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Note: I'm on a full hiatus until further notice! Even if I log on very occasionally, I won’t be doing any substantial activity, and anything social like answering messages is totally out of the question.

Lore note: All of it was written pre-retcon and tends to skew dark. I don’t have the energy to retool it all at once and I don’t have the energy to receive suggestions at this time. Clan AXQU has always been low morality and not given to negotiation with anyone— they experiment on dragons and beastclans alike, and are immediately suspicious of all outsiders.They’ll wipe out a dragon clan that encroaches on their territory just as quick as a Beastclan group, it’s just that Beastclans were the focus of hostile conflict in site lore for a while. I’m burnt out and tired. Retooling will take time.
lightningshieldl.png Clan AXQU
Abiding Xenolith; Quality Union
Anthrax - Breathing Lightning
Fodderlocke | Multi-Lineage Registry | Subspecies


lightningvs1.png Commonly known to allies as Clan AXQU. Put simply, they're a Lightning clan in the heart of Ice territory: they manufacture and research everything from enchanted armor to projectile weapons to all out bombs and biological agents. They took the Lightning flight's industriousness to a pathological extreme that made even other Lightning dragons side-eye them-- Clan AXQU considers the move to Ice a softening.
Their hospitality is legendary to allies, but their weapons tech and military capability is legendary to its enemies. They keep a high standard of living within the Clan and a frosty secrecy pointed outward-- perhaps the move was a natural fit, deep down, although the Clan still maintains that its soul is pure Shifting Expanse.

If asked, they will say that the reason they uprooted and dug a brand new bunker in the Southern Icefield is because of the Stormcatcher's management style. Clan AXQU consistently excelled in exceeding quotas, and their only reward was more work. Or, if they took a week to rest, anger and punishment for 'slacking off.' Tithes to the Spire got more and more ridiculously outlandish. The power demands to supply Goldensparc, with no reward but "the pride of Lightning-flight ingenuity" to show for it, became a source of resentment.

Clan AXQU is, naturally, driven. The Clan has self-selected for intelligent, resourceful, hardworking dragons. They resent being pushed to work themselves to death, under the implication that they'd be lazy otherwise, just to fund the lifestyle of some ivory golden tower layabout elites. What started as a rebellion has turned into a union, and everyone in Clan AXQU is much happier and more well-adjusted for it. Better a neglectful, hands-off God who leaves them alone than a toxic micromanager, in their eyes. The Stormcatcher created His children to have intelligence and critical thought. He has, in Clan AXQU's mind, no right to act all surprised when some of them look Him in the eyes and find Him wanting.

pGq8pXe.png Clan Allies

The Clan of Princess Agion
The Clan of the White Tower




Fodder dragons will be named with the randomizer. If I buy your dragon for under 10k, it's probably being exalted. I'm happy to sell you anything out of there at double the average payout for exalting at that level. Also happy to swap for an adult that's already at level 6+. If you don't like the name I gave your dragon, feel free to buy it back and change it! I won't use a renaming scroll on your behalf.



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January 01, 2023 19:31:00
Knifehead is on front page, dam she is so beautiful <3
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I saw Pellegrino on the front page, I love how colorful they are!
December 13, 2022 06:33:14
Cash was on the front page!
December 11, 2022 16:44:28
I love Raistlin, his bio is really comforting <3
October 30, 2022 21:10:09
Sorry she's been claimed
October 11, 2022 09:01:03
Almost 3 years late with this reply (I was away from FR for 4 years) but thank you so much for the compliments on Pollux and Castor. I love them very much <3 you have some beautiful dragons too! I'm especially fond on Solana. She's absolutely gorgeous ^_^
October 09, 2022 12:13:42
awe okay. Thanks for letting me know
October 08, 2022 12:52:36
Just wondering if your ever planning on breeding your 51 lineage dragons ? I would love to buy one :)
September 15, 2022 21:33:37
Woo, I knew I recognized you from somewhere!
September 13, 2022 09:54:21
Mango's lore <333333 absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much <333333
September 02, 2022 15:24:06
hi!! thanks for the page comment and yea december is currently one of my favs atm!! im a sucker for the spade gene and i think it works perfectly with his color palette. thanks so much for putting this guy up for sale!! and thanks again for the comment!
August 25, 2022 22:58:28
i just spent the last half hour or so reading through the bios of adaro and his entourage. it was very enjoyable :33
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