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General Update!
(Belated Happy Anniversary to the Shop!)


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1. New Stone Items!
I have re-organized the preview sheets to separate all rounded/polished stones and faceted/crystal stones into groups. A number of fancy Agates have been added (and prehnite), and Trilobite Fossils in both the brown clay shown in the item tooltip, and a white clay variant. The Quartz crystals have also been upgraded with new art.


1x large Agate = 5x Agate item
3x small/medium Agate = 10x Agate item

2-3x Foo's Eye/Prehnite = 10x Associated item
1-2x Banded Olivine/Banded Ironstone = 10x Associated item


Brown Trilobite Fossil = 10xTrilobite Fossil
White Trilobite Fossil = 10xWhite Pawn
(Note: single orders default to ONE large fossil or TWO small fossils, depending on space. Double order typically one large and one small.)

2. New BONE Items!
As an overdue Plague-themed items, I've drawn a variety of tusks inspired by the Wyrmwound. Also adding some more bone pieces: the ribcages and legbones from some unfortunate small mammals, in plain or blackened variants. Bird and rodent skulls will default to the plain variety, but can be switched for blackened versions on request. The legbones can also totally be used to make some simple truss structures, for an additional fee (similar to the stone towers).


1 Large Tusk = 5x Associated Tusk item
2x Small Tusk = 5x Associated Tusk item
Set of 5 Tusks (range of sizes) = 15x Associated Tusk item

1 Large Ribcage = 10x Associated ribcage item
2-3 Small Ribcage/Spine Pieces = 20x Associated ribcage item

4-5 Scattered Legbones = 10x Associated legbone item

Bone Structure = 5k treasure + 10x Associated legbone/ribcage item

3. "Dragonmade" items
I've made this new category to start adding metalwork, carvings, and other clearly manufactured items. The Fertility Statues have been updated with alternate colours to match the different clay substrates, and a Stone Fertility Statue to match the brownish stone piles. Copper Spires are the same, but can now be modified with wrapped cables. The cables can also be ordered in piles as a separate item.


1xLarge Copper Spire = 1x any simple copper jewelry
2xSmall Copper Spires = 1x any simple copper jewelry
All 4 Spires = 2x any simple copper jewelry
Note: Future plan to use the spires with lightning effect, NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.

Copper spires ordered separately, but each order of wire coil or extra wires includes automatic wire wrapping for one spire (large or small).
Wire Coil = 10x Laser item
Extra Loose Wires = 5x Laser item + 2.5k treasure

Clay Fertility Statue = 10x associated statue
Stone Fertility Statue = 10x associated statue
Fertility statues can be placed inside or outside of planter.
Alternate colours available for White/Red Clay or Brown Stone.

4. Snow and Wind Effects!
Snow has been long requested, but my previous method of custom designing snow drifts for every order was very slow and inconsistent in quality. Instead I have drawn up a standard Snow Covering for every type of Winter bonsai (with a few exceptions, noted below), and a variety of useful shapes that can be mix'n'matched similar to the moss coverings and sand piles. Prices to add snow to the larger bonsai planter are subject to be adjusted or guidelines clarified (ask about anything that seems confusing!)

I've also tentatively added the Windblown effect for a number of bonsai with leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. (also listed below). It may be slow going at first depending on the tree ordered because I've only separated out sprite sheets for half of them, but on the other hand, I'll have more incentive to work on them when an order is made. I probably won't add any new bonsai to the shop until I've finished spriting all of the leaves for the existing bonsai!


Snow Coating
  • Cost of any bonsai trees paid separately
  • Bonsai snow coating is available for all WINTER bonsai with two exceptions: Potash Peach, Tortoiseshell Bamboo
  • The following SPECIAL bonsai also have snow coatings: Spring Wisp Fruit, Daytime Starwood Birch, Shadow Pine & Redwood
  • Snow coatings also prepared for Tundra Cacti, Rose Bushes, & Stone Piles
  • Note that entire planter does not need to be covered with snow. i.e. Can pay a 300px price to cover 60% of a 500px planter. Either coverage will be lighter or concentrated to one side.

