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Personal Paranormal Stories
Jul 28, 2017 22:28:57





Only rules for this thread is that it has to have happened to you or been something that you saw with your own eyes. This thread isn't meant to convince anybody to believe in religion or spirituality, it's just a place for us to tell our unexplained stories.

For example...
When I was fifteen or sixteen, bought a wind-up clown from the thrift store that would play music. I half bought it on a joke because my mom thought it was creepy and I thought it was funny to scare her by putting it in my room. That was the kind of kid I was. At first, everything was normal. I started thinking it was actually kinda cute; I wound it up every night before I went to bed and then I went off to sleep. Then I woke up to the sound of it going off in the middle of the night. The first night, it was strange, but for a few more nights, it did the same thing. I kept playing it off as nothing and going back to sleep, sure that it was just the old mechanism randomly going off or that a last twist of the key hadn't been used up. It creeped me out a little, though, so I stopped twisting it before I went to sleep, sure that it if I didn't wind the key, it shouldn't go off. It was that night, that the clown randomly turned on it's own and started playing music that terrified me to the bone. I got out of bed and had to sleep in a different room completely. My mom was extremely upset over the whole thing. She took the clown from me and sequestered him to the basement somewhere.

I was a weird kid. I was fascinated by death and the occult. When I was in kindergarden, I didn't know anything about religion, but I was the odd one out, so I made up stories about speaking to the devil so that I could get attention. When I was around thirteen, any creature I could get my hands on appeared in my room in the form of a new skull or a jarred specimen. I've changed since then, but my point is, dead and creepy things don't normally scare me at all. But that clown, that clown scared the living daylights out of me.

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Personal Paranormal Stories
Jul 29, 2017 06:12:41






When I was seven or so, my parents and I were visiting with a church member and his wife. My dad's a pastor so we did a lot of visiting. I don't know why we were there, but we stayed for a while. They put cartoons on for me and I believe it was the first time I ever watched Ed, Edd & Eddy. >u<

Anyways, they had a staircase (I want to say it was near their kitchen) that lead to the basement. Door was open. Pitch black down there. I swear, with my cute little girl eyes, I saw a blueish-greenish dog down in the basement. So I asked the wife if they ever had a dog and she said yes, but he had died.

Also, when I was three, my cousin passed away. I barely remember him unfortunately :( My parents and I attended his funeral and to this day, they love telling the story of how I stopped at the entrance and pointed at the door, telling them there were angels guarding it.
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Personal Paranormal Stories
Jul 30, 2017 15:16:25





Idk if this was actually paranormal or a coincidence, but i have a rather funny story to tell. A while ago me and my sister where staying with one of my out of state friends. Long story short my friend and her sisters had just moved into the house and believed it to be haunted because things moved around. My sister was trying to scare them by downloading a game that was suposed to track ghosts (the game was so fake it hurt, but at least they had some fun with it) they went into another room to look for ghosts. A minute later i hear a thud and screaming, so i peer into the room just to be nearly trampled by my friend and her sister. They where freaking out and hid behind me, terrified. (And i guess i was supposed to stab the ghost with a cross or something? Lol) turns out a broom and bucket had suposively been thrown at them. To this day i don't know if something threw them or if they just fell over, but the look on my friend's face was priceless.
Personal Paranormal Stories
Jul 30, 2017 15:22:00





I don't have one big occurrence, but many small ones.

I've had eery heavy feelings about my house since we moved in. It's an older house, and an elderly couple lived there before they had to move into assisted living. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the basement was a clown cover on the light switch, and multiple scratches on the inside of a door.

During the middle of the night, I heard the plastic bags that were sitting on the floor at the edge of my bed rustle. I don't think I fell asleep for a while.

So a few months ago, I was taking a medication, and I set the bottle of pills on the counter before I walked out of the door to leave for the day. Mind you, on empty I left, no one was home until around 4:30 in the evening. I came home, and the bottle was sitting on the counter, closed, but there was nothing inside it. I had to tell my doctor that I didn't finish them because they disappeared. I've had lots of random things disappear, but I've my always found them a little while later.

