Elemental Holidays

Information regarding elemental celebrations.

The close of the Third Age coincided with a deterioration of trust and cooperation between the elemental flights, and the gods fell into a deep bitterness for several thousand years. Since that time, however, the children of each have come to accept their places in the new world, even nurturing a growing reverence for their elemental cousins.

About once a month, all dragonkind will come together and celebrate one of the eleven elements for an entire week. Holidays are meant as an armistice time, and conflict is discouraged.

Festive Favors
During an elemental holiday, the Festive Favors shop will be open for business. This shop sells special, one-time-a-year items that are only available for the duration of the holiday. When the holiday has ended, the shop will close until the next month.


The Festive Favors shop deals in holiday currency only, which can be acquired by gathering items in the zone of the element currently being celebrated. Any gathering type (Hunting, Fishing, Insect Catching, Scavenging, and Digging) will produce holiday currency in addition to items you would have received in one gathering attempt. All holiday merchandise sold at the shop can alternately be given away or sold on the auction house, in the event that you are a treasure-hoarder and not a collector!

Holiday-themed merchandise is able to be used by all dragons. This is to encourage other flights to display, celebrate, and revere the element that is active.

After the event concludes each year, many of the holiday items from that year will be entered into Joxar's Spare Inventory and will not be available during future holidays - but new items will be!

Dates and Times
Holidays occur -on average- the last week of every month except December. Each will begin at 06:00 server time each Sunday, and end at 06:00 following Sunday.