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Mimi // she/they // magical girl // friend requests ok!
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04aa22832c44793574b972dfdd0cfe6f32460f5e.gif Obsessed with Fuwamoco, Ironmouse, K9 Kuro, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Scum Villain's Self-Saving System, Heaven Official's Blessing, lolita fashion, books, weirdcore, old weeb webcore, synthwave, vaporwave, pastel things, anime, & manga!!

04aa22832c44793574b972dfdd0cfe6f32460f5e.gif Massive magical girl addict! I also love all things cute & kawaii, fashion, music, collectables, and decorations included!

04aa22832c44793574b972dfdd0cfe6f32460f5e.gif I will put a flowerfall on every single one of my dragons if I'm able. This is a threat.

04aa22832c44793574b972dfdd0cfe6f32460f5e.gif If you could hear the inside of my head, it would sound exactly like this. Give it a listen, all will be explained. ~_^

04aa22832c44793574b972dfdd0cfe6f32460f5e.gif Cringe, but free!



Code done by: AnyaKnees
ddbx7ha-e861c0d5-9e13-4792-b5b7-8cd28dfe5a48.png About Lair ddbx7ha-e861c0d5-9e13-4792-b5b7-8cd28dfe5a48.png

A group of magical warriors, Whispering Mist is dedicated to fighting the Shade on behalf of the deities. Once officially settled, they are gifted their transformation and magical powers from the resident Light Sprite, Fi, using a deity-blessed baton. Fi has taken it upon herself to seek out new members for the group and help them flourish. Lead by the Snapper, Mayuni, the Shining Heart Soul Warriors battle against the encroaching darkness of the Shade's chaos and influence. Needless to say, they work hard, but sparkle harder!
Whispering Mist is run by a High Council consisting of progenitors Seabreeze and Gladewing as well a few other select Soul Warriors: Song, a mysterious entity and founder of the Council; Elysium, a steady veteran in combat; Calypso, one of the clan's eldest and most loyal; Hestia, ever brave and determined; Notus, a staunch, fiercely protective guard; Mayuni, the first to become a Soul Warrior; and Nimbus, the returned prodigal daughter. Their rule is fair and kind, always guiding the rest of the clan to greater strengths, allies, and friendships with dragonkind and Beastclan alike.

While sworn to do battle against the Shade and its forces, Whispering Mist is housing one Shade-infected dragon: Reyes. What this entails for the Shining Heart Soul Warriors and Sornieth, only time will tell, but oracle Finny's haunting dreams and Song's eerie warnings have created a miasma of unease that has snaked its way into the hearts of many Soul Warriors. Despite clashing opinions on Reyes' presence within the clan, Mayuni, Fi, and Reyes' only friend Aviro have argued in his favor. Mayuni and Fi for the simple fact that the Imperial must be destined to become a magical warrior if he's joined the clan, and Aviro because he was the one who found Reyes bloody, mute, and alone in the first place.

Despite his reticence and obtrusive shyness, Aviro finds himself falling for the inscrutable Imperial as he guides him in learning how to just be; something Reyes can't ever remember doing. Fearing what certain others may think, Aviro keeps his feelings in check, ever-so quiet and downplayed despite his heart yearning stronger than the pull of the moon to the tides. It's a powerful feeling, on he isn't sure how to grapple with fully. One he knows is clouding his judgment even if only a fraction. One that he treasures and keeps close as he spends more and more time with his beloved.

As for Reyes... well, no one really knows what truly lies in the recesses of his mind except himself. And Reyes isn't opening up anytime soon.

How could one act of kindness cause such dissension and restlessness inside a seemingly strong, collected clan?



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February 26, 2024 21:11:24
your dragons are so cute omg!!! ;___; hope youre having a lovely day!
February 21, 2024 13:34:59
February 17, 2024 19:26:14
oh my goodness your lair is so amazing!! the magical girl aesthetics are on point i felt my heart racing as i looked through everyone >w<
February 12, 2024 23:50:40
Hello! I stumbled across your lair whilst deciding on my JGY fandragon design and looking for inspiration! Sent a friend request, no pressure on accepting it tho :D Your dragon outfits are very cool!
February 10, 2024 12:39:52
Whoah, I love how one of my TGCF inspired aethers (Hong Shi Wu) ended up in your lair, and is now a part of your hatchery! that makes me so happy
February 08, 2024 12:47:07
awhh tysm ^^ i love your lairs aesthetic sm!
January 01, 2024 14:41:39
You're welcome!
omg that sounds familiar as heck, I must have watched a clip of when he said that 'cus it does ring a bell for me.
Oh okay, yeah, I figured you were either East-Asian or just really like East-Asian things, so apparently it's the latter case here, aha. It's not surprising then that you are American, since a lot of Americans love Japanese culture and love to learn about East-Asian countries (sorry if this is as insult to you Americans, but not intended as an insult). The Greek part, though, is quite interesting to me. I don't know why, but it is... I don't know much about modern Greece though, lmao, sobs.
December 30, 2023 13:00:13
Hiii there your Nijisanji EN fandragons has really made my day (or actually evening) and I love everything you've done with them. The clothings, scenes, vistas, broadcast messages, familiars, yep, everything! The fact that you chose to write something they often say in their broadcasts instead of just going with their debut lines is so amusing to me! And the familiars! using familiars to represent their fans is sooo ingenious omg! the big gifs and PNGs certainly gave me many smiles.

Your profile and descriptions are indeed cringe, but like.. in a good way? IDK, I just think it's so cool how you are not afraid to be yourself and show your wilder side.

I wanted to find if you wrote anything about your ethnicity or continent in the world (because I want to know if my suspicion about you being Asian is correct or not), but I can't find anything about it. IDK, *shrug* You just give me a lot of East-Asian vibes, lmao. I'm sorry if this is an insult to you and if I'm completely wrong ;-;
December 16, 2023 17:50:37
I was looking at Dragon Share forums before noticing your username, glad to see another MXTX fan! :o Your fandragons are just lovely.
December 04, 2023 16:48:00
Aa thank you :D I'm glad you like them ^^ I really liked them as well, I thought they were fun :) And I'm also glad you like Eri :D And no need to be sorry about picking more than one lol. (Also, I love your Din dragon ;) )
December 04, 2023 14:34:49
I love your MDZS fandragons! WWX having chickens is just... MUAH! Anyway, your lair is really aesthetic and cool, have a nice day!
December 03, 2023 08:03:06
Hello! Your dragons are amazing and I really love your Froggy. :)
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