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The Clan of the Striking Bolt

Laws of the Clan
- All events are to be recorded as accurately as possible to the fullest extent possible.

- Screechfang's word is law.

- The hoard is not to be disturbed without explicit permission from Screechfang, or his daughter and hoard guardian Maglove. All that we have was given to us by the Stormcatcher.

- Warriors are not to come back empty-handed. A lack of loot after a battle implies that the battle was for nothing, and the sacrifices made were empty.

- Storms are an omen from the Stormcatcher himself. When he has a message for us, we will carry out his orders swiftly.

- Harpies are our allies; they are to be treated as friends and our own. They raised Screechfang in a time of need, and we will return the favor.

- July 18 is an annual celebration, the founding of the Clan. Forgetting is a great transgression.

- Electrician’s Edge is a sacred place. It has sheltered us and will continue to shelter us. No harm shall come to the Edge; anyone who does harm the Edge will be severely punished.

- There is nothing Screechfang loves more than his clan and his family, and he considers the two interchangeable. To harm his clan is to harm his family. To harm his family is to harm his clan. To harm either is an unspeakable act.

- Praise and thank the Stormcatcher before eating anything, even just crumbs.

- The desert can speak to us. When it calls, we will answer.

- The BeastClans are not our enemy. They were, after all, here first, and we are on their land. Remain respectful of the origins of the land, and remain respectful of those who came before us. While one might encounter individuals who are hostile, remember that this attitude does not apply to the BeastClans as a whole.

- Many of the dragons within this clan are scientists, researchers, or specialists of some kind. To minimize conflict, please remember that they know their field of study best.

- The Stormchildren, those with Lightning powers so strong their own eyes cannot contain it, are sacred. Neither claw nor tooth shall ever pierce their skin.

The clan is lead by Screechfang and his mate, Skytail. The clan has a rich, religious culture that may be considered odd by other clans. They hold a particular respect for harpies, worship the very ground they live on, and seek only to please the Stormcatcher. They believe family ties are above all, and that something as simple as a cactus can provide life-changing wisdom.

They live in a crevice in a cliffside in the Tempest Spire, known as Electrician’s Edge, and are a little more old-fashioned than many other lightning clans, but are in the middle of a technological revolution lead by Cadfael, the son of one of Screechfang's closest confidants.

The power struggle from this technological revolution has taken on two branches—those who want Screechfang and his family to remain in charge and for the clan culture to stay the same, and those who want Cadfael to throw a violent revolution to overthrow Screechfang and his family and to build his new world of technocracy, where only the truly intelligent can rule.

Things are changing in the Clan of the Striking Bolt. But for better, or for worse?


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March 16, 2023 16:04:06
Thanks so much for letting me know!!
March 15, 2023 16:28:56
Thanks for letting me know Solande was on the front page. He's one of my favorite dragons to breed because I love how Toxin and Poison look together. Thanks for letting me know!
March 15, 2023 11:52:21
Thank you for letting me know about Enya!!!!
March 13, 2023 21:17:39
thank you!! <3
March 09, 2023 09:11:41
Oh, thank you so much for telling me! That's very sweet :>
March 07, 2023 01:15:47
Hi!! I bred Fever and I wanted to say I love what you did with her lore, as someone whos disabled. TYSM for adopting her! I'm glad she went to a good home <3
February 28, 2023 19:58:54
Thanks for letting me know Firerose was on the front page, and thanks for you compliment!
February 23, 2023 13:07:43
Thank you so much for the comment on Orlaith!! I love him very much :-)
December 12, 2022 13:13:51
Oh, thank you very much for the kind comment about my Lair. :> You have some really lovely dragons too and I would like to praise you for your clan profile, the clan laws part is so great and interesting! ^^
December 06, 2022 17:43:23
Thank you!
December 03, 2022 11:25:08
Thank you so much!! Striking Bolt sounds so rad :0
December 02, 2022 05:30:25
Thank you for giving Mab a new home, a new name and wonderful lore!
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