be gone, but this is just the beginning my kah-uwe "

Breathing in heavily, the two dragons gasped for breath, a concept that seemed impossible for them a few moments ago as they existed merely as thoughts within Lady Shadowbinder's mind. Stumbling forward, they quickly adapted to their new found life, running around blindly, screeches and howls of joy slicing through the still night air.
These two new dragons collided together in a small clearing by the river that ran through the Tangled Woods. Blushing, each apologized, sobering and maturing quickly. Exchanging pleasantries, they learned of each other's names: Gantre, the male, and Pena, the female. After talking for a while, staring up at the full moon, they decided to found a Clan together, right where they sat. A few days passed and a rudimentary lair was carved into the rock of a nearby cliffside. Soon, their first nest was laid and out hatched two dragons; the first moved on, wanting to explore, but the other daughter decided to stay, content with just the small meadow outside their lair to play in. After this first hatching, Pena became ill and Gantre urged her to stay in the lair and not do much work. Gii helped her father in any way she could, and stayed with her mother when there wasn't anything she could do. After birthing her second clutch, Pena's body seized up, and she passed on peacefully into the spirit realm.
Gantre was distraught, and left most of the Clan work to Gii whilst he mourned for the loss of his first companion. He went on to be with a few more dragons, but they never lasted long before he was overcome with grief and bitterness again. Steeling his nerves, he taught Gii how to become a good leader and how to manage a Clan before announcing his plans to travel to the Obscured Crescent and serve under his Maker. Of course there were protests, but Gantre was resolute- he needed this closeness to fill the void in his heart, and Gii saw this in his eyes the day he nuzzled her goodbye and left.

The Lengthy Collection
" I misplaced my rainbows in the Tangled Woods again, didn't I? "

After her father left, Gii set out trying to find other dragons to be in her Clan; she was bold, and slightly demanding, so many turned down the offers of sharing a lair with a whimsical child such as herself. Disgruntled, she carried on, trying to make friends with other dragons and bring them home with her. She was unsuccessful until she stumbled upon Godith. This dragon was different... he held an other-worldly quality about him, and seemed out of tune with the world about him. It stuck Gii that he seemed surprised by everything around him, from the legendary deities to the squeaky monotone of the smallest Fae.
Rushing up to this large creature- one of the largest Imperials she had ever laid eyes upon- she called out her offer to stay with her. Much to her joy, he accepted, and they journeyed together towards their lair. Along the way they shot questions at each other, the intensity better placed in an interrogation rather than the beginnings of friendship. Gii soon learned that Godith was countless years old (she couldn't imagine how old that must make him) and traveled around lots due to his 'job'. She shared things such as her favorite spot to play in, childhood memories and how she was going to be a great leader one day. When asked of his childhood, Godith immediately closed up, eyes boiling and nostrils flaring as he shook his head, as if he wanted to shake out the memories forcefully. Gii never asked about his past again.
Instead, she set about to work, comforted by the fact that she had managed to persuade one dragon to join her Clan. One was always better than none, she mused.
She came back one day and was shocked by what she saw- her small lair had been cleared out and expanded greatly within the cliff, tunnels and overhanging rooms carved neatly and smoothly into the hard rock and many surfaces were polished to a gleaming quality. A tour promptly followed, and Gii marveled at the craftsmanship and magnificence that radiated from the new structure. Surely this would beckon forth more dragons to join her Clan?
It did.
Soon the halls of her fine establishment were crammed full of dragons of varying sizes and colors; some stayed for a short while before moving on, but a few stayed, which pleased Gii greatly. Over the course of a few short months, the lair had been expanded to a great extent- some rooms were expanded so much that they opened up further up the cliff face, providing a balcony for other dragons to launch off of and land on instead of squeezing their way through the winding tunnels to the main entrance.
Gii was content, happy to finally have others living with her.

The Unveiling
" You resemble a Fae more than Lady Binder herself! "

On a cold Winter's night, months after the dragons in Gii's Clan had settled down, there was a rustling sound that permeated throughout the night, centering in the Tangled Woods; the Obscured Crescent.
Ghostly wisps started rising out of the deepest, darkest of shadows, gloopy forms bubbling out of the mired Crescent pool, creeping slowly towards the twinkling eyes of the Shadowbinder. Her Exalted watched on, nervous; just what was their Maker doing?
Calling loudly unto the night, she implored life into these carcasses, screaming for them to become alive, reaching out to each mannequin as the flesh and bone rippled into being from the dark matter, and drowned each one with an individual soul etched with the markings of a true Shadow dragon.

