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Hi! Welcome to my clan! If you're passing by and see any dragons in my unsorted tab or in my hibernal den that you're interested in, send me a message! I'm sure we can work out a deal! :)


Current Genes-to-Buy List:
Iri/Shim/Glim: Treat
Stained: Balalaika
Petals/Shimmer(?): Marinara
Vipera/Stained: Dukra

Realistic Wishlist:
* Any food!
* Any familiar I don't have yet. The complete list is at the bottom of my profile.

Kinda Expensive Wishlist:
Anything up in my genes-to-buy list above.

Unrealistic Wishlist of Retired Stuff I'll Probably Never Have:
KS Familiars
Boolean (Ahahahahahahahahahahah)

(Starred ones, I have a snowball's chance in hell of ever actually getting.)

Abyss Wanderer
Abyssal Bard
Albino Battlelisk
All-Seeing Eye
Aragonite Haunt
Armed Flight
Aspen Gall Dryad
Aurelian Porcupine
Aurora Pangolin

Basalt Eruption
Bearded Pupowl
Bell Goat
Bihorn Chacma
Blade Horror
Bladebone Goliath
Bladed Boa
Bloodwing Owlcat
Blotched Quetzeel
Bluejay Gryphon
Blushing Tangle
Bone Fiend*
Brilliant Gryphlet
Burrow Bear

Calico Ferberus
Carcass Cleaner
Cave Lantern
Cherry Blossom Strangler
Coarsefur Yeti
Coast Charger
Cog Frog*
Crane Contraption
Creeping Cluster
Crystalhide Jester

Deadly Glamourtail
Deadwood Strangler
Deepglow Nautilus
Deeprealm Hunter
Desert Strangler
Dire Claw
Dire Hyena
Dire Vulture
Disoriented Spirit
Dusk Fuiran

Eel of the Depths

Fear Frog
Featherfoot Spingy
Filter Fiend
Firemane Manticore
Fleetflight Manticore
Flesh Forager
Flowering Pohip
Flying Fawn
Foolish Prince
Fossil Hunter
Frost Delver
Frosttangle Strangler
Furry Fiddle

Ghostly Rat Lord
Gladeveins Needletooth
Glassbound Gustvul
Golden Featherfin
Golden Idol*
Golden Kitsune
Golden Roc
Grassland Skira

Harpy Ancestor
Harpy Artisan
Hawksbill Goliath
Heckling Hydrena

Ink Ant

Jelly Drone

Kelp Caretaker
King Quillrunner

Leatherback Wave Sweeper
Leatherwing Boar
Longwing Epiptite

Malevolent Spirit
Maren Harvester
Maren Seahunter
Maren Sorceress
Maren Warlock
Masked Gryphon
Mechanical Destroyer
Medusa Leon
Mesacliff Painter
Mindless Flight
Moonglow Nightjar
Moss-Covered Golem
Mossy Pohip
Mundane Terror Bird

Ostreatus Bat
Overcharged Silverbeast

Patina Pangolin
Pebblehide Stoat
Pet Roc
Plainstrider Bard
Polarized Bell Goat
Prickly Strangler
Princess Petal Gecko

Raptorik Bladedancer
Raptorik Captain
Raptorik Freebooter
Raptorik Wanderer
Rat King
Redfin Wavespinner
Redtail Gryphon
Regal Bladebearer
Robotic Tender
Rockback Charger
Rogue Excavator
Rosaline Strangler
Ruche Slug
Ruched Sojourner

Sanddrift Fuiran
Sanguine Multimist
Satin Rambra
Seaweed Nautilus
Serrated Snake
Sewer Toridae
Silky Fanrat
Silt Wolf
Silver Featherfin
Silver Kitsune
Sorrel Gryphlet
Spiney Whale
Spring Sphinx
Stone Borer
Stormcloud Miller
Striped Noggle
Superb Gryphlet
Surf Strider
Swamp Wolf
Swiftfoot Slayer
Swiftstride Soldier
Sword Spider

Tattertail Bilworper
Terra Tortoise
Terror Toad
Tribeam Lurker

Unburdened Billy
Undying Featherback

Vermillion Epiptite
Void Wyvern

Walking Fish
War Flight
Warblade Owlcat
Windcarve Miller
Workshop Monitor

Recent Comments

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June 16, 2021 10:04:42
homie i am crying over the sable/cream you just hatched, if you sell let me know haha
May 04, 2021 20:49:00
Thanks! It'll be fun to get the two on a nest and see the babies.
May 04, 2021 20:22:21
Oof. If you were curious, here are the numbers for the workshop. 69106991 and 57388456
May 04, 2021 20:21:16
I did check the workshop before I got her, and the babies turned out beautiful. I'm sure she'll be right at home over here. ^^
May 04, 2021 13:59:45
Heyo! Just wanted to say that the Banescale baby I just got from you will be part of my breeding program. Thanks for putting her on AH!
April 25, 2021 16:32:52
Flamey was on the front page!
April 25, 2021 16:31:43
Flamey was on the front page!
December 20, 2020 20:11:07
Earthy is super cool and was on the front page!
November 23, 2020 02:24:51
hey!! i wanted to say, thank you for breeding those yoshis! i finally got a yoshi fandragon lmao
July 30, 2020 23:27:20
Weaver was on the front page!
February 10, 2020 11:31:15
Did you get the crossroads notification? Wrigley is ready to come home. And thank you again for letting me borrow him!
December 26, 2019 07:50:23
Spring was featured and he is freaking adorable~
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