Sunbeam Ruins
The ancient seaside empire, illuminated the Lightweaver and her children.

Region Information

Zone Element
Reigning God
Indigenous Life
Abyss Vulture, Ashfall Bat
Region Population

It is in the mysterious voided empires and monuments of this sun-specked land that the Lightweaver and her children have made their homes. These structures, which have existed since before dragonkind, are still the subject of study for many fascinated archaeologists and scholars. Crumbling ruins are all that visibly remain of the world that came before.


Sundial Terrace
Little is known about the original architects of the giant sundial, but many continue to study feverishly to understand its origins. Each summer, on the longest day of the year, dragons from all over the world gather around the monument and etch the outline of its giant shadow into the stone floors of the terrace, an activity that has been practiced since before the Light dragons ever settled.

Mirrorlight Promenade
A massive, decorative expanse of ancient architecture, angled to perfectly line up with the rising and setting of the sun. Hundreds of crumbling pillars exist as totems to families and clans that call this platform home. Adolescent dragons practice taking flight and landing along its narrow walkways, and hatchlings play in its many crevices and on its majestic stairwells.

The Hewn City
A ruined, skeletal landscape of shattered structures, gripped by a shade that boggles even the Light dragonflight's most studious archaeologists. In this broken city lay secrets that are too mysterious to unearth, and even the bravest dragons are given pause when approaching its haunted outskirts.

The Beacon of the Radiant Eye
A crumbled, but welcoming tower that resides on the eastern seaboard. From this cliff, the Lightweaver watches and waits for any dragon that may be making a trip across the sea. It is an important vantage point; she can survey the golden rolling hills speckled with ruins and redwoods, and see everywhere the light touches.