Last night, I was sending snap chats to my friends before I went to sleep. My room was completely dark, and when I looked at the picture I took, there was a thing that looked like an orb? I'm not really sure exactly how it looked because I didn't save it. I retook the pic to try and reason it out, but nothing showed up.

One day, when I was younger, I was home alone, and I was sitting in front of the tv watching cartoons. I heard what sounded like footsteps on the carpet behind me. I turned around and nothing was there. I ended up hiding behind the couch until my parents got home.
Personal Paranormal Stories
Jul 30, 2017 18:22:33





There was a lot of activity in my parents' house after my mom passed away, and around me when I had things of hers for a while. I rented the downstairs from my dad for about 2 years afterwards before moving.

Shortly after the passing I was asleep in the downstairs room and remember opening my eyes to see her walk out from behind the partition wall that separated the main room from the door. It was super dark and I only clearly saw that she was wearing one of her favorite white t-shirts. There was no sound, no footsteps or anything. I watched her turn to look down at where I was on the floor. She was there for a few seconds, then turned and walked back towards the door. I was so scared I couldn't move. Eventually when I got up there was nothing there. It's something she used to do a lot when my sisters and I were little though so it's not too weird for her spiritual manifestation to've done? Idk.

Another time I was home alone and wanted to move a very old coffee table upstairs to her library. The table has been with us since I was super little. I remember thinking about what she would say if she knew I was moving a table alone. I clearly heard her voice in my head to wait until my partner got home. Decided to move the table anyway. It was a giant pain and the first flight of steps I almost fell backwards. When that happened the lights downstairs flashed very noticeably. I checked the plugs, the bulbs, nothing was loose or going out. Took the table all the way upstairs anyway.

Everyone in the home used to hear her footsteps around. One particular time it was in the middle of the day, very loud, and I was home alone. I was on the phone with a friend and heard feet very deliberately moving from the upstairs hallway into the kitchen, which was above my living room. At first I thought someone broke in. I went upstairs but there was no one, no open doors or windows. I was scared and irritated so I opened the front door and shouted at her. While I was still by the front door, there was a noise in the upstairs hallway that sounded like someone hitting the a bedroom door knob. Then the grandfather clock at the top of the stairs that's been in her family for 3 generations chimed. I ran outside and wouldn't go back in until someone else came home.

Another time I had fallen asleep in the living room upstairs. My dad was vacationing in another state. I dreamt that my mom had gone with him but she was coming home. Their truck came into the driveway and it was just her. I called my grandma because I'd had the impression we hadn't talked to my mom in a long time. She had the grey travel suitcase she always used when my parents went away for a weekend. I went to open the front door and asked if she needed help. She'd just said to keep the door open. She seemed tired and upset. I went into one of the upstairs rooms to talk to my grandma and mom came inside with her luggage. She went into the bathroom by my parents' room. Then, she went into the library (it's just a bedroom at the back of the floor with nothing but shelves and books) and closed the door. When I woke up I went into the back room. It was ICE COLD. So cold I felt it immediately through my socks, and it was the middle of like July and hot outside. It was the only room upstairs that felt like that. I freaked out and called one of my sisters in hysterics.

There are more with similar occurences but none in recent years.
Personal Paranormal Stories
Jul 30, 2017 18:39:15





Oh a bunch of things.
When I was very very young we used to go to a cottage by a lake. There was this island in the middle of the lake that we used to canoe too. One day I specifically remember drowning out there, I fell into the water because I saw someone underneath waving to me. I "woke up" back at the cottage and when I told my mom she said we didn't go to the island all day because it was raining.

I moved into this apparently haunted house back when I was 13 and suffered from a bunch of nightmares there. One in particular was about a jester, living in the basement. So I asked my parents, can you put a swing in the basement? I used to go down there a lot to play and my parents told me they used to hear me talking to someone all the time but no one was there. Also, we found an old costume in one of the boxes left behind. It was an old jester costume. The full half and half colour, crowned neck and bells.

