Vespers (#934437)
Level 1 Coatl
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Arcane.
Male Coatl
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7.71 m
8.46 m
867.67 kg


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Oct 11, 2013
(9 years)



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Eye Type
Level 1 Coatl
EXP: 0 / 245




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Leader, Prince, Explorer, Mage

Once the prince of a settlement on Prufrock, Vespers was betrayed by a treacherous mate and buried for centuries before he was found by the island's new residents. He is slowly recovering, regaining the ability to trust - and love - again. Though reluctant, he has resumed the mantle of leadership as part of a triumvirate with Eztli and Shadowstar, and he hopes that this time his judgments won't lead to the suffering of innocents.

Personal Information
  • Goes by: Vespers
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Gender: Male
  • Hatched in: The Starfall Isles
  • Works in: The Assembly Hall
  • Lives in: Coatl Cove


Mate: Sootshadow

History and Stories

In the early days of dragonkind, there was much of Sornieth that remained uncharted. Vespers' parents, a light dragon and a nature dragon who were royal envoys from distant courts, were among the many explorers dedicated to mapping the entirety of the continent and learning each region's peculiarities and resources. They headed an expedition to the Starfall Isles, and it was on one of these islands, one dominated by a large stone spire that jutted up from its center, that Vespers emerged from his egg.

The expedition remained on the island so long that a clan sprang up around it, for the explorers found much of interest there and lingered for quite some time. Everything from fluctuations in arcane energies to the timing of the tides was dutifully recorded; all the stars in the sky overhead were charted, and each species of animal and plant life encountered was cataloged. An earth dragon, skilled at geomancy, made an extensive tunnel system under the island extending under the sea to the mainland, intent on studying both the geological structure of the surrounding area and providing the budding clan with locations for travel, storage, and a refuge in the event of storms or raids.

As the explorers were joined by settlers, more interest was taken in building a sustainable, fortifiable residence and base of operations. There were some native edible life forms, but it was Vespers' mother who discovered that peach trees grew particularly well in the island's climate and planted several on both the larger island and a smaller rock nearby, using her nature magic to nurture them. They soon flourished, providing them with both a delectable delicacy and a unique resource with which they could barter for supplies.

Imbued with the surrounding arcane energies as he incubated in his egg, Vespers became a prodigious mage well before reaching adulthood. Though far away from any court, his nobly-born parents trained him in royal graces; more importantly in their eyes, they instilled in him their love of exploration. Vespers inherited his father's scholastic curiosity and his mother's fascination with all living things, but his greatest interest lay in exploring the boundaries of magic, in harnessing arcane energies to go beyond what other dragons had yet attempted.

His parents finally finished their survey of the island and the surrounding territory and departed to explore other realms. Vespers, however, elected to remain behind, to take charge of the clan that had formed around his parents' expedition and strengthen their settlement. He made copies of the notes compiled by his parents and the other explorers, storing them safely in a small room under the spire, and added to them his own extensive research on arcane magic. Vespers didn't mind being interrupted in his research by the tasks of ruling his growing clan; he enjoyed interacting with others, each of them sharing their discoveries and inspiring new ideas.

Word of his magical experiments spread, and soon other mages flocked to the island. Chief among them was another coatl, the first dragon Vespers had met who could be said to rival him in magical prowess. They grew increasingly interested in each other, first intellectually as they collaborated together on magical projects, then physically. Vespers introduced his new mate as the co-ruler of the clan, and he had never been happier.

He soon learned that his mate was not all he seemed, however. Vespers enjoyed radical experimentation, but he disdained anything that was unethical, and he began to have second thoughts about some of his mate's methods. Finally he happened upon his mate performing experiments on some of the clan's dragons against their will. Aghast, he gave him an ultimatum - change his behavior, or else leave the island.

