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This is a wishlist thread for me to record my hopes and goals for the future. [quote=Impossible Goals][center] [quote=Foolish Newbie Mistakes][Item=Light Sprite][Item=sunchaser jewelry][/quote] [quote=Zenith, Clan Matron]Need Lightning Eggs [item=unhatched lightning egg] Gen 1 Maize/Cyan/Grapefruit F[/quote] [quote=Serifas, The MoonBorn Twin]Need Ice Eggs [item=unhatched ice egg] Gen 1 Mid/Mid/Moon[/quote] [quote=For my Progens] [Item=tri-color scatterscroll] Scatter Goals: Maize/Maize/Goldenrod or Marigold[/quote] [/center][/quote] [quote=Gene Goals][center] [quote=Zenith, Clanhead] [item=Primary gene: Iridescent][Item=secondary gene: Striation][/quote] [quote=Sarahi, mate to Sparrow] [Item=Tertiary Gene: Glimmer][Item=Primary Gene: Metallic][Item=Secondary Gene: Alloy][/quote] [quote=Muscodine and Merlot] [Item=Breed Change: Nocturne][Item=Tertiary Gene: Stained][/quote] [quote=Kaladesh, G1] [Item=Tertiary Gene: Filigree] [Item=Breed Change: Spiral][/quote] [quote=Neon and Argon] [Item=Tertiary Gene: Glimmer][Item=Tertiary Gene: Opal][/quote] [quote=Tharrisa, G1] [Item=Breed Change: Skydancer][/quote] [quote=Unnamed Koi pair] [Item=Secondary Gene: Paint][Item=Primary Gene: Metallic][item=Secondary gene: Alloy][item=Tertiary gene: Scales][/quote] [quote=Sunwalker Subspecies Project] [u][b][url=]Sunwalker Link[/url][/b][/u] [Item=Primary gene: Piebald][Item=Primary Gene: Metallic] [item=Secondary gene: Alloy][Item=Secondary Gene: Bee][Item=Secondary Gene: Paint][Item=Secondary Gene: Facet] [Item=Tertiary Gene: Glimmer][Item=Tertiary Gene: Opal][/quote] [quote=Cameo and Signet] [Item=Tertiary Gene: Filigree]X2[Item=Primary Gene: Metallic]X2[Item=Secondary Gene: Bee]X2 EITHER [item=Breed Change: PearlCatcher]X2 -//OR//- [item=Breed Change: Skydancer]x2[/quote] [/center][/quote] [quote=Apparel and Pretties][center] [outfit=377704][outfit=377706][outfit=375045][outfit=368249][outfit=364540][outfit=378622][outfit=378635][outfit=394010] [/quote]
This is a wishlist thread for me to record my hopes and goals for the future.

Impossible Goals wrote:
Foolish Newbie Mistakes wrote:
Zenith, Clan Matron wrote:
Need Lightning Eggs

Gen 1 Maize/Cyan/Grapefruit F
Serifas, The MoonBorn Twin wrote:
Need Ice Eggs

Gen 1 Mid/Mid/Moon
For my Progens wrote:

Scatter Goals: Maize/Maize/Goldenrod or Marigold
Gene Goals wrote:
Zenith, Clanhead wrote:
Sarahi, mate to Sparrow wrote:
Muscodine and Merlot wrote:
Kaladesh, G1 wrote:
Neon and Argon wrote:
Tharrisa, G1 wrote:
Unnamed Koi pair wrote:
Sunwalker Subspecies Project wrote:
Sunwalker Link

Cameo and Signet wrote:
X2 X2 X2


X2 -//OR//- x2

Apparel and Pretties wrote:

Brightshine Garanmir

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