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Hatchling dragons cannot wear apparel.



Scene: Unfathomable Odyssey


1.98 m
0.96 m
93.97 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Oct 10, 2019
(4 years)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 1 Guardian
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


xxxx Moonbeam Sardines Moon Jellyfish xxxxx
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"short description here"
"short description here"
xxxxx Moon Jellyfish Dragon Coral

As an egg Sea was lost to Leviathan Trench and was hatched in its depths, but due to the Ancient Primordial magic that lurks in the Trench Sea was forever stunted as a newborn, though he would not discover the changes till later in life.
Now an orphan, Sea was stranded in the trench alone for days before being found by an abyssal maren scout. Luckily the scout realized he had been abandoned and had decided bringing him to the abyssal ocean to The Deep would be his best chance at survival.

Being a Guardian Sea was not exactly welcome in The Deep with open arms... the Undertides were very apprehensive to the thought of a Guardian living among them and shunned Sea, Although a small few Undertides did somewhat accept him and helped raise him on the side. The abyssal marens on the other hand had no problem welcoming Sea into the city and School and were the main caretakers much to the skepticism of the Undertides.

During his time learning he picked up some mischievous habits and loved to playfully mess around with the Undertides and was notorious for swimming around, under, above and all around their fins while zipping by usually catching them by surprise before darting away to avoid a scolding.
Over time he was more and more accepted in The Deep although some still did not agree with his presence he had become a part of The Deep society. As Sea got older and his friends and other classmates grew he did not, he stayed small and slowly started to fall behind, not being able to physically keep up with his underside peers.

His condition became more noticeable and soon caught the attention of the elders, he was brought to them in hopes they could understand his condition. Although some had heard rumours of eternal youth none of the elders were able to provide a solution, The elders did however recognize that this was the work of primordial magic but refused to help further out of fear of the unpredictable magic.
Frustrated Sea realized there was only one place he could go to get an answer, He had to go back to the trench, the place that started it all.
Waiting till the city was still Sea manoeuvred his way through the sleeping city till he reached the edge of the place he called home. As frightening as it was he knew pushing forward was the only way to truly understand the magic that had affected him.

After navigating his way through the abyss he finally made it to the outer rim of the Tidelord's domain, unsure of what he would find in the trench he slowly swam into the mouth of the Leviathan.
Swimming through the towering trench that seemed to ascend to eternity Sea started to feel something, he wasn't sure how to describe it, it was almost as if it swirled around him like the squid in the deep yet there was nothing there that could be seen, the farther he swam into the maw of the rock the stronger that feeling became it now seemed to move with him rather than just around him. It was more than just a current it felt alive, It wasn't mindless either it seemed to guide Sea further into the trench.

Reaching the Heart of the trench the feeling seemed to fully engulf Sea, he wasn't just in the heart of the trench he was in the heart of the Primordial magic, the same magic that had caused his eternal youth.
hearing a whisper Sea looked around snapping his head to the direction of the call, but nothing was there, Then a small rumble that quickly evolved into the trench shaking. was it an earthquake? or something bigger? Sea was terrified but could not go he needed to know why the magic had given him youth, Then as fast as it had started the shaking stopped, and deafening silence followed. Breathing heavily he could only hear the sound of his heart beating in his ear gulping down his fear he called out hoping for an answer that wouldn't be so terrifying... so.. unpredictable...

Out of the corner of his eye a flash! No. a light? yes, it was a light! A beautiful swirl of hypnotic bioluminescent blue light, only a small swirling ball but what was it? Entranced by the light Sea swam towards it, Reaching out his claws fazed through the little ball, but he felt nothing. confused he pulled away trying to think of a reasonable explanation though it seemed fruitless as this was anything but reasonable. lost in his confusion He failed to see the light start to expand. Noticing the trench starting to brighten Sea looked up only to realize how fast the light was expanding. thinking fast he kicked his little legs as fast as he could, but being so small he wasn't fast enough, as the light started to engulf him the trench shook and his vision went white.

He felt... strange... light almost? but he couldn't breathe, snapping his eyes open Sea began gasping for air frantically splashing, taking the deepest breath he could he started to breathe. It was difficult but he managed to catch his breath, shook he looked around where was he? Was he ABOVE the water? spending his life underwater he never realized the ocean had a top... he thought it was endless... A bright twinkle catches his attention, and above him, sparkling white bioluminescence fills the... darkness? He wasn't quite sure what was above him but it was beautiful. staring for a while he hardly noticed the dark water around him start to shimmer, It was a blue light the same that he had seen in the trench.
It swirled around him before the light latched on to his wings and with a bright flash his wings had changed, it was like looking at a mirror his wings now reflected what was above him.

After a time he realized it was time to go home. but he was not the same guardian that had left, No he had a deeper understanding of the Primordial magic, It wasn't a mindless force, it was alive, It couldn't be controlled nor did it need to be, it was what sustained the world including his home.
Sinking back under the water Sea made his way through the trench and farther into the abyss till he reached his home. After being spotted by his peers he was quickly surrounded by those he considered friends and family. They were worried he had been gone for days. Not to mention his wings... and eyes.. Wait eyes? After being basically mauled with love by undertides and marens alike Sea made his way to his den. looking at the reflective shell he realized why they mentioned his eye, It seemed his wings weren't the only things that changed in the trench. Swirling orbs gazed back at Sea, a reminder of the primordial magic that flows through all. Although Sea was changed he was content, he had a family that cared about him differences and all, and maybe that was all he needed.







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