The Forum became a living battleground- bodies of these new creations flopped and gasped for air once more, much like their ancestors did long ago when the world was new. Coming around, they groggily rose, turning towards their Maker, awaiting her verdict and commands- were they even good enough, a true representation of Shadow, or were they just another failure, waiting to be melted down and reabsorbed into Lady Shadowbinder's consciousness again?
Apparently, what she saw was good enough, for she beamed murkily and commanded them all to run until they were happy.
Turning tail, they fled to all corners of Sornieth.
And on that night, the wind whispered, and every dragon heard it;

" Nocturnes "

The Purge
" I'll protect this Clan 'till the end. "

The Winter Solstice was coming to an end and much to Gii's surprise, many of the long time friends she had been blessed with were packing up their belongings quickly and secretly, hoping not to attract the attention of others in the lair, especially that of their Clan Leader, Gii. One night, she confronted one such pair, Godaiin and Godalahath about why they were packing up their gear and leaving like everyone else.
Looking at each other apprehensively, they relayed to Gii the feelings most of the dragons had: that they felt that it was time to move on to other Clans. To say that Gii was upset was an understatement in the least, and whenever she pressed the pair for more reasons they just threw up their hands. They told her that they specifically wanted to move onto another Clan where their technical skills could be used more often. Whispering their apologies, they took their leave quietly, leaving Gii to look on and mourn the departure of her friends alone.

More days passed and even more dragons left. Some remained, their belongings half packed, unsure whether they truly wanted to leave or not. Now the majority of the dragons were new Nocturnes that had arisen during the recent Winter Solstice, adapting quickly to the hustle and bustle around them.
As the dragons came and went, Gii began to feel confused, lost even. She had never felt this way before... speaking with Gauge, she ascertained that she was feeling this because she wasn't sure what her Charge was yet. Fretting, she wandered around the lair, trying to figure out what she wanted to protect for the remainder of her days... she adored her apparel and belongings, but didn't feel the spark of the Charge for them... neither did her lair do that... nor even the dragons, heck her Clan as a whole, inspired the feeling of utter protectiveness that could only be felt when you have a Charge. Increasingly she secluded herself away, mulling over whether her father had been right in leaving his Clan to her...whether she had the right to continue to run it as her own, or simply disband it.
The days continued to get colder, despite the end of the Solstice looming... speculations about Gii were beginning to get out of hand among the new arrivals, and the older dragons had to clamp down on these. Still, the older dragons could see the twinkle had faded out of Gii's eyes, and worried for the health of their leader.

The Arrival
" You will always hold a small part of my heart within you. "

On a cool January morning, a hulking figure loomed out of the mists, lurching towards the grandiose lair. Stopping, the silhouette craned it's neck up, taking in the massive structure before him. A small, hand crafted plaque caught the stranger's eye:-
Beneath that, another, more recent plaque, had been added that read: CLAN LEADER GII; FOUNDER'S FIRST BORN DAUGHTER.

Smiling, the stranger moved on into the lair.
After some commotion, Gii was roused from her sleep and hurried forwards to meet with the stranger; as soon as she saw him she gasped.
It was Gantre.
Hurtling forwards, she grasped her father in a hug, him bellowing out a laugh Gii had not heard in years. After the pair caught up, Gantre's face sobered up, and he set about relaying his message to Gii from Lady Shadowbinder.
According to Gantre, once Shadowbinder had finalized the plans of the Nocturnes and sent the first batch off into the world, she created eggs in their likeness and scattered them throughout the Tangled Woods for other Clans to find. However, this new breed was not just a coincidence... Gii learned quickly of the genetic trials Lightning conducted on unhatched eggs, and the ancient disease that existed before even the Plaguebringer herself! One such unhatched egg that had been infected with the disease was thrown out, considered a failure as all the others had been, and had been chucked into the Crescent pool. The dying embryo then absorbed some of the Shadowbinder's DNA, granting it the strength to fight off the disease and mature. Upon hatching, Lady Shadowbinder took it upon herself to watch over this peculiar hatchling... she found that her DNA was strong enough to prevent the disease from taking over the body entirely, but it still mutated the normal egg DNA, kickstarting the dormant Shadowbinder DNA into action and turning the dragon into a Nocturne.
After explaining (more than once I might add), the whole story to Gii, he informed her that Lady Shadowbinder would like Lucian to stay with Gii and her Clan, and for him to be taught the ways of a 'normal' dragon. Gii agreed, happy to be of such a great service to her patron deity.
More gossip and chatting ensued until finally Gantre had to leave. Looking upon his first born daughter, he remarked on how well Gii had brought their Clan to greatness over the time that he had left her. He whispered how proud he was of her, of how she had grown into a compassionate leader, of her bravery of facing the world relatively alone. He smiled when he heard that she still slept in his bed, and kept the small trinket box he had crafted for her when she was but a hatchling.
Vowing to return again soon, and to always watch over her, Gantre departed once more to the Forum.
A few days later, a small Nocturne appeared on Gii's doorstep. From the crumpled letter that she found in the dragon's pack, she discerned that this was Lucian, the infected dragon. Over the next couple of days, Lucian settled in, learning the Clan's hunting grounds and territory, and that familiars weren't for eating!

