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Scorchpaw Prowler
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Male Mirror
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Personal Style


Gem Trader
Verdant Sage Shawl
Skilled Bonecarver's Claws
Scavenger's Tatters
Brave Bonecarver's Spine
Proto Wings


Skin: Infestation Hound


Scene: Springswarm


5.13 m
4.57 m
397.03 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Nov 01, 2022
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Mirror
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


General Wishlist
Separated by category. within each category, each item is ranked from most wanted to least wanted. All festival apparel / skins and undiscovered familiars are automatically top priority on my wishlist whether I remember to add them here or not. VERY IMAGE HEAVY.

Last updated: November 8, 2023
Thank you so much to anyone who's ever given me anything, I really do appreciate it! I would give an entire list but frankly that would take up half my word count because you guys are all so generous <3

Next Lair Expansion

Most -> Least Needed Food
Meat > Seafood > Insects / Plants

Pretty self-explanatory, I'd love art for any and all of my permas!

All flight festival currencies (preference for current / upcoming festival)
Honestly anything openable, opening chests makes my brain go brrr :D
Prismatic Token gem_pile.png treasure_pile.png Spare Inventory Crate Gilded Decorative Chest Iron Treasure Chest Rusted Treasure Chest Bonebound Chest Waterlogged Trunk

If giving a rusted, bonebound, or waterlogged chest, I politely ask you send more than 10 if on a forum game :)

Skins / Accents
Honestly I'm a skin / accent hoarder, I take all skins and accents, site- or user-made! The ones listed are specifically ones that I think look good on any dragons I currently have, but I'm always down to buy a dragon that I think would look good with a skin!
Accent: Shining Explorer Accent: Awakened Entity Accent: Sunbreak Skin: Sunlit Ruin Skin: Porcelain Automaton Accent: Shepherd's Beacon Accent: Mistral Sing Along Accent: Bubble CM Accent: Solar Flare Accent: deltaMAX Accent: Gilded Glittermoth Accent: Orange Flowers - Ae M Accent: Headhunted! (blight) Accent: Froggy Deco Accent: Froggy Deco CF Accent: Astral Hunter Accent: Gilded Splendor Accent: The Elder's Fall Skin: Forgotten Child Accent: Lightburst Flora Accent: Starmalade Accent: Stellar Inspiration Skin: The Keeper Skin: Queen of Liars Accent: Armor of the Ancients Accent: Nightingale Skin: Helios Sun Accent: Starwood Drifter Accent: Shining Savant Accent: Lanternlea Scholar Accent: Corrupted Spirit Skin: Veins with gushing gold Accent: Ascended Gatekeeper M Accent: Hubble Time Accent: Gentle Giant Skin: Wind's Grace Accent: Sunbeam Sentinel Accent: Freezing Breath Accent: Emblazoned Eyes Skin: daydreams in nature. Skin: Edge Of Purity Accent: The Dweller Accent: Infused Crown Accent: Bramblebones Accent: Quiescence Skin: Dawnweaver Accent: Xanadu Accent: Ethereal Phoenix Accent: Lullaby of the Moonlight Accent: Pretty Rave Girl Accent: Dreamland Accent: Herding Cats Accent: Imp Bronze SPm Accent: Winterberry Queen Accent: Little Bolt Accent: Lightning dancer Accent: Festive Procession Accent: Loaded dice Accent: point of origin Accent: Electric Assassin Accent: Up the Wolves Skin: Bloodmoon Accent: Code Electric Accent: Ancient Golem Accent: Trickmurk Tattoos Skin: Icewraith Accent: Igniteus Skin: Call of Spirits Accent: Optics Accent: Awakened Faith Accent: Metempsychosis Skin: Bring me the Moon Skin: Dawn Skin: Fiery Wings Skin: Opal Nebula Accent: Plasmahound Skin: Glitched Forsight Accent: Life's Enforcer Accent: ISA Accent: Touch of Ice Skin: Arcanic Causatum Accent: Obsidian Amendments Accent: Dracolich Accent: Fourpoint Serpens Accent: The End of all Roads Accent: SS-Unfold Skin: Blacksand Merchant Accent: Abyssal Stalker Skin: Gilded

All starsilk apparel items
All standards
All halos
All emblems
All sashes
All fodder apparel (I have collector's anxiety and need at least 1 of everything)
Shady Crown Druidic Crown (also whatever the Wind, Plague, and Light equivalents are) Dusty Pauper Rags Celadon Silks Marva's Invisibility Cloak Pixie Procession Ham-ham Frostbreath Skink Celestial Attendant Will o' the Ember Will o' the Wisp Unlucky Presence Skeletal Chimes Smokeswirl Rainbow Starswirl Mist Chime Sanguine Plumage Moss Agate Platemail Golden Seraph Jewelry Silver Seraph Jewelry Starwood Veil Gilded Rose Thorn Crown Fusion Stormsnips Cindersphere Baubles Twinkling Stardrapes Undine's Flatfins Illuminated Runescroll Forest's Edge Vines Fortune Teller's Deck Thornfell Mantle Trouper Crown Polished Trident Glacierguard Platemail Powerpack Coat Entertainer's Tailcoat Firefly's Kilt Frozen Fossil Sanddune Rags Horned Frog Companion Gloomwillow Guide Chillspike Collar Leafy Gladeboughs Golem Gauntlet Mesa Mechanojets Ethereal Flame Cloak Cosmologist Fieldtools Sanguine Plumage Bronze Steampunk Tail Bauble Icicle Chains Mist Crystal Gem Trader Herald's Scroll Herald's Wrap Darkened Eye Scar Darkened Leg Scar Filigree Rapier Frigid Fugitive Shackles Peach Plumed Headdress Green Olive Wreath Boneyard Tatters Marigold Flowerfall Daisy Flowerfall Black Cat Corgi Calico Cat Dachshund Sussex Spaniel Corgi Mainecoon Nice Mice Orange Tabby Scottish Fold Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian Ball Python Chinchilla Petal Jewels Plasma Mask Ruby Daredevil Cover Darkfaerie Wings Bloodstone Cascades Bloodshard Chains Violet Daredevil Cover White Raven Armor White Raven Talons Inked Mantle Nightshade Cloak Cloak of the Cosmos Ethereal Entourage Veteran's Eye Scar Veteran's Shoulder Scars Veteran's Leg Scars Bubblespirit Jug

