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The Abiding Strainwound Clan is a clan built on spreading the Plaguebringer’s glorious sickness all about Sornieth. Battling clans of other flights, the Abiding Strainwound Clan is a clan of war and passion, fighting for what they believe in, no matter who their opponent is. Primarily nomadic, the Abiding Strainwound travels the Wandering Contagion, capturing those who look to come into the Scarred Wasteland and start trouble. The trespassers are made to fight in the colosseum alongside fighters until they are deemed strong enough to be sent off to serve the Plaguebringer. The majority of the time, the trespassers are sentenced to exaltation after serving alongside Davik, Malady, or Mallory in the coliseum.

The Abiding Strainwound is ran by Pestis, a silent guardian who prefers to watch and listen than to take action. He watches the members of the clan and those around them, gathering information about the different dragons to help best place them where they would belong in the clan. He works his best to find a place for every dragon that wishes to join their band of pious warriors, helping to teach about the glory of the plague and the cycle of life and death. His devout following of the Plaguebringer also helps to show him what type of dragon would best serve the Plaguebringer. Even though he is a pacifist and mute, Pestis’ leadership over the clan is not questioned; his choices have never lead their clan astray from their purpose, and what very few mistakes he makes in leading his clan he fixes and learns from them. It’s this calm and focused leadership that gave Pestis the right to decide whether or not someone will be exalted to serve the Plaguebringer or stay with the clan.

Their lair in the Wandering Contagion is a small home, intended to be used during nesting times of the year and as a home base rather than a permanent lair. The members of the Abiding Strain Wound may come and go from the lair as they please, with certain dragons being put on duty to guard it while the others go out searching for those who would cause havoc for their holy Mother and Her land.

While mates are allowed, and often encouraged by Pestis, there is a difference between being mates and breeding. In the Abiding Strainwound, being set breeding mates is seen as wasteful. Dragons mate with one another in order to try to make the strongest possible offspring, not out of desire; not many hatchlings survive to live with the clan, but those who do have the strongest genes possible. Because of this high rate of exaltation, it takes a while for the actual blood parents to bond with a hatchling. This is why Salone, with her mate Dido, watch over all hatchlings until they are young adults; blood parents will visit, and spend time with their progeny, but they are raised to find stronger ties in the family provided by the clan as a whole than their specific blood parents.

Proud participator in the Abiding Vanguard and other Dom related groups. If you need art done for a Plague event, please DM for examples and with what you'd want!

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October 26, 2022 11:32:48
rapture was on the front page!! such a cool dragon!
September 23, 2022 17:47:52
Cheat is so cool I want their gender
May 21, 2022 22:46:47
Mallory was on the front page!
December 04, 2021 16:48:57
Thank you for getting Lynera, that outfit/skin combo is awesome! ^-^
December 01, 2021 19:29:21
Yokai was on the front page! ^w^
October 22, 2021 23:23:01
Thanks for the compliment! I'm loving your plague dragons, Pestis especially.
February 11, 2021 16:26:15
Mallory was on the front page!
November 26, 2020 10:40:14
tysm for buying beauty(*^▽^*)
September 18, 2020 08:27:10
Festering was on the front page! he's very cool looking~
April 05, 2020 08:00:21
Oh she's a top tier specimen, the pleasure is all mine c:
August 06, 2017 14:27:21
Thank you for buying my dragon. Hope Pestis is happy here. Have a good day!
July 23, 2017 16:58:47
Thanks for the dragon. Yep, I will take care of her. :)
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