Flight Rising is not currently open for player registration.

In order to facilitate Flight Rising's rapid community growth and maintain a smooth experience for all, it has been necessary for us to limit player registration to defined windows. This ensures that we still allow our community to grow, but at a rate that is healthy for server stability.

While we are not currently accepting registrations right now, don't worry:

Flight Rising opens for new players for one whole week starting on the 2nd Sunday of each month. This is what we call our Welcome Week campaign! This allows prospective new players to plan accordingly!

Our next Welcome Week will run:
Sunday, February 11
02:00 Server Time [?]
Sunday, February 18
02:00 Server Time [?]

While you are waiting, we recommend the following:

  • Sign up for a GMail account. We've found that sometimes our registration e-mails may not be received by certain providers, so we recommend a service like GMail, which has been notably reliable for Flight Rising registrants.
  • Follow our social media pages. Keep updated on our content releases and registration window announcements by following our social media pages listed below. When we are ready to accept new players, you'll definitely hear about it.
  • Browse our community forums. Get to know our community before you jump into the fun. Flight Rising boasts a passionate and helpful player base, and many will be eager to share their experiences and knowledge with you.
  • Play around with our Scrying Workshop. Our Predict Morphology tool is a great way to preview dragon breed, gene, and color combinations before you start your own lair. What will you choose to work towards?

See you soon!