Sandsurge Dragons

Information regarding the independent Sandsurge dragons.

Sandsurge Dragons


Breeding Cooldown:

  • Insects, Meat

The Sandsurge species originates from the Charged Barrens, where they continue to extend the reach of Stormcatcher's influence by constructing electrical substations to channel lightning's power.

Physical Attributes
Sandsurge are a larger dragon breed with a sleek frame and massive horns. These dragons do not have the wings typical of most breeds, instead sporting a large webbed fan that runs down the length of their body. These membranous fans work to dissipate heat when above-ground, and to attract and harvest lightning strikes when just below. These dragons are competent over rough terrain, and have adapted to using their muscled bodies and tails rapidly burrow in sand and soft earth, appearing to almost swim through the sand.

Possessed of a diligent nature and incredible energy, Sandsurge work well in groups and exult in tasks that employ both their intelligence and athleticism. As such, they were almost immediately tasked with expanding the Lightning Flight's territory by constructing vast labyrinths of underground power lines and substations to bring the might of Tempest Spire to the edges of their territory and beyond.

While they once operated under exacting direction from their deity, they eventually grew dissatisfied taking orders or being managed. They continued their maintenance and expansion of Lightning's infrastructure, but retreated to subterranean lairs where they did not have to directly interact with those who might attempt to alter or mismanage their exacting project goals.

However, working in complete isolation from the surface proved ...difficult. Without regular word of maintenance or the ability to alter the underground infrastructure to the ever-changing projects above-ground, surface-dwelling dragons had this pesky habit of showing in the underground network. To stave off unwanted visitors and their pesky questions, design alterations, and inferior workflow, the illustrious position of PROJECT MANAGER was created. This liaison in the surface operated as a point of contact between the Sandsurge and those who dwelled above. In time, they were forgotten by the surface world, save for the Project Manager and their generations of chosen successors.

Sandsurge lair deep underground, preferring their dwellings to be well below any sand or loose soil and into hard-packed earth and stone. It is an adage among the Sandsurge that being deep below grounds them. While this is not technically true, it is absolutely true that sand makes for a poor tunnel, so "lairs in more solid layers" are beneficial. And yes, that is another Sandsurge adage; they have a treasure trove of them.

Their lairs are immaculately constructed, (if utilitarian) affairs. It's less about the lair itself and more about what's inside, and that's where each Sandsurge's passion may be found; personal projects. The best thing about those projects? No management what-so-ever!

Sandsurge are targets for larger flighted breeds when on the surface of the land: which of course, is why they prefer never to fight there.

A Sandsurge on the hunt or in a battle prefers to lay in wait, just below the surface. Their sensitive fans alert them to the movements above and around them, allowing them the opportunity to land the first strike and drag their opponents down.