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The Quasar Clan is a self proclaimed neutral clan, not allied with any deity even though the clan's lair and territory is located in the Starfall Isles. The clan has good relations with both the Talonok and Harpy Beastclans, so much so that there are several small tribes of these Beastclans living within the Quasar Clan’s territory, some even live alongside the dragons residing within the lair.

Many outsiders see the Quasar Clan as a form of safe haven for those who have nowhere else to go, this is not true in the case of most of the clan's inhabitants, but for some it is right on the spot. This also applies for the many Beastclan outcasts that now reside within the main dragon lair. As a result, the clan is very diverse both in terms of cultures and types of individuals, which sometimes cause a lot of internal disputes.

While the clan has a generally peaceful standpoint and prefers to be neutral in most conflicts, it is nowhere close to being undefended. Many of the clan’s members are skilled in combat or possess vast knowledge in various subjects, which has proven useful when defending the clan's territory from hostile dragons or Beastclans.
---- The Crimson Curse ----
Some of the clan members are carrying an unusual and extremely rare curse that at first glance do not seem to do anything other than give the cursed dragon a crimson mark on one of their front limbs. The effects of this so-called Crimson Curse rarely activate, and so no one has been able to figure out the full extent of what it does and how a dragon ends up with it in the first place.

The effect of the curse seems to wary drastically depending on both the dragon and the specific situation every time it activates. The cursed dragon's crimson mark always starts to glow when the curse activates. Most of the time it enhances the cursed dragon's abilities making them faster, stronger, or shields them but sometimes it does something completely different like making the dragon teleport.

The curse can accurately be described as a double edged sword. The effects it gives are usually beneficial but it comes at a cost, while active the curse inflicts crippling pain on the cursed dragon that remains for a good while after the effect has ended. The dragon is unable to control when it activates, but it often seems to respond to physical or emotional distress. If one dragon's curse activates there is the chance that all other cursed dragons also get theirs activated regardless of distance. Those who are cursed are connected in some unknown way, and these dragons have a tendency to end up in the Quasar Clan one way or another.
---- Shards of The Shade ----
Dark shards were scattered all over Sornieth when the Shade collided with the world pillar, shattering both itself and the pillar. These shards are one of the main sources of shade corruption on Sornieth.

Each shard contains a fragment of the Shade’s power and holds massive amounts of magic. Very few individuals are capable of containing that power, so having a shard in one's possession will most likely result in the owner being corrupted by its power. The result of the shards corruption is different for everyone as the main thing it does is greatly amplify one's desires to the point where the victim will see anyone and anything that stands in their way a threat or an obstacle, often resulting in the victim becoming extremely aggressive, even towards former friends and family. This aggressive behavior can be extremely dangerous because of the power the user gains by wielding the Shade Shard.

Several clan members and some of the clan's allies have Shade Shards in their possession but are able to contain the corruption due to a number of varying reasons. Dragons with the Crimson Curse and Demons are completely immune to any form of Shade corruption.

If all the shards would return to the hands of the Shade, it would regain all the power it has lost, most likely spelling the end of Sornieth.
However, the Shade is not the only one interested in acquiring the shards, there are several "Shard Hunters” who desire to get their claws on them for one reason or another. Most Shard Hunters have their own motives and could not care less about resurrecting the Shade.

Something all the shard hunters have in common is that they can more or less contain the power stored in the shards without getting corrupted by them. While all of them can more or less wield the shards, some are a bit more hesitant to use them as the corruption is still a threat, especially if the hunter in question has trouble containing the shards in the first place.

A meeting between two shard hunters usually ends in bloodshed. It is in both parts interest to take the shards from the other and taking a shard from someone is not so simple as the shards have a tendency to attach to one's soul, making it really tricky to take a shard from someone without ending their life. Confronting another shard hunter is a great risk, it has a great reward. Astral is the only known Shard Hunter to have the ability to take Shade Shards from someone without killing them or stealing their soul.

The shards appear as purple cards surrounded by a dark aura. When in use they circle around the wielder. If a corrupted wielder uses them their entire body will be surrounded by the same dark aura as the shards.
21571.png The shards appear as purple cards surrounded by a dark aura. When in use they circle around the wielder. If a corrupted wielder uses them their entire body will be surrounded by the same dark aura as the shards.
---- Demons ----
Demons are creatures who wield the power of the Shade, just like any dragon would with their natural element.

Every demon was once upon a time a regular creature living on Sornieth, as a creature can not become a Demon while still alive. A demon is born when a stray soul is attuned to the power of the Shade, causing them to be resurrected as a Demon. Demons usually keep most of their memories from their past life, but depending on the state their soul was in when they attuned to the void some memories might be lost. As Demons are already attuned to void they are completely immune to Shade corruption caused by things such as the Shade Shards, thus having the ability to freely wield them.

Contrary to popular belief regular demons are not dangerous and do not pose a threat to any dragon as they are generally very weak. Despite this, demons are widely hunted by most sentient species on Sornieth, as most believe that anything even slightly affiliated with the Shade must be eradicated. Due to this constant threat Demons prefer to live in medium to large societies hidden away as far from other societies as possible. If they are found by Demon Hunters they have no choice but to abandon their homes as most Demons have little to no hope of successfully defending themselves against the attackers. Little is known about their society and culture as most people who come in contact with them seek to wipe them out completely.
While most Demons are harmless and weak, Alpha Demons are the complete opposite. Alpha Demons are known to be extremely powerful and can easily take on a large group of dragons on their own. These Alphas wield the full force of the void and have the ability to mind control other creatures and create powerful illusions, which they often use to hide their true appearance. Some even claim to have seen Alpha Demons being capable of teleportation.

Only seven Alpha Demons are known to exist, and up until recently they ruled a settlement of Demons, big enough to be considered a city. With the Alphas' there none would be brave or dumb enough the assault the settlement, thus allowing for a large flurishing Demon society to exist in relative peace. However something happened that caused the death of one of the seven Alphas and with that the peace was shattered and the civilization to fall into ruins. With the six surviving alpha demons now scattered all across Sornieth, there is little left in terms of safety for the regular Demons to hold on to.

All six Alpha Demons are known to have become shard hunters. A Shade Shard in the claws of an Alpha Demon is something to be feared as they are capable of wielding the full force of the Shade Shards without any restrictions or repercussions, further increasing their already tremendous power.

Dragons With Lore

12108555p.png 27677775p.png 27327138p.png 28551069p.png 26752937p.png 26630334p.png 30358759p.png 12108556p.png 13006296p.png 30787866p.png31695837p.png

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