Edval (#9216493)
Level 11 Guardian
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Sludge Sifter
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Male Guardian
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18.1 m
14.33 m
11629.07 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Dec 30, 2014
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 11 Guardian
EXP: 1534 / 34264





wind_rune_20.png • E D V A L • wind_rune_20.png

  • Hatchday: Dec 30, 2014
  • Original clan: Wind
  • Parents clans: Father - wind Guardian // Mother - wind Mirror
  • Came to clan: was born into this clan
  • Familiars: Spellwall Boran (awakened) / currently training Abyss Striker
  • Trainers: Sorey and Kiah // assistance: Edval

  • Member of the Warrior Squad

ahmmm, the main reason I wanted to get stronger was so I’d be able to survive and protect... everyone.
So I think, someone .... is very strong when he seeks ....to protect something.
Also.... you know... a softly spoken word ..can carry just as much weight as a shout.
There is no need to... waste the precious air in your lungs..
That's what... I belive in...

Edval looks like the gruff and serious type on the outside, but actually he is loyal, protective and a real sweetheart.

The warrior is always found on the front lines of any skirmish, wading into battle without hesitation. From time to time he can be quite overconfident, thinking he can do things others cannot. When in a battle, he becomes incredibly fierce and aggressive up to the point where he loses control of himself and is even unable to recall what he had done afterwards. He also has an incredibly strong resolve, ready to do anything and everything in his power to accomplish what’s important to him without hesitation.

However, Edval uses this strength to protect himself and the more fragile species of the clan, refusing to abandon any other dragon in trouble. His intentions are well, but to others he kind of comes off as cold and aloof. The reason for that lies in him generally don't speaking unless spoken to as he is not good with words, preferring to keep to himself. Around those he knows vere well, the dragon can also be quite direct and actually seems to have a liking of angering and teasing others.

Though having a rather rough side, Edval is also seen to comfort others who are scared or looking after hatchlings coming back disillusioned of their first Coliseum experience. These kind acts have earned him the respect and affection of the young dragons and trainees.




~ New Experiences ~
Edval, a wise mature guardian knew the importance of strong, mighty, trained warriors in a clan and he knew that one day, when the clan would need them, they'd better be prepared.

Then he met Tybal, a giant softie at heart and loved hatchlings and hated violence. Edval felt irritated by his carefree mindset and decided that Tybal needed to experience how rough the world could be. So he called on some old friends who owed him a favor. Edval had visited Eeyore’s Correctional facility many years ago when his ex-best friend had been imprisoned there. He got to know the guards and even the prison headmaster, he even saved her from a prisoner who had gotten overly rowdy. Now she owed him a favor and it was time for him to call upon that favor. So, Edval sent a messenger to Pickles, informing her of the situation and asking, if she minded supervising Tybal’s training. He explained that he wanted to toughen Tybal up, showing him the hardships of life; and Pickles had just the guard for the job. Her husband Kiliac was the toughest, meanest dragon in the whole prison and he could toughen up anybody. Edval made the arrangements to send Tybal the following week!

Interested what happend there during Tybals' stay in the prison?
Read the whole story over here~

~ New Experiences ~, written as co-work by Eeyorelvr and myself.
Thank you very much for letting this big guy coming over!

~ Maintaining Order ~

"No Clan should be without order and protection."
- Edval

As the Clan continued to grow, new problems emerged from the coexistence of so many different breeds and characters. Situations tended to heat up easily.

After the very first big conflict was averted--the riot initiated by Krashos and his “Treasure Hunters” that nearly cleaved the Clan in two--Edval often thought about ways to prevent such events in the future. He spent hours of talking and planning together with Tybal; and during the next conference they presented their ideas to the the clan leaders and the other elders, to maintain the order inside and to protect the clan from any danger coming from the Beastclans or other lairs, a new institution was needed.

Even if every dragon of the Clan was eager to protect it, for this idea to be able to work they had to put policing in the context of a bigger structure, they needed volunteers that were willing to go through a rigorous training to form a group of professionals.
Tybals role in the training - soon to come
By giving them special rights, the other clan members were no longer allowed to take law into their own hands or to randomly challenge the Beastclans whenever they felt like it. Those matters were now overlooked and organized by the trained officers. Top priority was--and will always be--to maintain the well-being of the entire family.

The Warrior Squad/Military Force is the judicial organisation of Àidhear, founded by the elders Edval and Tybal in order to keep their family safe. It's main purpose is to maintain the law and to protect everyone from external danger.


  • Warrior Squad:

    9216493.png / 9449875.png / 21996779.png / 36874417.png

    General - Edval / Colonel - Tybal / Major - Avalanche / Captain - Sorey /

    22380307.png / 21228884.png / 29994391.png / 25228372.png

    Lieutenant - Sarka / SFC - Urho / Corporal - Calla/ Private Tala


Edval (larger image)

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