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You’ve been wandering the coasts of the Starfall Isles for awhile, perhaps to find a new clan to join or perhaps helping a mate find a home, which ever it may be, a soft, natural glow appears through the trees on your right, unlike the light of the arcane magic. Curious, you pad towards it, cutting past the sparkling leaves to find that it was the mouth of a dragon-made lair.

As you move closer, scribbling and squabbling can be heard until you see a hard working guardian hunched over working near the entrance. You become uneasy if you are ancroaching on the Guardian’s charge despite hearing other dragon living in the lair. You begin to back away until -snap! You look down to see a dry, freshly broken twig beneath your foot! What have you done?! ;w;

Startled, the Guardian jumps before turning towards the sound, you. Unsure how the Guardian reacts, you begin to prep for either fight or flight, that is, until they smile at you. Your stance relaxes a bit, but you watch the Guardian warily. They walk towards you and you notice that this Guardian is part of the Arcane flight. The dragon stops a few yards away, giving you space before speaking.
“Hello, I-I won’t attack or anything . . . “ Awkward silence, “would you like to come in for a snack? You’ve probably been treking for awhile to have stumbled upon this lair.”
You scrutinize the female Guardian, but at the mention of food, you can feel your hunger in the back of your throat. You swallow and fully relax, nodding silently at the Guardian as you glance towards the somewhat rowdy cave. She notices your curiosity.
“Ah, you don’t need to worry about them,” she waves her claw, “everyone is easy going and tolerant of newcomers.” She turns and begins to pad towards the lair. Still a bit unsure, you follow the Guardian into the warmly lit lair.

The earlier ramblings have died down and you enter into the silent cavern. Immediatly, a pair of young imperials turn their attention to the presence of a new dragon and start to pester you with questions. “Are you new?! Will you be living with us? Do you have a familiar?! . . . ” A mirror dragon scratches her claw on the floor and the three of you wince, she yells at the two, “Don’t annoy our guest.” She looks to you, nods in apology and greeting, and returns to what she was working on. The imperials look to the mirror sadly, and in unison, “Sorry, Hera :(“ They turn back to you. The green, lucky-clad Imperial introduces himself to you, “Hi! :3 I’m Theodore!” The orange, crystalline one interjects, “And I’m Isle! :3” You smile at the two, as they proceed to introduce the rest of the clan. Isle points to the mirror dragon in the back, “That’s Hera. She can be rude sometimes but she tells the best jokes!” He looks to his right and gestures towards the coatl and pearlcatcher, “Those two are Rainforest and Satoru! Didja know their married!” Theodore speaks to himself, “ . . . I can’t imagine being married, too much work . . .” Rainforest looks at him and whips her tail, then in broken dracocian, “one day,” she looks a bit smug.The iridesent pearlcatcher smiles and nods knowingly as the two busy themselves once more. You’re a bit confused, supposing that you missed something and turn back to the Imperials who looked equally confused. Isle shakes his head and nudges your shoulder to turn to the left of the cave. There layed a napping Imperial, and a busy Tundra, packing his things. Theo interupts, “That’s Oberon! He’s likes to be solitary,” shrugging, he continues, “He probably likes his veiled spirit than other dragons.” Isle glances at him a bit annoyed, and points to the Tundra, “And that’s Emerson! He moving soon because he thinks this place isn’t full of enough life . . . He’s Ari’s fleeting lover. S:3” You question who Ari is as the quiet Guardian suddenly smacks Isle on the head, a bit red. “Not your business!! >:0” You suppose that’s Ari. Isle rubs his head and slinks back away from her, “sorry . . . “ Theodore laughs a bit and moves away from Ari’s reach before quickly adding, “she had a nest!” You look to her a bit wide eyed, “congrats.” She mumbles a thanks and pads away to grab some food for you, a little embarrassed.

You sit yourself where you stood at the mouth of the cave when a small voice calls behind you, “Are you new?” Startled, you stand and turn to see another small imperial girl and a dark skydancer emerging from the shadows. You shake your head to answer her question. “Oh, ok.” She walks past you asnd is enthusiastically greeted by Isle and Theodore, “EVELYN!!” The trio begins play and chat with each other. The skydancer follows after her, stating a hello as she passes by, moving to reside in a dark area of the lair. Ari returns with a variety of foods, she smiles at you, "Have your pick! :)" You choose the food suited to you and begin to eat. Ari grabs a bird and indulges with you, "The skydancer that just walked in is Hanajima, but everyone just calls her Hana. She seems a bit . . . isolated, in a sense, but she is quite friendly! Though," she pauses, "she has been a bit distant lately . . ." Ari takes another bite. You turn to grab another piece of food just as a pink flash appears and swipes the piece! Ari frowns and walks over to a crack in the wall, "Gawaine!!! That was for our guest!" A bit confused, you see a spiral emerge with a bit of food on his chin, "but the pile is sooo far away . . ." he waves his claw helplessly to the food across the lair. Ari’s glares at him a bit before he slinks back into the wall, squeaking, “sorry!” You grab another bite of food and peer around the lair, you think to yourself, “this is quite a clan . . .”

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July 24, 2020 20:26:13
2 eggs :s
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June 25, 2020 01:13:13
Only two eggs, unfortunately...
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April 06, 2019 21:20:18
Saw your imps giveaway thread too late. so.. hi bye? XD I'm leaving a comment to say that Cora is beautiful!
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March 22, 2019 23:24:22
Please accept the noggles
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August 31, 2018 13:31:50
Wow that's one good headcanon there mmmmmm
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August 26, 2018 18:20:24
Actuallty- I have a problem with my own raffles not being very profitable often enough either. Do you think we could get into contact to work on something in the future? I'd enjoy working with someone for a change of pace!
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August 26, 2018 18:18:49
I dont get why there aren't more people participating in your raffle. It seems pretty generous considering the cheap price and short timespam...
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August 06, 2018 15:16:06
Yes these are free
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July 26, 2018 16:35:39
It ok 😂
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