Jenna (#9024637)
Deals you'll regret not taking! That's a promise.
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Strawberry Noggle
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Female Coatl
This dragon cannot breed until Nov 01, 2020 (14 days).
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Neutral Evil

While a number of the clan's members sell goods from time to time, Jenna is one of the few who could call it their sole profession. However, she's more than just a purveyor of magical trinkets. While some of her business is legitimate, she also uses her charms to allay suspicion while she sells her mate's illegally smuggled wares. Her selection is often quite expensive, but never so expensive that you'd rather take the time to find the same items somewhere else. It's as to be expected from a dragon whose modus operandi is "Power through Wealth".

If you do want to buy her... more unusual goods, you'll have to prove you're in the know. Asking to buy a specific set of items, including a broken pocketwatch, a rambra horn, and thirteen mammertee plushies will get you access to the backcounter goods. Of course, you'll still need to have the treasure for any of it, but maybe Jenna can help you strike a deal. Surely you won't miss a few handfuls of scales, a chunk of your horn, or a claw or two? Bits of dragons are worth quite a bit as components for some spells. No, no, there won't be any side effects...

Her pet bird, while not particularly intelligent, is capable of spying on other dragons and later mimicking their conversations. Thus there's little she won't learn about eventually, and even less she won't find a way to twist to her advantage.

She's quite fond of jewellery, even though she doesn't wear much of it. It's just kept in her hoard, as most of it isn't good enough for her. What's good enough could still be better. What's better she'll be taking now, sorry. Corathan suggested having it enchanted into a jewellery golem that could protect their lair, which while tempting, is too likely to cause damage to the gold. She'll need to get more diamonds first.

It was her idea to get Silas elected leader, believing him to be easily manipulable and a way for her to have major influence with little risk, scapegoating him if things went wrong. He did not turn out to have much interest in her advice, so she is now scouting Primera as a possible source of power. The mirror's nowhere near as subtle as she would like, but is impulsive enough to do whatever Jenna suggests first and think about the consequences after.

However, when worst comes to worst, she is a coward and will abandon anyone and anything to save her own scales.

In her spare time, she cultivates her flair for the dramatic via acting, but so far has failed to form a troupe. This might have something to do with the fact that she sees herself as not only the star of the show, but the co-star and co-co-star as well. Gestalt has agreed to pen a script, though he's always eager to show off his prose. It's likely for the best, as nobody would want to listen to coatl humming for long enough to watch an entire show.

She'd never admit it, but there is something Jenna's isn't any good at. Magic. She can barely grow a weed, let alone a gorgeous rose worthy of her looks. But it's fine. No dragon in Clan _______ will never find out, and that's what matters. It's not like they have any business asking why she's never even woven a single flower into her feathers. And if they do ask, all she has to do is blame Corathan's ice magic for killing any plants she tries to grow. Even when he's not around. He's got very, very strong magic, you see.

Image Credit: BetaOrionis

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Exalting Jenna to the service of the Arcanist will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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