Also from that house, once we moved out of it (8 years later) I had a dream about two...things walking around outside the house. A bunch of hands were crawling out the window as well, but every time a hand got too close to full reaching, the things (human like shape but felt very non human) would hit them back inside. In the dream I was standing on the road watching it happening and once I stepped onto the actual house lot, both things turned to stare at me and then started to run towards me. Oddly enough, I saw a reflection in the window of the house while running away, it was jester. He was there and I guess did something because the two things turned and forgot about me, running back to the house.

I also had a fever a couple years ago that made me disassociate really badly. All I can remember is sitting cross legged on my bed and the room went total dark, then got extremely hot and even though I could see nothing, I felt as if something was standing right in front of me. You know when instinct kicks in? Mine told me DONT LOOK so I shut my eyes and waited. When I finally felt safe I opened my eyes and I was still sitting cross legged on my bed, but five hours passed.

There's one that's really personal as well so if you're interested just send a pm and I'll tell you it.
Personal Paranormal Stories
Aug 05, 2017 08:37:10





I have a lot of stories, but I'll just post some highlights.
  • When my great grandmother (now 93 years old, we'll call her Lucille) bought her house with her late husband, the house was already about 20 years old. She bought it when she was in her twenties, so the house is almost 100 years old at this point. The house was sold to her in a state of massive disrepair, almost nothing was up to code at the time - no plumbing, no gas, no electricity. The previous owners were pretty much broke after the great depression.

    (It's a tiny house, situated on a slope. The basement is half-underground underneath the building and not connected to the house, it can only be accessed by going out the back door and down some stairs or walking around from the front door. The interior of the basement is solid concrete with a dirt floor.)

    Long story short, the previous owner of the house.. eh.. "passed away of her own volition" (I'm trying to be tame for the forum) in the basement the day my great grandparents were due to move into the house. She was a sad, angry soul who refused to part with the house she and her husband, who she was separating from, built.

    All of that said, that basement has a borderline sickeningly oppressive atmosphere. I will never, ever go into that basement. The presence of that woman is hateful. I have tried to gently help her leave, and I've tried to force her out with sage and with the help of my own goddess. My mother, an ordained minister, wasn't even able to get her out. She's never giving that house up. She's not aggressive, she's perfectly happy to squat in peace (if radiating hate can qualify as "in peace"), but she's not leaving.

    I don't think she's a demon, as much as it sounds like it. There's no portal in there.
  • Another example is a woman inhabiting the house my mom moved into when she finally got married a couple years back. I lived with her until I moved back into my grandparents' house, sharing a room with my stepsister, who I got along really well with.

    She has a lot better energy than the woman in Lucille's basement. Mom and Dad have lived with her since 2014 now and she doesn't bother them at all, she was a lot more active when us kids were living there. She manifested a lot when I was living there - she's very tall, wears a wide-brim hat. Usually my mother and I would see her out of the corner of our eyes but I did manage to catch her square in my field of vision at one point. She seems kind, but our old dog Memphis certainly didn't like her.

    She likes to play jokes. Sometimes she'll push doors open while I'm trying to change or fiddle with the dimmer on the dining room light. On a couple occasions she's touched my bare toes while I was trying to sleep (I'm tall and a wild sleeper so I'm rarely fully covered while I'm sleeping).
  • Finally, before my mom and stepdad got married, they lived together in a pair of small mobile homes on a weedy property for about 6 months before he had to move in with his parents for a while.This was 2 years before they married. Don't get me wrong, he's not a bum. He'd been laid off from his management job and was looking for work.

    Anyway, while they were living on the property with the trailer, it wasn't so much the property itself that was haunted. According to the medium we spoke to, a woman from my father's past life had attached herself to him. (I'm skeptical of mediums, especially this story, and dad is skeptical of this entire situation, but that's all the information I have).

