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Gay dude from finland. I am a digital artist. Primarily I do illustrations, but I occasionally also do animation, 3D modeling, game development, and UI design.

I live in the help & bug report forums because I really love helping people and solving problems :)

Please do not send me friend request because I helped you in help/bug report forums. It's nothing personal, it just makes me very anxious.

If I do not respond to your sale inquiries within few days, send me a reminder (i forgor).

Profile comments are welcome, and make me happy, though I may not respond (big anxiety)

While commenting about my dragons, check the dragon's broadcast for pronouns. If pronouns are not specified, just use whatever pronouns you feel most fitting.

vertical banner depicting a flowering meadow at night
Shopping list:
1 x Breed Change: Auraboa
1 x Secondary Auraboa Gene: Riopa
1 x Tertiary Gene: Capsule
1 x Primary Aberration Gene: Wasp
1 x Secondary Aberration Gene: Bee
1 x Primary Gene: Savannah
1 x Secondary Gene: Stripes
1 x Tertiary Gene: Spines
1 x Vial of Darkened Sight
horizontal banner depicting night sky, with full moon and pink clouds in center, and waterfalls on left
vertical banner depicting pink crystals and trees with glowing blue leaves in background, and glowing pink summoning circle on fthe foreground
vertical banner depicting area with cobblestone ground, and a pink portal in background with large arcane flight rune that illuminates the area
vertical banner depicting a table and a barrel, both have various items such as bottles, crystals and plant parts on top of them
The Starspire Clan

Situated deep in Starwood Strand lies a lonely collection of mountains on shore of a lake. For outsider this territory seems wild and unoccupied, with local flora and fauna flourishing, and nothing besides some almost overgrown dirt trails following the natural shapes suggests presence of dragons.

But as soon as you cross some boundary that is not visible to you, a green imperial with body adorned by golden feathers and swirls dives down from somewhere above you, and lands right in front of you, blocking your path.

She does not look angry at all, mostly just curious. And she begins to speak:

"Hello stranger! May I ask you, what are your intentions?"

You explain to her that you are just an explorer, and she smiles at you, and bows her head at you to show her approval.

"That is great to hear! My name is Haukka, and the Starspire Clan welcomes you with open arms. Here you can stay and rest until you are ready to continue your exploration."

Together with your new acquittance, you walk the forest paths towards the clan's main lair that is hidden within the mountain peaks, and on the way you get to hear a little about the clan, and the area it is situated on:

The clan is big enough to count as a town, with around three hundred permanent residents, which is a little surprising given how the entire area seems completely uninhabited. But this is mostly because the lair is mostly self sustained, and works like a well oiled machine where every dragon has their own place.

The lair welcomes with open arms anyone who does not wish to cause harm, and is willing to accommodate the needs of any resident. This has led to the clan becoming incredibly diverse center of learning, culture and the strangest hobbies. Even many dragons who previously were rejected by others for being too different have found their places here.

And for the actual territory, the main lair is a vast cave network that delves deep into the mountains. Originally the clan lived in a completely natural cave network, but over time the dragons have carved the tunnels to expand, and improve the safety, comfort and accessibility. Today, the cave system is vast and expands from the tips of the mountain spires to deep underground, complete with underground forests, and underground waterway networks for aquatic residents.

The dragon clan expands also to the surroundings of the the mountain group. Most notably the lake, and a swamp surrounded by forest.
horizontal banner depicting a table with a large open book that is surrounded by various items such as candles, crystals and bottles

Awakened but not owned:
(for personal reference since bestiary is lacking the search option)
Disoriented Spirit Stone Borer Medusa Leon Terror Toad Rat King
Bone Fiend Cog Frog Boolean Red-Footed Akirbeak Golden Idol

Strange Chest x 2 Silver Muck
Gold Muck
Red Ooze
Red Goo
Red Sludge

Skins I have made:

Note for admins: My partner lives in another country, and I visit them frequently, so my IP hopping between two countries is not due to my account being compromised, or account sharing.

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March 10, 2024 13:52:24
ofc :3
March 10, 2024 13:39:37
omg congrats on your body accepting the testosterone! transmen solidarity ⚧
February 22, 2024 08:38:04
Thank you!
February 14, 2024 18:31:55
hello, I've never exactly done something like this before so apologies in advance! A hibernating dragon in your clan, number 81889469, is very pretty and I would like to buy her- is there a price you would like me to pay?
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aw that's awesome! :D he's a second gen from my progen and random progen who i breed for fodder now mostly, so it's extra sweet to me that he found a great lair!
November 08, 2023 12:38:32
thanks for giving Ruriske a great home! :)
October 14, 2023 12:58:49
Hi. read your profile and thought it was cool.
I'm also a graduated artist with Adhd who is from Finland. I wonder how many here fit the same bill
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