The Mordraus
" For we are the Greatest Infection "

Lucian, growing bored with the daytime and wanting to explore the night, sneaks out. As he wove through the thickets, he stumbled across another Nocturne- later being named Lucius- who was dazed and confused. Helping him back to the lair, Lucian offers him food which he refuses; it wasn't until Lucian attempted to drink some stored blood that Lucius attacked him and stole the drink away, gulping it down fervently that Lucian realized that he had found another infected like him! They became good friends and Gii is happy that he is not alone and has a playmate.
Reaching adulthood, they find Lilith, hiding in a moss covered fallen tree trunk nursing some leg wounds. Taking her back with them, she soon becomes another addition to the slowly growing group of infected dragons. Again and again, Lucian and his friends begin finding more and more infected in the Clan's territory, their suspicions of others dotting the globe confirmed with the arrival of Nightcall; he told them that he traveled far and wide to find a place that would accept him, constantly running in fear of the Interns and trying to help as many others as he could.Time is of the essence if they want to save them all from the clutches of the Interns, or even worse, the Shade. More Mordraus begin to inhabit the lair, much to the chagrin of others. Life long friends to Gii leave, and she begins to question whether or not what she is doing is the right thing.


In her dreams, Shadowbinder comes to her, telling Gii about the origins of the Mordraus and the danger it could bring if not fully protected.
Upon waking, Gii sets about creating a whole new lair space, one that just the Mordraus would live in, not only protecting them from outside influences and harm, but also to help calm the rest of the nervous lair.
By now, only a few from the original 'first' Clan remained, and Gii is thankful that they do- but for how long, is the question.

The New Chapter
" Acceptance is the first step towards friendship. "

She now understands that her Charge is the Mordraus; she yearns for their protection and acceptance by the whole of Sornieth, not the few dragons dotted around the Tangled Woods.

It was coming up to the first Winter Solstice after the Nocturnes were released; Clan life had calmed considerably and the Mordramia have accepted the rules that have been put in place for the safety of them and others. Some have begun to venture out of the lair at night, seeking new friends and more Mordraus under Intern threat. Word has come back that other Clans are now accepting Mordraus into their ranks, which pleases Gii to no end- she understands now that the protection and acceptance of the Mordramia is her Charge; she wants the whole of Sornieth to understand them, not just the few denizens of the Tangled Woods.





World Eating Form | Normal Form | ???

Gaia gave me this so-called 'job' when I was very young, freshly orphaned and without a home.
Still in mourning, she told me to kill, to destroy everything I could find and transport those 'Chosen'
to the Paradise across the dimensions, to a home where they could survive and not fear the ever-creeping onslaught of death. She gave me no reason, only a list of the Chosen and the promise that I'll finally have the family that I've always dreamed of in the end.

Purple Sludge makes a surprisingly serviceable pottery paint.
I don't write haiku's,
Not even limericks no,
Maybe one day though.
tumblr_lm6pkvUi1F1qfoi4t.gifGrumpypants and me are going to be together forever, mkay?


If you need a Shadow nest and I have the room, I'd be happy to host your pair for you!

I'm an artist that can work both in traditional and digital mediums, and I'd love to be an artist for a living.
I have major respect to anyone who can do pixel art- if you do it, please hit me up! I'll probably commission you sometime in the future for things!

Dark Gym Leader for Trickmurk 2014!
Important Links:
Accent Thread /// Art Thread /// Mordramia Empire Group{Planning} ///
Pixel Pages: One Two


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Apparel that I do not yet own.

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~Important Messages~

I host raffles frequently, and accept hatchling letters.
My Clan is an RP Clan!


R.I.P my monnies ;-;

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