Fae Dragons

Information relating to the delicate Fae dragon species.

Fae Dragons


Breeding Cooldown:

  • Insects

Fae dragons are diminutive, highly active creatures. Their massive colonies boast populations that number in the tens of thousands. The Fae species originates from the Starwood Strand, but their rapid population growth has many colonies straying from their native homeland.

Physical Attributes
Fae Dragons are the smallest known dragon species, with larger individuals weighing up to 3kg. These tiny creatures have large wings and expressive crests that are used in communicating emotion and tone. Fae dragons have difficulty travelling long distances if there's not a constant source of insects available. As such, inter-domain journeys are massive undertakings.

Fae dragons are social creatures within their own species. When interacting with other breeds they frequently have difficulty understanding emotion, as the lack of an expressive crest cripples the Fae's ability to read the other dragon's intent. Equally, other species have difficulty reading the Fae; the tiny dragons maintain a monotone when speaking and do not exhibit common body language.

Fae dragons spin their roosts from tree sap that they cure with magic to become a beautiful golden amber. Their colonies are built on the sides of sheer cliffs or the trunks of massive trees, far out of the reach of other predators. Older colonies will often meet catastrophic ends, when the weight of too many dens takes the cliff side or tree down.

When Fae dragons join with a mixed species clan, they will attempt to make a place for themselves in the larger dens. They carry as much tree sap with them as possible and spin their roost, weaving it into the inner walls of the shared den.

Fae dragons fight their battles almost exclusively with magic and the inborn elemental powers of their flight. They work to turn their size to their advantage; a favored tactic of this species is to hide and rain down elemental destruction from a distance. To fight a Fae in a battlefield of its choosing is a poor choice, one its enemies will not have the opportunity to make twice.

Fae are particularly sensitive to the magic of the world around them. While all dragonkind has the ability to harness internal and external magic, Fae dragons are known for their adeptness at channeling the lines of magic that crisscross the world. They frequently use the magic of the environment to supplement their own natural reserves. Fae dragons fighting on magically or elementally charged terrain will have a nearly infinite supply of energy to channel into their destructive spells. A Fae that battles in a land charged with opposing elemental energy and no lines of unaligned magic will have only its natural reserves to draw upon, and will have to choose the spells it casts with care; the Fae have smaller internal reserves of magic than most species.