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Note to any mods or devs: I am the only one playing in my household, I use a few different devices depending on where I'm at. I refuse to even tell anyone in my house about Flight Rising due to many people recently saying their accounts were closed suddenly due to multiple accounts under one IP. It is me and only me and I don't cheat the system in any way.
༻✧ MangoMegs ✧༺
-ˋˏ ༻ Mango // She/Her // FR time+0 // ༺ ˎˊ-
・༓☾ About Me ☽༓・
“You are not controlling the storm, and you are not lost in it. You are the storm.”
~Sam Harris

Lightning Clan, formerly of Ice (a flight still dear to my heart). Joined in Feb 2019 while the Trickmurk Circus was in full swing (had no idea what I was doing lol).

Favorite Dragons: Coatls, Skydancers, Imperials, Aethers, Gaolers, Bogneaks, Wildclaws, Ridgebacks, Undertides & Obelisks the most, though I love them all really. Aethers are my favorite hatchlings tho no contest.

Other Favorites: Music, Anime, animals, tv shows, candy, youtubers, video games, Jesus, dogs, cats, sparkly things, crafting, guitar solos, foxes, my friends <3
Code done by: AnyaKnees
☆About Lair ☆

Roundsey’s awards won:
1) x3
2) won on 10/14/20. Reaper: 56027815p.png has it on :3
3) won on 04/27/22, Brightshine:78799741p.png has it on.
4) x25 on 06/22/22 and yes im hoarding them all forever sorry. …well, I might sell *some* of them if I get strapped for cash but no promises.
5) on 01/25/23….I was going after the light sprite but that’s okay. Finally decided to hatch and received this beautiful lady:

Dragons that have had fanart made for them/I commissioned art for: (click on links to view in FR bios)
1) Eilina (Beloved pink Progenitor dragon, my first baby. Artist: Bigsad)
2) Dustril (My beloved progenitor poet baby. Artist: Bigsad)
3) Moonsong (My profile rep and favorite dragon. Art Shop: Itty Bitty Dragon Chibis! (closed))
4) Cyril (My first favorite Coatl love when I realized male coatls were my favorite dragons. Art Shop: PWYW art)
5) Glimmer (because she’s a gorgeous sparkly girl and that’s reason enough. Art Shop: CutiePie Adopt Shop!)
6) Milo (I finally found someone who does Bogsneak chibis! For my dog Milo, RIP) Art Shop: Let’s Get Chibified!
More coming!
7) Piper (for my current dog <3) Art Shop: Let’s Get Chibified!
8) Nephrite Art Shop: Rat’s Art Sales (Open) (amazing artist and good prices)
Anya’s Free Clan Profile + Bio Templates (I’ve used so many of these templates man)

Total # of Primals hatched: 30

54046588p.png58667260p.png59235751p.png 61983452p.png62492985p.png62576753p.png 63663185p.png 64161815p.png 64598025p.png 65023714p.png 65729802p.png 66860555p.png 69188361p.png 69449828p.png 72712417p.png 73421009p.png 74188955p.png 74541721p.png 76084312p.png 77056447p.png 80067942p.png81332270p.png 82231282p.png 83101403p.png 83875438p.png 84428295p.png 85366836p.png 85545130p.png 85617341p.png
(4 snappers, 1 pearlcatcher, 2 mirrors, 1 wildclaw, 5 spirals, 1 imperial, 2 banescale, 2 ridgebacks, 1 nocturne, 1 gaoler, 1 bogsneak, 3 Coatl, 1 obelisk, 1 guardian, 2 fae, 1 tundra, 1 Undertide)
(19 male, 11 female)

Total # of Multi-gazes hatched: 24
59590923p.png 60506456p.png60632438p.png|60954870p.png 62804053p.png63471528p.png 63528719p.png63566908p.png 66814448p.png 67308891p.png 69807565p.png 70209395p.png 73252891p.png74175583p.png 75377047p.png 75529865p.png 78537898p.png 78630119p.png 80067944p.png 81062738p.png 81571157p.png 82652966p.png 82866832p.png 85341395p.png
(2 nocturnes, 1 spiral, 3 imperials, 4 skydancers, 3 mirrors, 2 coatls, 2 pearlcatchers, 1 fae, 1 tundra, 1 snapper, 1 banescale, 1 veilspun, 1 guardian, 1 gaoler)
(14 male, 10 female)

Total # of Faceted hatched: 9 (Maybe? Wasn’t exactly keeping track those first few months) ((stopped keeping track))
61048554p.png 61239028p.png 61358976p.png 62161292p.png62414660p.png62724648p.png63374701p.png63548032p.png63636778p.png

Total # of Goat Eyes: too many to count but here’s my first

✔️HATCH A MULTIGAZE PLZ JUST ONE IS ALL I ASK. I’VE HATCHED -FOUR- PRIMALS (update: after 371 days of hatching eggs I’ve finally done it!!)
✔️Learn how to make my own skin/accents (ehhh, ish)
Try my own fanart
See a dragon of my own on the front page (is that even possible?) Passion and Cyril both were seen
✔️Unlock all den slots (with items) finished 01/15/22 With gems finished 11/17/22 (thanks those 37 nocturne eggs I got last NotN lol)
Buy all Lair slots (over a million for five more now wth this site is tryin to take all my treasure hhh)
✔️Get my battle team (Eilina, Dustril & Xue) to level 25 (woo! Completed 06/30/2020)
✔️Collect all reasonably attainable Familiars (no Boolean for me 😫)
✔️Get as many vistas as I can before I realize it’s a stupid idea (completed 07/31/21 minus sticker star which I’m planning on getting soon)

Current # of Fully Awakened Familiars: 1097
with Fiona’s help:


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