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✝ Born-Again Christian ✝

5FE3t7y.pngActive Exalter5FE3t7y.png
I always stock up on fodder, so if I bought your dragon for less than 7kt and
it's in the fodder tab, it is being exalted.

Don't worry, they all get hot cocoa and snuggly blankets while here. ♥

However, I sometimes buy pretty dragons for cheap
just to list on my adoption thread,
so they might be rehomed instead of exalted :3


Originally living in the tall spires of the Crystalspine Reach, the Twilight Glacies clan practiced magic under the blessings of the Arcanist. However, after a short time, they felt as though they didn't quite belong, despite their mystical inclinations. Finding themselves moving farther and farther south, away from the depths of the territory, they began to understand that the Icewarden's cold landscape was beckoning them. The clan eventually decided to make the trek through the fringes of the Starfall Isles, across the frigid waters, and into the vast Southern Icefield, stepping foot onto the Frigid Floes. Immediately feeling content in these frozen, barren lands, they settled down and made a place to finally call home, becoming a large and bountiful clan, extremely loyal to the Icewarden, and taking residence in the Fortress of Ends. There, stuck in the ice, they discovered a large and well-preserved ship that they reconstructed and renovated, digging into the side of the adjacent mountain, creating an extensive dwelling space.

Upon drawing near to the impressive and slightly-intimidating lair, you are met by a stern-looking mirror, who lands deftly before you, spreading his wings to block your approach. After being asked of your business, he deems you unthreatening and lets out a hissing roar. Out of the snowy blizzard, you see a large guardian coming toward you. She lands beside the mirror and they introduce themselves as part of the clan's patrol, Shakuya and Tykuza.

They welcome you to the residence of the Twilight Glacies clan, led by the righteous coatl, Raziel, and his mate, Azriel. The two patrols fly off to take their positions atop the large masts of the ship, still watching intently.


After the other dragons leave, you approach the front gate, and are surprised to see what you assumed was simply a tree buried in snow move toward you. Once close enough, you can make out a pearlcatcher, who addresses you and asks if you'd like to come in. You hesitate for a moment...
>> Follow her inside WIP
>> Ignore her and continue on your way

I'm not as active these days and tend to keep to myself; I avoid using the forums outside of my service threads and the occasional announcement. I don't send friend requests, but you can.

I don't care about the site's lore or characters and do my own thing

Nothing in my Clan or Ancients tabs are for sale/etc, but I would gladly breed them; dragons for sale are in this tab
and ones for adoption/for free in this one or this one.

Also, if you see a listing of mine on the AH, but would like me to adjust the price, I'm always willing to haggle;
simply send me a PM about it.

Also up for art trades; just ask ~


5FE3t7y.png Services & Links 5FE3t7y.png
  🌠 Wishlist (bio)
5FE3t7y.png Spare Food Points Bank
5FE3t7y.png Free XXX Ice Dragons
Free Lv27 BBB Cauldron
Animated Blink Icons
Art Trades
Dom Armory (bio)




5FE3t7y.png Lair Breakdown 5FE3t7y.png
Gaolers: 17 | Banescales: 11
Mirrors: 25 | Guardians: 14 | Tundras: 2
Pearlcatchers: 11 | Ridgebacks: 6 | Spirals: 1
Bogsneaks: 11 | Skydancers: 8 | Nocturnes: 15
Imperials: 10 | Coatls: 10 | Wildclaws: 8
Fae: 0 | Snappers: 0

5FE3t7y.png Current Projects 5FE3t7y.png
- acquire the Golem Workshop bosses
- casually saving for a Light Sprite, though it will probably take forever

5FE3t7y.png Nest Network
- username (flight) 0/0/2020 > dragon1 and dragon2

5FE3t7y.png Notes 5FE3t7y.png






I'm also into video games (nothing that current, though; more into older things, overall), my favorite consoles being Genesis/Saturn/Dreamcast, GB/C/A, Gamecube/Wii/U, PS1/2/3, and Xbox OG. Also dabble a little in PC gaming (mostly emulation); I recently made myself a custom build: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 OC@4.2GHz / GTX 1660S / ASRock B450M SL / 8GBx4 2667MHz.
I love to homebrew and mod pretty much any device I can get my hands on, and I am also into PC building and web coding.

Anyway, my favorite game series are Legacy of Kain, Panzer Dragoon, Ecco the Dolphin, Mega Man X & Zero, Darksiders, Blaster Master Zero, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Yooka-Laylee, Geometry Wars, Earth Defense Force, Batman Arkham, Dead Space trilogy, Elder Scrolls, Castlevania (nothing after PS2 era), Metroid Prime trilogy, Pikmin 1 & 2, Skylanders.

I'm also a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan, pretty much everything from Sonic 1 (1991) up to and including Zero Gravity (2008). However, the introduction of the boost mechanic in 2008 made me lose interest in the series going forward, for the most part (the only boost game I enjoyed was Colors).
Regardless, it's still a series that I play frequently. My favorite "era" was from Adventure to 2006, (which also had the best soundtracks.)
Anyway, here's a nice, big Sonic playlist ^^
Also, I really enjoy designing Sonic FCs; you can check them out over here.

Also really into the UK "Sonic the Comic", as well as the various Archie "Sonic the Hedgehog" comics (Pre-Super-Genesis-Wave only; the Worlds Collide and Super Genesis Wave reboot killed it completely for me - so nothing after issue 247; and I hate the IDW ones)

As for other comics, I am also into Iron Man and Batman, taking a preference to side stories/arcs and anthologies.

I also enjoy a few anime: Ergo Proxy, Monster, Death Note, Casshern Sins, and a few TV shows: Night Gallery, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


The world is embracing a Godless stance and doing away with all that is good and right in the Lord's eyes. Things are going to nosedrive from here, but at least I have hope in the Lord, being one of His own.

Social media is a disgusting cesspool that I want nothing to do with.


I am sisters with
We share the same network and sometimes computer,
and help each other out a lot.

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January 26, 2024 18:31:42
Aquazel was on the front page!
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I bought a Coatl from you forever ago and just came back to the game. Wanted to say all the dragons in your lair are amazing!!!
November 04, 2023 00:36:23
Tezandrom was on the front page! I love him!
April 01, 2023 12:55:53
Aizurah was on the front page!! Love that blue, and how pretty their bio is!
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Arxis was on the front page! So pretty!
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Thotyxu was on the front page! He is absolutely gorgeous!!
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WHAT LOL and cookie xDD
October 19, 2021 12:27:56
My favorite Ice queeeeeen. And Lucario.
April 16, 2021 00:41:59
Very cool lair!
February 25, 2021 16:16:59
Beautiful lair!
January 24, 2021 06:54:18
Happy Birthday to my precious friend whom I am blessed to know! I hope you feel enveloped in love today, especially the Father's Love.
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