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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:46:15







Attempting to use other dragons for alchemy experiments against their will.... now if that doesn't say "traitor" I don't know what does! Then again, that's our mad scientist Cestrum for ya. He's been hiding his evil intentions for years, ever since a mysterious disease from the Plague flight's reigons overtook him and turned him into a different person than the loving doctor he was before...


Sethriel, one of the clan's leaders within its Counsil, is obsessed with power in his own self-interest but keeps it hidden so that he can maintain a position of power and sway over the dragons. He can get any information he wants out of everyone because he's well-trusted, but if they knew his true nature, they'd kick him out of the clan!


Spectre is a sadistic trickster, and not above hurting others for his own entertainment. Definitely would plan something to damage the entire clan for his own amusement. He reads fortune and twists spells within the clan.
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:46:17







Chrysoberyl was a strong young upstart, well on the path to becoming a warrior as she was growing up. She was the second child and oldest daughter of the Clan leaders of the time, Tourmaline and Dioptase. Chrysoberyl's peridot eyes used to be full of life. She was excited to inherit the Crown and the Motel, until one day her brother went off without warning to join the Windsinger. Chrysoberyl was infuriated, yet she never showed it. She donned her exalted brother's roundhorns in memory of him. The brother who would not come back, no matter how much she pleaded with her parents.

Her anger boiled inside her as she studied her blade. She devised her plan with her mate Padparadscha to take over the Crown, and with the help of many unwitting dragons, executed it well. She quickly turned a small motel into a growing Empire, conquering as many Clans as draconically possible. Her roundhorns became a symbol of conquest in the small area of the Reedcleft Ascent, and with those clans that the upstarting Clan of Chrysoberyl dealt with on a daily basis.



Jormungandr, the resident lesser diety of chaos, and Padparadscha, the Clan scribe and Chrysoberyl's mate were in on it too.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:46:59







Definitely Ferrous. She's a rough and tumble con artist and thief already, and she's very new to the clan -- it's not unreasonable to think she's just there to take her fill of treasure (and some clan secrets) and run!
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:50:16







It could possibly be Dreamnight. He's always wanted to lead his own clan, even if it means killing to get his way.


It cloud be Jackel. I don't know why. he's just suspiciously quiet 24/7


Or, it could be Fear itself. always ready to steal the souls of whoever admits to their terrors.

(It's totally Fear)
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:51:50





Xain, a dragon from appearance, but not from his core. His heart is searing with utter hatred for all of dragonkind, whatever form it may take. It does not matter if it simply is friendly with dragons or may not even be a "true" dragon, to him, it must bleed. Even age is unimportant, it will die at his claw and he will hear it scream.

He gives everything he has to kill as efficiently as possible, only taking time to enjoy his work when time allows. Having enough intellect to be regarded as a genius and enough power to sway minds, he is one of the few dragons that truly understands his limits. He is slow and meticulous, but makes unrelenting progress. All to a goal where dragons will be eradicated and he can finally end his own cursed existence.

He will make a mistake to have him be discovered, he will at one time be stopped and he himself be killed, but, for now, his rampage rages on. If there is any dragon to betray an unknowing gathering of his own kind...

You would do well to guard your dragons where I am concerned,
I may not be able to resist taking them all from you.
They are all mine after all.

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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:52:23
Okay, here are my possible traitors:

Aleron: The Scourge of the Tide
While she was born under the Shadow flight, her breed historically originates from the Fishspine Reef, making her part water dragon despite her shadow birthright. While growing up in the swampy regions of the Wispwillow Grove her interests in trickery and shadow magic interested her, but at the same time her love for the sea inspired her greatly, but that's not considered the traitorous part no, her path led her more to Piracy; crimes of stealing, kidnapping, and not to mention some bloodthirsty deals gone wrong that shouldn't even be mentioned at this time.

Nightspring: Shadow Plague
Not necessarily a "traitor" as some would point, she just happened to develop a deepest interest in Plague knowledge and wanted to join the Plague flight when she's ready, but until that fateful accident one day, it nearly cost her her own life. Still, despite her horrendous figure, she continues to study under the Plaguebringer behind the backs of her clanmates and has no means of betraying her clan with such power... so far at least.

Dante: Doctor of Blood
There is something far more sinister about this Vampire doctor than meets they eye;
no, it's not just the fact that he's recently joined a Vampiric Order of the Shadow flight led by Dracul-- no relation to the nefarious and legendary vampire himself, mind you-- in fact, even beforehand he has a peculiar interest in the Shade... what are his intentions with this fascination? Only time may tell.
Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:54:13







Mar has some... tendencies... that may cause him to do some things in our clan that, well, would make Shadowbinder wince.
Yes, I am really putting him on a theme week thread two times in a row.
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Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:54:49





Could be this suspicious fella, a thief who only cares about gems and will do anything it takes to get them. The clan just knows he goes out for days on end and comes back with lots of gems and gold to support the clan. With so much money they felt like their lair was a safe, brimming with riches. When he arrived one day, an attack followed weeks after, killing off many of the dragons that used to reside in the lair. The clan still grew and prospered after the attack but its still a sore spot.

And a weak point.


Or theres the possibility of the fierce and silent huntress. Lately she seems to be raising a few brows, bringing home more meat than usual when hatchlings seem to mysteriously go missing in the night before. Has she been leading the young hatchlings out and killing them? She always hated when the clan got too big

Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:54:54





Embezzle is a researcher of the Shade, he has been fascinated by it since he was a hatchling, and he has become...strange as of late, aggressive tendencies and lashing out.


Pique is not a shadow dragon, but she is as cunning and tricky as if she had been born from the Shadowbinder herself. She is only interested in coin, no matter how she gets it.

Lore Theme Week: The Traitor
Dec 05, 2017 13:57:21