1 Bonsai + 100 pixel width planter = 1x Above Familiar (or any Ice element familiar)
Each additional 100px = 5k treasure
Each additional snow coated bonsai = 1k treasure

  • Spring: Apple Blossoms, Wisp/Potash Peach Blossoms
  • Summer: Maple Leaves, Oak Leaves, Birch Leaves, Willow Leaves, Bamboo Leaves
  • Autumn: Maple Leaves, Oak Leaves & Acorns, Birch Leaves, Willow Leaves, Bamboo Leaves, Apple Tree Leaves & Apples
  • Special: Starwood Birch

1x Bonsai = 1x Above familiar (or any Wind element familiar)
Each Additional Bonsai = 5k treasure
(Note: Can be ordered with any planter size or type from 100px to 500px)

5. Updated Previews
Firstly, I've added boxes around all of the preview arrangements to better illustrate the 94 pixel limit on vertical height on the orders. I feel like this is one of those things I should have done a long time ago to help visualize how much space there is; some of the bonsai are scraping the top on an ordinary flat planter. There's not enough room to move higher for the taller pot arrangements, so I often need to cover a lot of the lower trunk so that they'll fit.


Secondly, I've redone all of the creature previews to group them into categories of Bird, Mammal, Reptile/Amphibian and Insect, for easier apples-to-apples comparisons. I've left a few spaces for future sprite updates, so hopefully I can update them quickly and won't need to redo them for a couple of months yet!


6. Yearly Retrospective
(i.e. since November 12, 2015)
428 new orders have been dropped off in the last year alone,
for a total of 1060 over the shop lifetime.

Including this update, the following new items have been added in the past year:
  • 2 Bonsai
  • 4 Creatures
  • 7 Plants
  • 17 Decoration

Snow and Wind Special Effects have transitioned to being permanently on offer.

Also, the beginning of two new Affiliate shops by Kuroida and Tunesmith have greatly helped to spread the joy of bonsai across the site! Though they're taking hiatuses at the moment (exams being understandably more important), I'd encourage people to take a browse through their shops linked above for the lovely work they've been doing!

I've also updated my ETA's on the creatures and plants that have been sitting on my to-do lists since July. As much as I'd like to get a jump on Light and Shadow themed items (which will go under the "Dragonmade" category), I should probably get the promised items finished first. On the other hand, holiday season is approaching so I wouldn't count on getting anything new done at least until January.
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@miirshroom May I please be added to all pinglists?
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Dec 01, 2016 05:31:43





uuuh new stuff! so need to get more of these but haven't had the time to try get the necessary items *_* (nor even design them)
FR +10
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Dec 01, 2016 08:16:26





Have i mentioned yet that I love you? Cause i do
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Oooo, I'd been considering a couple new bonsai for new dragons and some of these new items/effects are exactly what I'd been hoping for!

Also, another shout out to the affiliates: I did a mass order of like 6 bonsai a couple months back and I was able to split them up between the artists who could best tackle my ideas so I didn't overwhelm just one. They all came out great! The affiliate shops are totally worth ordering from once they're open again.



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Oooh I need one xD

Bonsai (season): Paper Birch: Starwood Night (windblown)
Planter Type (&Configuration): Type 1, 500px
Planter and/or Substrate Colours: Blue Quartz
Plants: Madame Snapdragon x1
Creatures: Flecked Bushrunner x1, Crow x1
Decorations: Crystal Quartz x2, Blue Quartz x2, Stone Fertility Statue x2
Placement Directions: N/A

I... Think I did it right? C:
  • My username is Phoenixofwar, not Pheonixofwar. Please copy and paste!
  • I'm a she/her
  • Planning to set up an art shop in the future...
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@Phoenixofwar Yep, looks good. Added to queue!

@PKRS Added!

@RiztheHuntress =^_^=

@Cyrya aha, yeah there are getting to be lots of options. I'd like to do a treasure/alternate payment based event where I take theme or 2-3 item requests and run with them like the affiliate shops, but I worry that it'll be a time commitment I just cant make now. Someday...

