Aequorin - 2016-03-07 07:16:07
Dragon Share Theme Week: Breeds - Nocturnes!
Aequorin - 2016-03-07 05:41:04
The March 2016 registration window is OPEN until 05:30 03/11/16. Register now!
Xhaztol - 2016-03-05 21:22:10
To prepare everyone for the launch of our revamped version of Crossroads, we've published our Crossroads Encyclopedia Article, which now includes an updated FAQ.
Xhaztol - 2016-03-02 20:27:00
The following issue has been fixed: Within the Message Center attachment window, it is now possible to remove an item, replace it with another, and attach the new item without having to cancel out of the window first.
Xhaztol - 2016-03-02 19:41:16
Items linked in dragon biographies will now display properly when players other than the dragon's owner are viewing its profile.
Aequorin - 2016-02-29 22:29:30
The Weekly Q&A has been updated.
Aequorin - 2016-02-29 12:02:30
Dragon Share Theme Week: Breeds - Mirrors!
Aequorin - 2016-02-22 15:47:02
Double Dragon Share Theme Week: Trickmurk Circus!
Aequorin - 2016-02-22 14:38:16
Dragon Share Theme Week: Breeds - Imperials!
Aequorin - 2016-02-22 13:29:30
The Weekly Q&A has been updated.
Aequorin - 2016-02-15 23:49:02
The Weekly Q&A has been updated.
Undel - 2016-02-15 11:31:47
On Saturday February 20th at 23:00 server time we will be performing holiday maintenance for the one hour leading into rollover. During this time players will not be able to log into the site.
Aequorin - 2016-02-15 10:39:17
Dragon Share Theme Week: Breeds - Guardians!
Aequorin - 2016-02-12 12:17:13
Our provider experienced some technical difficulties which resulted in a site outage but it looks like we’re back now. Thanks for hanging in there with us!
Aequorin - 2016-02-08 23:43:02
The Weekly Q&A has been updated.
Aequorin - 2016-02-08 12:40:30
Dragon Share Theme Week: Breeds - Faes!
Aequorin - 2016-02-05 10:25:52
Interested in being a volunteer moderator? Follow this link to our Help Center for more information!
Undel - 2016-02-04 10:14:52
Registration Update: Live, Outlook, and Hotmail addresses may not be receive reg codes. If you can only register using one of these addresses, please Contact Customer Support for assistance completing the registration process.
Aequorin - 2016-02-04 05:46:30
Our registration window is now open! If you run into any issues during the registration process, please send us a message as soon as possible through Contact Us using the email address registered with your account information.
Aequorin - 2016-02-01 21:59:02
The Weekly Q&A has been updated.