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Clan Info

Plague = Veleno
Nature = Sylvan
Light = Ligero
Shadow = Mediums
Water = Syrenii
Fire = Vatra
Ice = Jaatama
Lightning = Relampago
Wind = Viento
Earth = Nepopustljiv
Arcane = Clairvoyant

These are the names given to dragons without parents. Dragons who were found and hatched out of an egg. First generation.They are said to be the direct descendants of the eleven deities. Due to their lineage, they have abilities that others do not.

Velenos are burdened with an incurable poison that, with a single scratch, could bring down any opponent without a cure. Deadly and often discriminated against, they are forced to wander the world, searching for a place of acceptance when there is none.

Sylvans can sense psychic energy in plants and vegetation, effectively allowing them to take short glimpses into the past. They are well versed in poisons and remedies. Some say they are able to communicate with the plants.

Ligeros have the ability of photokinesis, AKA, manipulation of photons. Yes, this includes making a laser beam or light saber but often accumulates as balls of intense brightness that can render one blind if they stare at it for too long. They are also able to create illusions although they match poorly to the Mediums illusions.

Mediums are able to speak with the dead and have one foot in the realm of the living and another in the realm of the dead. As a consequence of this, when they die, they become wandering spirits until the shadow deity retrieves them which can range from seconds to never. They are also masters of illusions in the dark, creating monstrous, grotesque or horrifying images meant to scar for life.

Syrenii have the ability to manipulate water when it is above freezing as well as having a specialized set of gills at the sides of their throats that allows them to breathe both air and water.

Vatra are pyrokinetics, able to bend and create fire to a certain extent. Like their Syrenii counterparts, they have an gas sac in their chest cavities that, when mixed with oxygen from the lungs and the spark from flint teeth grinding together, can literally breathe fire. The ability to bend fire comes with being burned and many suffer from contracture burns with them being unable to move without pain.

Jaatama are indigenous to the Southern Icefield and have the longest lifespan of any type of dragon. They are incredibly hardy, able to survive and thrive with very little food or water. Like their Syrenii cousins, they are able to manipulate their element of ice by creating white out blizzards or shape ice into a weapon. However, their ice manipulation doesn't work when it is above freezing.

Relampago, the sons and daughters of lightning and electricity blessed with electrokinesis. Able to summon strikes of lightning during storms and charge particles throughout their bodies to create lightning. However due to the constant use to electricity running through their bodies, a good portion of them have nerve damage and Lichtenberg figures spreading through their skin.

Viento, like wisps on the wind, they are able to manipulate air to do their bidding. They can toss weight equivalent of their body weight and can pull the air from your lungs, leaving you to suffocate a slow and painful death.

Nepopustljiv, an ancient race that have slumbered since the creation of the world. No one knows what they can or can't do since they are incredibly rare - some say extinct. But legends and tall tales have spun words of their abilities from rearranging continents to causing volcanoes to erupt.

Clairvoyant, those with the ability to see into the past and future. Brief to long glimpses of events that would play out without hope of change. Due to their ability, they are bought and sold as prophetess, kept alive so long as their vision remain

The levels of abilities are correlated to the eye type. The rarer the eye type, the more powerful the ability is with Primal first generations being the closest any dragon could get to the deities

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December 18, 2023 16:28:08
I love your MXTX artwork!
August 07, 2023 14:08:17
Krishna was on the front page! Awesomely psychadelic :)
August 24, 2022 00:59:01
Hi! Idk if you remember me but I commissioned you a while back, just wanted to say I still adore what you did and often stalk your art shops to keep up with what kind of work you do!
July 08, 2022 14:45:45
Your art is AMAZING! I especially love the gold ink ones!!
May 14, 2022 14:03:03
I saw your art of Hua Cheng and Jian Cheng and it made my day <3 your art is beyond incredible!! keep up the good work <3
February 10, 2022 03:21:13
i just wanted to say you have some lovely art!! i can tell a lot of work goes into it<33
October 17, 2021 19:17:01
do you remember me storm it's been forever
May 20, 2021 22:05:55
I always meant to ask this but I keep forgetting ;; the dragon in your HibDen with the name spelt slightly off from your username (Caelum, I believe) - is that imperial meant to be linked to your username despite the difference in spelling? :o
March 03, 2021 10:21:19
lilith is super cool! are they your progen? if so we got matching progens XD
February 06, 2021 04:58:26
Circe was on the front page, she's gorgeous!
January 07, 2021 13:28:09
just a crumb of gojo
December 08, 2020 18:46:51
Oddscale was on the front page!
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