The rocky northern highlands, guarded by the Earthshaker and his subjects.

Region Information

Zone Element
Reigning God
Indigenous Life
Musk Scrapper, Blue Swimmer Crab
Region Population

The Earthshaker stood alone at the plinth, alone at his altar, a singular figure to match the Pillar he was charged to maintain. Yet not to his task did he watch, for his moist eyes saw only the diminishing shapes of his siblings, gone, on the southern horizon, never to return...


The Shattered Plain
A rocky, barren expanse of skittering stone and parched, packed dirt lined and featured with innumerable cracks. It is amongst the larger rocks that the dragons here choose to roost, away from the shards of dancing stone. The difficult labour required to dig and sustain a lair in the Plain is the worst of the area's challenges, however, making it an ideal training ground for those intending to carve a living in the more dangerous parts of ancient Dragonhome.

Greatwyrm's Breach
The mighty break in the eggshell-shaped mountain range surrounding the Pillar, named for its visual allusion to the hatching of a new-born dragon. It is said that the gorge reaching westward towards the sea housed the first clans, and the intricate series of networked caverns that dot it support this claim. A storied realm for dragonkind, many of the old lairs here are known for their murals and cave-paintings telling of the ancient feats performed by the Elemental Gods in the shaping of the world.

Cairnstone Rest
Once an ancient burial ground, the Cairnstone Rest possesses the richest gem deposits in Dragonhome. Prospectors take care to avoid the imposing obelisks and standing stones, heeding well the warnings left for tomb robbers; however, in the digging of mines and expanding lairs, accidents can happen, and more than one clan has been driven from the area by skeletal wyrms. Creatures and dragons have been drawn to the battleground, calling for more to take arms either to defend their living and dead kin, or cull the intruders before too much harm is done.

The Pillar of the World
The sorrowful, crumbling remains of the final vestiges of peace between the elemental flights. It is this monument alone that towered above the world, acting as the base of a great magical shield whose purpose was to protect the land from the roaming Shade, a devouring plague of darkness. The Earthshaker has existed here for time immemorial, both guarding and mourning the structure that once held his brothers and sisters together.