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27.59 m
22.85 m
5644.87 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Mar 20, 2014
(10 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 25 Imperial
Max Level
Irradiated Scratch





Secundus was built to be a Harpy Roost fighter. She hits fast and hard enough to take down her enemies.

Coliseum Leader. List all the builds in her bio + links to those builds along with Colisuem Guides.

Secundus is the Latin word for "second." However, it also had the meaning of "favorable" or "lucky." It functions both as a proper name and a numeral title.

Based off of a guy in Game of Thrones. Season 2, Episode 5. The guy who says he owes Arya and kills for her.

Secundus was always a superb fighter, and one to always repay her debts. Loyalty was a fible thing to her - easy to break, fun to play with. Many Gods were spoken about all around her, but she only served one: The Red Goddess of Bone and Rot, The Plaguebringer. Although she faught so fierce, she was the last born child of Glial and Glioma. The Twins, Lyre and Datura were her parents pride and joy. Secundus looked up to them with great respect, and they looked to her with smiles and warm blood eyes. However, Star was the third born child - a miracle to the clan and with a special place in her parents hearts, Secundus could never beat her, never lure her fathers gaze and never sway her mothers heart. It was during a meteor shower that Star was born, and ever since then Glioma, Secundus' mother, bore her the name Star. Magic soared through Stars veins as if she were a Gods child, and it consumed her. The Twins looked to Star with affection, but never compared to the one they had for Secundus. The parents always smothered Star but the Twins love filled the void Glioma gave her child. The sisters were jealous of eachother, and through that Jealousy would come one of their ends. Secundus wouldn't dare try though. Although she was jealous of her sister for having their mothers heart, she had a soft spot for family. Star though, did not. She bullied Secundus as much as she could and whenever she wanted. Using her magic to leave no trace of rvidence to lead back to her, she would put needles in the cookies, spiders in her shoes, gum in her hair, beetles in her bed! It kept getting worse and worse as the years went on, yet Secundus held back. The Twins knew what was going on, yet what could they do? They were just as powerless as Secundus when dealing with Star...

Until one day, a red witch visited the clan and walked into town. She was covered in fungus and mushrooms, reeked of death and plague. Her eyes were a darker yet more vivid shade of red than the rest of them, and venom spilled from her teeth as she talked. No one knew what she wanted, yet no one dare have the courage to ask. Even Star shut her mouth at the witch's gaze. A crooked smile was revealed from the shadow of her cloaked hood, as she pushed it back off of her head and let it fall. She took graceful yet dead silent steps towards Secundus. "My dear child. May Plaguemother bless you for what is to come." Her voice slithered into everyones ears as her eyes held yours. She touched Secunduses forehead, and Secundus screamed. Her blue tiger stripes and grey spines rotted away. Her skin peeled back and new shades of new skin grew. Purple poison coated her feet and tail yet it faded into a hallow and dark shade of coral scales. Her wings were no longer a sea of blue and they were replaced with shadows of the dead. "Plaguemothers child, never forget these words. Take heed on your journey, may memories make you full. Blood is replaced by blood, yet they do not create iron bonds. May the Red Goddes guide you if the clouds block your way, Young One." The red witch left as soon as she came, with no trace of her existence. The pain never faded the whole time she spoke, and only carved themselves deeper into her soul. So deep that runes shined with the words then faded like they were never there. As soon as she was gone everyone except Star crowded around Secundus.

Whispers traveled to every ear they could reach, and the parents of Secundus only glanced her way but not long before returning their gaze to their first born daughter. A dragon of high class, high ranked mana, and the admiration of every soul she met.

The only ones who cared for her after that were the Twins. They made sure Secundus stayed down after the horrid transformation, giving her everything she needed for comfort. Star wanted the Twins to look her way too. She wanted the brotherly love she saw. She wanted it so bdly, yet Secundus had to take it from her like the little ***** she is. A week after the Witches Visit, Star secretely went to her chambers to have a chat with Secundus in the night. "You know why Mother and Father named you Secundus, little sister?" The vile voice masked by wretched charm and sisterly sweet love could fool anyone who didn't truly know the beast. Her heart quickened with caution and fear, as she looked for a weapon of any kind to defend herself. "Secundus means the roman numeral for second. It also means to be lucky or favorable. When you were just a hatchling, you were the tiniest out of us all. The weakest. When the plague infected you as it has had us all, it almost took you like it took poor little Mickey...too bad it didn't." Star stepped closer to Secundus, yet everything was screaming at Secundus to run and fight and kill. She was panicking as a monster crept towards her, masking it's face and hands with the skin of her sister. "That is why you are called Secundus. You were lucky, the odds were in your favor, yet you were the second daughter to be born of pure plague blood. It isn't fair you keep my brothers away from me. They used to love me almost as much as they love you but then as soon as you were born..." She snapped her fingers, a rage blazed in her eyes as she kept getting closer, almost to her bed side yet now the moonlight mad eher figure clear. "It was love at first sight. They spoiled you and taught you as they would teach their own blood. They never paid any attention to me, and now they won't even touch me because of you!" She thrusted her body frward, pinning Secundus to the bed with her magic and no matter how much Secundus tried to break free, it wouldn't work. "I want you dead, Secundus."

"I have wanted you dead ever since the day you were born and I have desired it more than anything I have or ever will desire in this world. I will have your heart for supper, to keep my youth for a long while, and then I wil ripp of your head and mount it on my wall!" She crafted a knife with he magic and held it so firmly and fiercely within her grasp that her knuckles ran white and bare. Just as she thrust the knife into Secunduses chest, the doors burst open and the knife shattered before it could reach its target. Star looked to two dragons standing in the hallway, and growled in their presence. "How dare you?"

"How dare we? HOW DARE YOU!" One of the Twins, Lyre, shook with rage. "You are the third born of the Pure Plagues, and the First Born daughter of our parents. You sin against the rules of our clan? You betray your OWN BLOOD?" His voice boomed with unamounted measure of rage as the walls shook in fear. Star giggled. "So what? I have more power than you can imagine." She got up and faced her brothers, as spheres of purple shadow dust floated above the palms of her hands. Datura, the other twin, then held out a stone, carved with runes and gems of Ancient Knowledge. Stars face then turned dark. "Not as long as we have this. The Devils Egg. It can nullify any magic and cancel any spells within 500 feet. All the yielder has to do is look at theCaster." He remarked rsther smugly. Star screeched like a mad man, and chanted spells again and again, trying with all her might to kill the two standing in her way. Yet the stone did what it was created to do, and blocked, canceled, nullified every one. Lyre then punched Star and pushe her to the ground. Datura held the stone, looked at Secundus and the spell that bound her was released. "You will hurt our sister no more, Star." The Twins words synched perfectly. Secundus looked over, and bore into the gaze of a monster she shared blood with, a monster she once called family. "You are no longer my sister. Although we are blood, the iron bond was not made between us. You will hurt me no more." All three dug a knife into her heart, so they could all shoulder the weight of killing on of their own.

After that they fled, but before fleeing, Secundus snuck into Stars room and rummaged through hr journals. Something didn't seem right when she talked about thr death of the youngest son, Mickey. Turns out, when he was still a hatchling, the plague did in fact hit him, but he showed signs of having powers just like Star. Fearing he would take away her spot light, she gave him poison to make sure the plague would tske his life. "You steal a life from the Red Goddess, now it was time to give a life back." Secundus left flowers at her brothers grave, and left the journal entry for her parents to find. She said goodbye to her brothers but they promise they would meet again someday.


She serves the Plaguemother in gratitude for giving her the power, and owes the Tidelord for preserving her old form.
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