@Renessa47 Neat idea! They all turned out nice in their own ways; I really like what Kuroida and Tunesmith did with the glowing Wisp fruit and the pastel planter, respectively.
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Dec 02, 2016 10:12:28





@miirshroom if you don't think you can do it I would say you should do it later : 3
FR +10
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Dec 02, 2016 13:20:44






I'd love one of these with snow please:

Bonsai (season): Trident Maple, winter x 1 (with snow coating)
Planter Type (& Configuration): Clay pot Type 3
Planter and/or Substrate colours: Blue pot (and white clay substrate if needed)
Plants: Bluelipped Thresh
Creatures: Leucistic Crow
Decorations: Water runestone
Placement Directions: Could the runestone be on a pot please, not by the side, unless it looks unbalanced.
I'm not sure if substrate is needed as well as snow, but if so I'd like the white clay please.
I'm happy to pay for extra snow if more is needed for this pot size.

I think this may be what I need to pay, but I expect I'll have got something wrong as I haven't ordered before, so please do put me right!

For tree: 15 Maple seeds
For pot: 5000t + 1 Blue Sludge + 5 Cobalt Ore
Substrate: 1000t
10 Bluelipped Thresh
10 Leucistic crows
For runestone: 5000t
For snow: Familiar x 1

Could you also add me to your general and special event pinglists please?
Thank you very much!

tumblr_oxxbc0ygft1v9fmlwo2_r1_250.png XXXXXXXXXXXXXXtumblr_oxxbc0ygft1v9fmlwo3_r1_250.png
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Special Event
Start: Now
End: 21:00 site time on Saturday December 3rd

@Orru @jastoz @heavenlyEarth @JCStitches @BeingOfNature @Nightmare222 @Winged0 @Timeweaver @Kitiara @Kuroida @stormyhearted @Elwine @lome @sgkat @Apothecaria @beckyh2112 @dualscepters @Abyssaurus @Electric @Renessa47 @Jazz @Lutielle @nijuku @Ponythekidrs @skyarising @quartzpuppy @RayFisch @Snowcat11 @pigeonfluff @Beele @Hawkfeather @dergon @Angii @Cyrya @RiztheHuntress @Ambitious @RogueHazel @Novetteus @tahwarts @panopticon @Seagold3733 @Exaltier @Houtori @jbapple @Parda @kaeldra @ShouLyon @Elaendorlien @TheAlchemist @pooses @PKRS @Nemalu

For just tonight and tomorrow I'm taking event orders, paid in treasure.
Gem ratio = 1:870
Geode ratio = 1:600 (but can only cover up to 50% of order cost)
Maximum 2 per person: Recommended 1 for self and 1 for gift!*
*Half the cost if the 2nd goes to another player, or full cost if you use the 2nd for yourself

The format is borrowed from Tunesmith's shop: you pay the treasure amount based on planter size (only 100px to 200px available), list up to 3 items you want (either in specific or general), and note any other comments and I'll make something semi-custom from that while adding on other items that I think would be suitable.

How to order
1. Check the 4 Planter Dishes below to select the size and type of planter
2. Check the Planter Dishes, Bonsai Trees, and Flora, Fauna, and Decorations posts to decide on your choices for your bonsai, which can include:
- Animals, Plants, or Decorations to include
- Dish/Pot colour(s)
- Pot configuration
- Substrate
- Snow Cover or Windblown effects
3. Note any additional preferences you have for your bonsai, if you wish:
- Colours, Themes, or Dragons you'd like your bonsai to be based on
- Density (sparse or crowded)
- relative abundances of item types (Eg, "No animals", "Many trees")
- or just small requests ("make the mice I chose look like they're kissing!")
4. Post Order Form in this thread and send a Private Message with the required treasure amounts attached.

Planter Dishes
Type 1: Basic Ceramic
100px: 20k
150px: 25k
200px: 30k

Type 2: Clay and Metallic Pot Sets
Single Configuration: 30k
(i.e. either 150px. or 200px width)

Order Form
@miirshroom [b]Username[/b]: [b]Bonsai size[/b]: (100px, 150px, 200px) [b]Planter Type[/b]: (Type 1/Type 2) [b]Choices[/b]: (maximum 3) [b]Notes[/b]: (optional)