Aether Dragons

Information regarding the stellar Aether dragon species.

Aether Dragons


Breeding Cooldown:

  • Plants, Insects

Aether dragons have descended from the stars... or as close to them as they could manage! The Astrolab research facility was levitated as high as the species could manage in efforts to get a better view of celestial bodies for their studies. This extreme levitation had the unfortunate side effect of sending facility into orbit with no way to return. It wasn't a complete catastrophe, as being in orbit gave the Aether a fantastic view of the stars! That is, until their main telescope detached and floated away and several others malfunctioned... It's okay: they're back now, even if the Astrolab is in pieces!

Physical Attributes
The Aether are a medium sized breed with moth-like wings and a thick, fluffy body. They have four front limbs, two hind limbs, and a pair of enormous eyes that afford them a 230 degree field of vision. These dragons are born with a soft coat of velvet and a thick tail. The tail reserves are absorbed as the dragon grows to maturity, leaving behind a whip-like appendage that acts as an extension of an Aether's emotions and energy.

These dragons love the idea of research, experiments, and books. Their love of books is more extensive than most dragons who merely read them, as Aethers also have the peculiar habit of also consuming them. It is said that their love of paper lead the Arcanist to suggest an excursion to more closely study the stars—likely saving his library in the process!

Aether are among the first ancients to regularly nest outside of their creator's element. Their orbit around Sornieth carried Aether nests over a range of elemental territories and each clutch hatched over foreign lands took on the respective elemental energies. It is not uncommon for members of the same Aether family to embody different elements depending upon the time and location in which they hatched. A society of diverse magic, far removed from the politics of Sornieth, have made this breed among the most cooperative and empathetic of dragons.

Aether dragons thrive in dark, enclosed spaces. They are happiest in lairs that have a bevy of connected rooms to customize to their personal needs. The one item on any Aether's must-have list for a lair is a large storage area in which to house the many collectables, heirlooms, abandoned research projects, and partially-eaten books they are fond of hoarding.

Giving mundane items within the lair elaborate names is a favorite pastime. Why have an "entrance" when one could have a "environmental delineating threshhold" or a "spatula" when one can have a "nutrient rotation device"?

Aether dragons avoid fighting alone and prefer to engage in combat only alongside their crew. Most crews consist of no less than three different captains and twelve first officers. This can lead to a chaotic melee of unhinged tactics and shouted orders that can leave opposing forces as confused as the Aethers themselves. Somehow they always seem to persevere, except the ones who don't.