Guardian Dragons

Information regarding the protective Guardian breed.

Guardian Dragons


Breeding Cooldown:

  • Meat, Seafood, Insects, Plants

Guardians are immense, protective creatures. The Guardian species originates from Fishspine Reef, though the nature of The Search sees individuals wandering far from the birthplace of their race.

Physical Attributes
Guardian Dragons are one of the largest known dragon species. They have fins along their face, limbs, and chest. These rigid fins are armored, and can be held stiff or collapsed like fans. The fins can be flared outward to help protect the hide of the creature, making Guardians one of the most durable dragons in physical combat. Males of the species boast impressive beards that they go to great lengths to maintain.

Guardians commonly live in small groups, though many prefer complete solitude. When a Guardian becomes an adult, he or she will leave their birth clan and begin a journey that can span decades called The Search. This journey typically marks the last time that the new adult will ever see their original clan.

Dragon's Charge & The Search
When a Guardian dragon comes of age, it instinctively seeks out a charge to protect for the rest of its considerable life. Most Guardians do not know what its charge will be until they encounter it, and so it begins a journey. During this time it will wander tirelessly, seeking a worthy individual, object, or place to stand watch over. Once a Guardian discovers its charge, it begins its new life. It is then considered a true dragon by the rest of their species. A Guardian without a charge is considered only half a dragon.

Guardian dragons see the failure to keep their chosen charge safe as a terrible blight to their honor, and most will pine away rather than live with the shame of their failure.

Guardian dragons require a spacious location in which to carve out their den. Each lair is carved in a shape unique to the Guardian who will live there, the shape of the space owing more to the preferred movement and size of the Guardian and less with visual aesthetics. Guardians create lairs near to their charge. If they are protecting a specific location, this will often mean that they live some distance away from their adoptive clan.

The sheer size of the Guardian species awards them a place on the front lines of any skirmish. They wade into a battle without hesitation, using their tough armored fins and strong wings to protect themselves and the more fragile species that follow in their wake. Adults prefer to fight tooth and claw through most of their lives. As they age and become venerable, their typically small inner reserve of magic begins to grow and flare. Older members of the species use elemental augments to enhance each swing, rip, and thrust in battle.