    Whatever she was, she was h a t e f u l. She was determined to chase my mother and I away from dad. I'll tell you about my personal experience and an experience I had while I was with my mother in the building.

    The first encounter I had was when I was trying to sleep, on the couch in the living room over by the fireplace. I was suddenly overwhelmed with a dreadful feeling. I could hear someone walking in the kitchen first, heavy feet, kind of like boots. Mom always wore sneakers and dad had work boots, but it was the middle of the night in a cold house, so both of them were wearing wool socks and had no reason to put their shoes on.

    At this point, I'm almost in tears, blanket over my head like that's going to do anything, eyes shut. Keep in mind I'm a tween at this time. The footsteps stop and a few seconds later I hear this awful hissing noise in my ear (which I'm pretty sure was meant to be words?), and that's enough, I screamed for my mother as loud as I could with my throat all rough from pre-panic sobs. My mom came running and I slept in the master bedroom, on a recliner since mom and dad could barely fit on the master bed to begin with.

    The other time and the final straw was when she went after my mother and I. I mentioned that there were two small mobile homes - one was used mostly for storage, but there was a small bedroom in the back of that building that had a water bed in it. This was a heck of a cool thing to me and nostalgic for mom, so we would sit on the water bed in the spare building sometimes and chat.

    We were having a nice chat, laughing about something one of her coworkers said when all of the sudden my mom just froze. She was in the middle of a laugh, and it just disappeared out of nowhere. The whole room went cold and she just started sobbing and she couldn't tell me why. She wasn't possessed, but the foul, hateful essence of that woman managed to get to her somehow. After that we teamed up to cleanse the entire property and my dad, and we didn't hear from her after that. We managed to sell the property.
  • This last one is more of a note than a story. I'm wiccan, but I also subscribe to some of the neo-pagan beliefs even if I don't actively practice or worship anyone in their pantheon. The small altar in my bedroom is dedicated to the wiccan goddess, and occasionally the holly/oak god on certain holidays.

    Because my altar is so nonspecific (my attitude being "whoever wants to come hang out, it's fine, just don't cause problems"), it's basically a big invitation for whatever spirit wants to squat there. The idea is that if any god or goddess wants to reach out to me, they can. At the moment, I'm entirely convinced that a woman named Karen is hanging out there and pokes her head in every once in a while, treating it like an open window through which the nosy neighbor will sometimes try to talk to you through.

    Occasionally I'll try to talk to her or meditate so she can reach out to me more effectively. The problem is, she refuses to actually do so. She just hangs out. Once in a while I'll feel eyes on the back of my head and I'll have to make a power move so I can go to sleep. She'll leave me alone if I put something in the goblet I use for an offering bowl but she's not really aggressive, she just has kind of an ornery demanding attitude about her. We coexist.

    Annnnnnnd that was a heck of a long post. I apologize ;;;ov o
    Also these aren't in chronological order, I just typed them up as I recalled them. It's weird to me that they all happen to be female entities? Kudos to you if you got through that whole thing.
Personal Paranormal Stories
Aug 05, 2017 10:53:47





i personally do not have a story (and i hope i never do >_> i'm super paranoid) but i will say that when i was reading these, one of the bedroom doors slammed shut. just the wind, luckily, but it scared the sh*t out of me.
Personal Paranormal Stories
Aug 05, 2017 12:27:28





Ahh, I love talking about paranormal stuff. Yep, I've had a few odd experiences. Just gonna write about one for now, but I might come back later!

Earliest "paranormal" experience I had that I can clearly remember was when I was 12/13. I put paranormal in quotes because it might've just been my overactive imagination. Anyway, at the time I lived in Canada - pretty far north, too - and it was around late autumn so it got dark early. That didn't really bother me, though. I used to go out and walk my dog even when it was pitch black out. My dog was a rottweiler. Having a dog like that... well, you don't end up scared of much. Even though he was a big softy.