His mate promised to reform, and after that all seemed to be well. Vespers was just about to fully forgive his mate and put the matter behind him when his mate sent for him to look at a magical room he had created deep in the tunnels. Curious, he made the descent, going down into a rarely used section of the tunnels until he came across his mate's creation. His mate bade him to enter the room so that he could exhibit its magical abilities; Vespers was apprehensive, but his mate pouted about not being trusted, so he finally gave in.

He hadn't been able to see into the room due to an illusion that concealed its entrance, but once inside, he gasped in horror, for within the small stone room were the bodies of several of the clan's dragons - dragons who had been helping his mate with his newest project. He whirled to face his betrayer, only to discover that he was sealed within the room. He summoned the full extent of his magical power, only to find that it wouldn't come to him. The room was a perfect trap for a mage, as no magic could be used within it. His mate laughed at his dismay, then gleefully explained the room's many properties. Anything within that room was immune to physical change - Vespers ought to be thanking him, for while he remained in that room - which would be forever, unless some powerful mage undid the spell and let him out - he would never age, nor would he need to eat or drink. The bodies in the room with him would never decay, and nor would he. Vespers could yell all he liked, but he was far beneath the island in a little used section of the tunnels, and he was hidden behind an illusion befuddling all the senses created by one of the island's two most powerful mages - now the most powerful one, given that his rival was out of the way. In the unlikely event that a dragon chanced down that side tunnel, they wouldn't even know that Vespers was there.

His mate then left him with nothing but sorrow and regret and the dead for companions. He arranged his fallen clanmates as respectfully as he could, given the small space and his inability to see - he couldn't summon a mage light, and the only natural light trickled down from a tiny hole that led to the surface, far, far overhead. Though "freed" from the need to consume sustenance, he discovered he still desired food and drink, still felt hunger and thirst. Sometimes when it rained, a tiny amount of water made its way down into his cavern, and he licked it eagerly from the walls. It was difficult to keep track of time, but he did his best, scratching tallies on the room's surfaces every time he thought a day had passed, wondering what was happening to his clan, wanting desperately to be able to contact them and warn them about his treacherous mate. Though his stomach clenched for want of something to fill it, far worse was his desire for light, for intellectual stimulation, for the return of his magic, and most of all, for companionship.

He had run out of space on the walls and floor to mark with tallies when a burst of mage light seared his eyes. When they finally adjusted, he found his former mate staring madly at him through the magical barrier, blood dripping from several wounds on his body. There was no more clan, he told Vespers, no one on the island but the two of them - all were dead and gone, and soon he would be too, and Vespers would be all alone forever, and no one would ever find him. Vespers wanted to cry out, to beg him to reconsider, but his voice hadn't been used in years and was muted in horror; he discovered, to his own disgust, that he still felt love for the one he had called mate, that he hated to see him suffer and die, and his heart broke as his former love gave one last mad laugh and collapsed right outside the barrier, the mage light dying with him.

Now that there was no hope and nothing left for him to live for, Vespers considered taking his own life, but he found that he couldn't inflict enough damage on himself without the stasis magic on the room kicking in and healing him back to the physical state he was in when he entered his prison. Resigning himself to his fate, he did what he could to keep his sanity, holding close to memories of love and life and light, whispering facts and spells to himself in the darkness. He slept as much as he could, though his dreams were always uneasy, full of strange landscapes and unfamiliar faces. He sometimes wondered if he dreamed what was happening in the world above him, or if, rather, his mind was finally cracking.

Centuries passed, and though dragons came and went from the island's surface, stopping for peaches or temporary shelter before moving on, none of them knew that a dragon was imprisoned far beneath them. The tunnels fell into disuse and disrepair, hidden for ages until the island once again boasted a sizable settlement and a young earth coatl, a bold and curious explorer in the same vein as Vespers' parents, rediscovered the tunnels and dedicated himself to mapping and repairing them.

