Nerthus (#93722)
Level 1 Pearlcatcher
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Earth Sprite
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Energy: 48/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Lightning.
Female Pearlcatcher
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6.15 m
5.73 m
472.3 kg


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Jul 01, 2013
(7 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 0 / 245



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The Earthen

A quiet and reserved dragon with a calming presence, Nerþus feels a strong connection to the earth.

She is capable of absorbing huge amounts of electrical energy. During thunderstorms, she acts as a lightning rod: sitting atop the Spire with her head raised, she attracts and earths any bolts of electricity that threaten to harm the Clan’s stronghold. Her body absorbs the electricity, with some of it strengthening her magic and the rest dissipating over time.

However, she does not enjoy stormy and wet weather. Nerþus much prefers dry and warm climes, and enjoys taking trips to the Shifting Expanse, Dragonhome and even the Blacksand Annexe for this reason.

In the Lundlaevungar Territory, Nerþus makes her home on the shore of the Focal Point. She spends most days on the beach that has been claimed by the Clan. In a natural cove and protected by cliffs, it often becomes a sun-trap in the afternoons, baking the white sands hot on sensitive footpads, though the heat never bothers her. Nerþus enjoys half-burying herself in the dry grains and feeling them sift between her claws, the sunlight warm along her back and across her wings. She often uses the sands to polish both her scales and her pearl.

Nerþus doesn’t often venture into the clear waters off the coast, though they captivate her – not least because of the dragon who lives beneath the waves.

Njorð has always fascinated Nerþus, for all that they are opposites. However, since he lives in the cliffs below the Star Wood, Nerþus does not see him often these days. Still, she keeps her eyes on the sea for glimpses of him swimming the azure waters.

Nerþus frequently makes the trip across to the Starwood Strand to tend to the earth there and ensure that it is enriched with nutrients, so that Embla’s crops of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers can thrive. Though not naturally gifted, she has learned how best to nourish the soil with the perfect balance of minerals. Helping to establish and maintain the Clan’s garden and supplies of food and medicine may not bring her the same raw pleasure as lazing on the beach, but it has its own deep satisfaction, and she has become close friends with Embla through this work.

She also feels a great deal of responsibility for the Scar that the Clan left at the top of the Star Wood cliffs, and would like to see it healed over with a fresh growth of plants. She therefore tries to coax more soil into clinging to the exposed rock.

On her visits to the far shore, Nerþus stays in her old rooms in the Cliff Tunnels, which are maintained for her by the rest of the Clan. When the weather is fine, she spends some time each morning on the pebble beach at the foot of the cliffs. It is not quite the same as the Focal Point beach she is used to, but she enjoys hearing the waves – and it is at these times that she most often sees Njorð.

The two dragons joined the Clan around the same time, when the Lundlaevungar still lived in the Crystalspine Reaches. Njorð initially tried to befriend Nerþus, but even as a hatchling she thought him handsome and was so overcome by the fact that he was speaking to her at all that she couldn’t make herself return his advances. Even now, she finds it difficult to talk to him, and often fears that she has left him offended by her nervous manner.

Eventually, when the Clan moved to the Starwood Strand, Njorð gave up and retreated from her. Assuming that she had distanced herself from him for good, Nerþus contented herself with watching him from afar: keeping her eyes on the waves, watching him float on the surface of the sea. Sometimes she thinks she sees him looking back, and wonders briefly if there might be a chance that they could be at least friends, before she reminds herself to be realistic. They only talk occasionally, when she is on the shore and he is in the shallows, but still Nerþus finds it a challenge.

The longing in her heart is hard to bear, but harder is the fact that Njorð is now betrothed to Skadi through Loki’s machinations.

Each time she sees him now, she wishes that she had had the courage to unlock the words that are still caged up within her, before it was too late. Yet the pain is not quite enough to stop her from turning her eyes towards the ocean, and she thinks it never will be.











....... n4tD6Di.png
The Sandstone Cat is made out of various coloured sandstone pieces and its heart gem is a Tiger’s Eye stone. This companion is often favoured by jewel crafters and gem hunters alike, since it is able to discern between true gems and counterfeit ones. Furthermore it is able to sense crystals which are still hidden in unbroken geodes.
....... cT7ArrF.png
The Grey Granite Wolf has a Lapis Lazuli heart and is an eternally loyal companion. Once it has bonded to its owner it will become inseparable from its master. It is said even if its master passes away, it will absorb the soul of its former partner and hold it safely in its heart gem, so that it can be forever with them.
....... WblPnuC.png
The Umber Goat has a Crystal Quartz heart and is a helpful companion. It stays near its owner while it is assembling, but once fully grown, it will trek alone along the local mountain ranges. There it will search for lost wanderers and climbers who are in peril and will lead them safely home or rescue them with its immense strength. In the night, its heart crystal and horns radiate with a shining light that serves as beacon to signal a save haven for those who are lost.


Please note that this dragon is NOT available for sale, for trade, or to breed with your dragon.


Nerthus 25-06-17
Nerthus 04-12-18

Nerthus hatched from the first ever egg the Clan scavenged. So she's a little special. :3

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