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Im not on as much right now. Trying to get my life (and my house) back in order. Still on to check dailies, messages, and a quick glance at pings each day and i occasionally look for more lineage stuff for my multi lineage project.. for those that have commissions from me I AM STILL WORKING ON THEM I PROMISE! I will try my hardest to get them to you as soon as i can. I am so sorry for the delay!

Small update on my irl situation:
Finally have my artroom back under control but with passing family members recently and my cats just outright pains in my butt right now constantly making messes. Im still trying to get the rest of my house under control.. Hopefully befor Christmas...

If you want to help me in any way possible on here these are the things im working towards:

Current dragon item wishlist:
4 sandsurge scrolls
1 sandsurge flaunt (roughly 100g)
2 sandsurge trail (roughly 270g)
1 sandsurge wasp (roughly 750g)
1 sandsurge augment (roughly 500g)
1 sandsurge branches (299g)

Currently need these baldwin materials!:
Goo: yellow, orange, red, blue / Ooze: green, purple, blue / Sludge: purple
Muck: silver / Slime: grey, white, black
(For bog eggs!)
Will swap materials i dont need for these!

Familiars i want:
Regenerating Reedjumper
Supernal Brightbeast

Im finally starting to actually collect familiars. If theres 1 you dont want that i may not have (theres a lot i dont have) i would gladly take it ^-^
Even pay for them if you have a deal. I just dont have the time or mindset to actively search for them

Buy/adopt dragons from me! I have too many and im trying to weed them out but new ones keep coming in!

Always looking for help with Lore!

Im looking to save up eggs!
I would absolutely love to do a 500 egg mass hatch! Even tho im not on much ive learned a few things to help me earn some gems! I will gladly buy or maybe trade for some eggs ^-^ just let me know!

Egg count: 7
(its small now cuz i only just started collecting on NotN 2022)

What i need to make sure i do:

Save at least 396,000t, 99 gold muck, 99 silver muck,99 of each red for next NotN

A tad bit about me!
I am a girl!
Not a fan of pink or green but some combos i do love ^-^ (mainly eyeburners)
Favorite colors are orange, blue, and red!
Favorite color combo on a derg is brown range/mint
When i started i struggled with figuring out what flight to choose. Arcane or Fire. Arcane won but Fire is a very close second choice for me. Both flights sound so much like me in real life! I love the stars and space and i do "space out" a lot like the arcanist BUT i love weapons (throwing knives and swords are the best! But i love metal finger claws too!) And im a "human furnace" as my husband puts it. I love the heat and fire! Hate the cold(sorry ice flight^-^')

I have a good respect with plague as irl i almost never get sick and when i do its never bad (even when im around a ton of really sick people) and in game i have 2 dergs that make a PERFECT coli team and thier both plaguies ^-^

Im writing a story. Its still early (nothin writen just yet) but heres the link for both yours and my own reference ^-^

Ive got a MAXED cauldron! Need something brewed hit me up! ^-^ ill ask for materials and required treasure cost mainly but if you dont have the mats i will ask for required treasure and lah price of all mats plus 25% as its a pain to find stuff at same price as when looked up. Mats are a very fast changing thing on ah

My own adopt shop!

My all in 1 shop link!

Snail Husk (Pinstripe) > Earth, Plague, Wind
Seaside Trumpet (Trail) > Arcane, Lightning, Nature, Water

note to admins i now have a phone, tablet ,and a computer that i can use for coli grinding. Please dont ban me for using more then 1 devices

(Sorry to any mods! Got a new phone and was having my neice help me get her stuff logged into on my phone. She doesnt really play often but i help her out. Out of all the devices i use for this i only use my phone to help her. She has her own devices though. Her username is Laciebug16)

My own references so i dont have to keep subed to these threads
Friendly nest rental

[align=center] 643gino.gif
Name: Reshy
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]

New dream derg...


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January 03, 2024 13:36:36
Ike (#66363023) was on the front page!
July 14, 2023 04:36:25
Thank you so much for the tip! They had 2 eggs, GL for an imp
April 26, 2023 23:33:34
alpha was on the front page!
February 03, 2023 15:26:46
my apologies for the canceled PA for the skin! i made an oopsie but i will be putting up pre-orders for another batch later today if you'd like to be put on the list!
January 07, 2023 22:13:26
sure. and if you wanna keep him, depending on the baby's looks i can keep one, or take him. whichever. im just obsessed with imps
January 07, 2023 21:35:09
hi, wondering if I could have #80739466. Very cool imp
December 02, 2022 11:45:24
Oh alright! Sounds good, I would be happy to do that whenever you're ready! :) Level 21 now!
December 02, 2022 10:15:01
Hi! I had a question about Abrianna! I noticed you also requested an undertide breed change, I was wondering if you would like me to apply my clanbound breed change to her once I'm done leveling! She's currently level 20 so shouldn't be much longer :)
June 11, 2022 11:18:06
I do! I'll mark you down as interested :)
June 08, 2022 04:49:16
Three eggs!
May 17, 2022 22:23:23
Pyron was on the front page !!
March 02, 2022 12:01:13
Thank you for buying Censored! I'm not actually sure how I accidentally put him on auction, but I'm super glad he's found a permanent home!
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