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Wait gimme a sec!!
I wrote my lore throughout ~2-3 years, but now that's just one small segment of a Long timeline(s, plural.)

Everything finally clicked in January. I wrote for a week straight, got burnt out before formatting everything, and didn't implement any of it.

Here's a 20min lazy summary from memory 2 months later, because I'm frankly embarrassed by how messy my digital house is rn ^^"

Canon lore happened, then:
The Arcanist wanted to harvest Sornieth for its resources out of a manic desire to touch The Shade again, because he was born in a nuclear meltdown consisting of 8 types of elements, and thus isn't doing well.

Exhausted over the whole Shade thing, the other 10 created a miniature Sornieth globe, banished him there, and forgot to keep checking in.

Still frantically scratching the unmerciful itch, he's using this miniature globe to finish formulating his plans to touch The Shade again when he returns to real Sornieth.

A crude summary of said plans:
Make a flight of dragons, dragons naturally have magic in them because Sornieth's core radiates it, recreate the nuclear reactor he was born from, steal magic and gather it inside, condense the reserve to form a new planet so he can fly off into space, be serene for once, yay.

He messed up his mini-flight a couple of times, wiping the failed societies out completely. Last time he kept a special pupil, Omen, and found out another was stuck in purgatory during the wipe, Periphery.

Now they're the royal-esque figureheads of this timeline, secretly sapping everyone's magic for the Arcanist's studies while he hides away in the observatory.

This is his third attempt to harvest the magics he needs from a society of dragons he doesn't care for.

Will he succeed? No, lol.
In the near future, I'll tell you why.

p.s. I found out after making my username that Sial means the upper layer of the earth's crust.
yay, topically relevant wordplay.

Some say their Leaders are able to see into the future, others say they’re blind.

Much more info with {No one! Outdated bios.}
I usually have a monthly factoid or something interesting here.
For now, it's a nice chunk of bbcode I'm lovingly hibernating.
1dguu_IKpr_Ds_S6_ETJ.gif courier_pearl.gif 1dguu_IKpr_Ds_S6_ETJ.gif
Any cool subspecies I should know about? Lmk!
Looking for anything with lore, which can be bought on the cheaper side - I'll draw up a cute bio for em!
Helpful Links:
AH Misprice Lost-and-Found {✫}
I'm interested in RNG Adoptables!
If you have any to show me: write a comment here, send me a pm, or ping me in a forum thread!
I might make some little guys in the future :3
Pending Adopts:
I hoard Amber (~1k) and White Lace Honeybee (~500), so if you notice yours getting bought up on the AH it might be me!
I'm conscious of amber being needed for a den slot, so if you need the 15 and we've interacted before, then feel free to msg!
Mine is currently Zynth, a longtimer from Gardenia.
Rainbow hair + dysmorphia = no clue what I'd look like as a dragon!
My previous vista was Vista: Boreal Wood II for a long while, but now simply Must use Vista: Cursed Dice even if I miss it at times :o]

Recent Adopts
Full collection with Mai {✫}

Blossom Buddies (RaiStarDragon) {✫}


Spiral Pixels (AspenCrow) {✫}

Vessel & Mayel

Sleeping Stars (Unit01) {✫}

Build An Em-bear (HowDoiInternet) {✫}
ThunderCrack '23
Guy Beary!!!

This is Me! {✫}


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February 22, 2024 01:01:22
Going into mental power-saving mode for a few weeks to take care of my mental health!
Still active, just not forcing myself to do things (*cough, implementing that lore revamp). :o3
February 20, 2024 10:05:58
Krypt was on the front page! They look so neat! :D
February 14, 2024 12:18:32
Shalkia was on the front page! hes so pretty!!
January 22, 2024 17:26:52
thank you!!
January 17, 2024 01:36:08
Lore expansion construction is a go! Brb, I'm typing up a Storm in here!
January 15, 2024 01:40:50
Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I'm doing with my lair. I'm also glad to hear Serkhan was on the front page! She's one of my cooler dragons I think.

Your dragons are really pretty!
January 11, 2024 23:26:36
800th familiar is a Woodland Turkey because I wasn't paying attention ^^; Less impactful than the Sornieth globe for my 700th! Hahah
January 11, 2024 14:13:26
research notes are welcome!
January 08, 2024 00:41:33
Whoops, missed my flight birthday! :P Happy to officially be 5 。゚(TヮT)/
January 04, 2024 17:53:40
I'm absolutely in love with what you've done with Parrot! Thank you so much for giving him such a lovely new home 🩷
November 29, 2023 03:48:38
Thank you!
November 29, 2023 03:38:27
Oh, I wish, but I don't have one ^^"
I did awaken one through Fiona
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