One time when I was feeling particularly brave (read: stupid) I thought it'd be fun to take him on a walk through the forest. Being Canada, those forests were home to bears, moose and wolves to name a few, and I didn't even bring a light, or a phone, or anything- but that didn't faze me. I'd walked the trail enough to navigate it in the dark, and I didn't even end up tripping. That forest was like home to me. It didn't scare me at all.

But over the few days before I'd decided to do that, I'd had these weird recurring dreams about this freakish black monster, like a dog with glowing, pupil-less yellow eyes. I hadn't thought much of it, until, walking through that dark forest, I started to see movement out of the corners of my eyes in the very dim light. I kept looking around to see what it was, but there was nothing there. So I walked a bit faster.

Got out of the forest with no further incidents, but when I was walking down those rural town roads to get home, I saw something huge and black dart in front of a car. I clearly saw its' silhouette, like a jet black dog the size of a pony. The car driver didn't react, so I figured it was my imagination and kept walking.

A few minutes later, I clearly heard a strange sound almost like laughter, but not human laughter. More like a hyena. I, again, looked around trying to figure out where it was coming from. Couldn't see anything.

So I walked a little faster. I was finally starting to feel a bit frightened. My dog was acting a bit on edge too now - he probably realised I was scared.

Then, I reached the corner that led to my house, and I started to relax a bit. That was, until my dog started growling. And not at me, or anything I could see - but, rather, at an area that was entirely dark, beneath someone's decking. My dog never growled like that unless there was a serious threat. I couldn't see anything, but my dog was staring at this one spot with his hackles up, doing his full-on rottweiler growl.

And... well, I ran. Dragged my dog along with me. Got home intact but thoroughly shaken up, and too embarrassed to tell any of my family what had scared me. I went up to my room, curled up in my bed and didn't leave until morning.

But that wasn't the end of it. After that, I decided to start walking my dog while it was still light out - but I'd still walk through the forest, because I loved it. But for the few days after that particular night, I kept seeing some big, black thing in my peripheral vision, and there was never anything there.

About two days after the "incident", I was walking along an abandoned railway that cut through the forest, and I had this weird, vivid, split-second vision of a huge black dog standing in my path, eating my own corpse. No joke. It looked so real, too. After that, I gave the forest walks a break for a while.

So. Psychological explanation? I was stressed and under a lot of pressure at the time. Stress does weird things to you, especially when you're a kid with an active imagination.

But... well, a few years after the fact I decided to do a little digging, and the whole incident matches up perfectly with the lore surrounding a particular type of fae known as a phooka. They're said to appear as jet black animals with glowing yellow eyes, and typically take the form of goats, rabbits, horses and- yep, dogs. They're seen as being tricksters with an often cruel sense of humour, but not really malevolent (and considering that whole encounter had no effect besides scaring the **** out of me... well, that doesn't exactly seem malevolent to me).

Make of that what you will.
Personal Paranormal Stories
Aug 05, 2017 12:49:09





Well, I don't believe in ghosts, but sometimes in my house, I feel like something is watching me. And you know how you can sometimes just... feel that someone is standing/walking behind you? I get that feeling sometimes, but when I look, nothing is there. I'll hear a creak in the floor, the kind that happens when someone is walking, or I'll just feel someone behind me, when nobody is there.

The scariest thing that has happened though? Once when I was in bed, my hand was hanging off the bed. And then something was thrown at it. I couldn't find what it was though. You know the candy called nerds? It sounded kinda like a box of those was thrown at my hand, but it felt more like cloth. I did have a fan on though, so that might have blown something toward me. It sounded like it won have been too heavy, though... I wasn't actually that scared when it gappened, I was too tired. But I looked around anyway, shrugged, and went back to bed. It scares me now, though.

This stuff only started happening when I started listening to horror stories on YouTube, so it may just be my imagination when I feel someone behind me. When something was thrown at me, I was mostly asleep, so that may have been a dream. Still creepy though, and it certainly doesn't feel like my imagination or a dream... but maybe it is.