The coatl, Sootshadow, was exploring a side tunnel when one of the imbued charms his exorcist sister made him wear alerted him to a magical anomaly in the wall, near the skeletal remains of what once may have been a coatl. Though not the strongest or most talented mage in the clan, Shadow excelled at puzzles, and after a careful study of the patterns of magic that lay over that section of the tunnel, he was able to dispel the enchantment's cornerstones so that the rest of it unraveled, revealing what had been hidden by the barrier as it slowly dissolved and dispersed, wisps of ancient magic crumbling into arcane dust.

Vespers was once again blinded by the sudden onset of mage light and stunned by the return of his magic, and he heard an exclamation of dismay and felt someone touch him, groping for a pulse. The other smelled like a coatl, and for an instant he feared it might be his mate, but when his vision cleared, he saw that the eyes staring at him were brown, and they were filled with concern rather than madness.

The days that followed were an assault to his long-denied senses - of lights and colors, smells and tastes, of interactions that he had craved but had been denied to him for centuries. He was examined by physicians and mages and questioned extensively and invasively about how he had come to be sealed in the tunnels. Vespers found it hard to speak of his former clanmates, and he could not even bring himself to utter the name of the mate who had so badly betrayed them all, but he related what he could - just a faint outline at first, though he gradually filled it in as he learned more about the strange world in which he found himself and slowly, tentatively began to place just the smallest amount of trust in his new companions. As he regained his bearings, his old curiosity about magic and the world reasserted itself, and he reversed the roles and became the questioner, demanding information in exchange for his stories, asking endlessly about what he had missed while he had been trapped underground.

He was thrilled to see that there were some parts of island that still conformed to his memories, and he was especially glad that his mother's peach trees continued to thrive, though he was astonished to learn that they were inhabited by sentient (and occasionally vengeful) spirits. Some of the advances and discoveries that had been made delighted him; others horrified him, and he viewed the current state of the island's clan with growing unrest. The situation there was tenuous and unstable - it wouldn't take much for the whole structure to crumble. He had overlooked weaknesses that had destroyed the island before, and since he miraculously had been given a second chance, he wasn't about to let it fall again under his watch.

He soon found that another newcomer to the clan, a fellow former prince named Shadowstar, shared his unease. To their surprise, they found that the current clan leader, Eztli, had his own doubts about his ability to effectively govern the island and the surrounding territories and was willing to try anything to prevent another tragedy like the Barrier Breach. It was Shadowstar who created the form of the clan's new government, though he deferred to Vespers' expertise on a number of points. Vespers discovered that many of his views, methods, and mannerisms were considered ancient and outdated, but magic, power, and the behavior of other dragons were inherently the same, and he soon found his innate leadership skills emerging out of their long hibernation, eager to once again be at the forefront of a clan. He is privately unsure how well a clan led by a triumvirate of himself and the two other coatl - each powerful, each with their own fears and flaws - will function, but at the very least, he hopes such a structure will prevent what happened to him with his former mate from repeating itself.

Memories of his mate continue to taint his relationships with other dragons, though he is slowly regaining the ability to trust others. He knows his reticence long frustrated Sootshadow, who patiently remained with him and helped him adapt to the new world he found himself in. He can argue with himself as much as he likes that Shadow is as unlike his former mate as it is possible to be, but he can't help but see echoes of his betrayer in many of Shadow's unconscious gestures and mannerisms - ones that are common to all coatl, and yet he will always associate them with one particular dragon. Vespers finds it hard to overcome all of his old fears, which fermented and grew stronger the longer he remained trapped in the dark beneath the earth. Though he finally allowed his desire to overwhelm his trepidation and entered into a relationship with Shadow, and he stifled his worries and allied with Ez and Shadowstar to co-lead the clan, half of him remains on edge, waiting for a knife in the back - or worse, to once again be sealed away. He realizes that a delicate balance has been achieved both in his personal and professional relationships, but he wonders how long it can last, how long it will be before one dragon's desires overwhelm another's, whether or not he will be able to sacrifice what he wants when he has so long been denied everything.


Art by Zuron:


Art by DeltaFlare:

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