All sprites
Fodder familiars very much appreciated (my luck in coli is god awful)
Any undiscovered familiar would be greatly appreciated and well-loved :D
Aspen Gall Dryad Boolean Hati Skoll Tumbling Jeweler Crazed Powermith Boneshard Jeweler Glittering Jeweler Growing Jeweler Ichor Nymph Magic Nymph Reserved Jeweler Scalding Jeweler Snowflake Nymph Vibrant Jeweler Boulder Nymph Bubble Nymph Chainlink Jeweler Cinder Nymph Cloud Nymph Curious Jeweler Delving Jeweler Electric Nymph Flower Nymph Supernal Brightbeast Fluted Pukasloth Regenerating Reedjumper Candycane Xolo Shimmering Xolo Sparkling Capricorn Bone Fiend Phoenix Golden Bantam Fangar Cog Frog Deadly Glamourtail Velvet Floracat Lithetail Assassin Longneck Lampooner Manticorian Provocateur Mistyhollow Agent Rainbowfeather Thief Torrent Tricktail Eye of Talona Dapplemane Deceiver Twirling Jeweler

Scenes / Vistas
To be fair I love all scenes in general, I need them for dragons so I'm really not picky!
Vista: Earthshaker Vista: Flamecaller Vista: Tidelord Vista: Shadowbinder Vista: Icewarden Vista: Stormcatcher Vista: Lightweaver Vista: Gladekeeper Vista: Plaguebringer Vista: Arcanist Scene: Battlefield Scene: Moonbeam Aqueduct Scene: Winter Scene: Foundry Battle Scene: Foxfire Grove Scene: Titan's Fall Scene: Autumn Clearing Scene: Dusty Attic Scene: Royal Chambers Scene: Pillow Palace Vista: Something Swarming Vista: Corgi Sploot Vista: Lantern Forest Vista: Solar Vista: Night Sky Vista: Black Rose Vista: Axolotl

All eggs (no preference)
Breed Change: Sandsurge Tertiary Gene: Wish (Aether) Primary Gene: Spool (Aether) x2 Secondary Gene: Butterfly (Aether) Tertiary Gene: Mandibles (Aether) Secondary Gene: Blaze (Aether) Tertiary Gene: Monarch (Aether) Tri-Color Scatterscroll Scroll of Renaming Accent Blueprint Skin Blueprint Tertiary Gene: Runes Tertiary Gene: Capsule Tertiary Gene: Glimmer Secondary Gene: Bee Primary Gene: Wasp Tertiary Gene: Points Primary Gene: Starmap Tertiary Gene: Filigree Primary Gene: Ribbon Secondary Gene: Constellation Secondary Gene: Alloy Secondary Gene: Facet Tertiary Gene: Veined Primary Gene: Iridescent Primary Gene: Tide Secondary Gene: Freckle Tertiary Gene: Opal Secondary Gene: Shimmer Primary Gene: Boulder Secondary Gene: Myrid Tertiary Gene: Smoke Tertiary Gene: Soap Tertiary Gene: Stained Tertiary Gene: Filigree (Banescale) Tertiary Gene: Wraith (Banescale) Primary Gene: Wolf (Undertide) Tertiary Gene: Filigree (Undertide) Secondary Gene: Sarcophagus (Undertide) Tertiary Gene: Remora (Undertide) Tertiary Gene: Skeletal (Banescale) Boon of Fertility Scroll of Eternal Youth Vial of Glowing Sight Vial of Naivety Vial of Elemental Sight Vial of Soft Sight Vial of Fractal Sight Tertiary Gene: Spines Tertiary Gene: Sparkle Primary Gene: Clown Remove Gene: Primary Remove Gene: Secondary Remove Gene: Tertiary

u know how the coli grind be :pensive:
All health potions
Sap Eliminate Berserker Ambush Rally Tincture of Dissolution

Materials / Food
Food in general is appreciated!
All Baldwin materials / slime / sludges / goos are appreciated!
Anything to trade with Swipp is always lovely as well.
I would like 1 of each of those fun little anniversary cakes please :D

Hibden Tasks
Prickly Strangler Assassin Bug Sharp Sticks x7 Hamster Wheel x1 Catercroak Dragon Fruit x7 Trowel x2 Fire Grub Swarm Glow Worm Shed x12 Hornworm Viper x3 Silkmith Regal Firefish x1 Sharp-Eyed Ring x7 Bell Goat Burrowing Porcupine x16 Subterranean Termite x7 Bioluminescent Tail x14 Potted Peacevine x10 Raptorik Warrior Dried Fish x13 Tigereye Squirrel x10 Woodland Acorn x11 Primary Gene: Tiger Tigerblood Foo

I Hoard
Anything turtles!!!
  • food
  • apparel
  • UMAs / UMSs
  • familiars
  • anything else I missed

Any Baldwin mats, especially the green ones please :D

Playful Windsinger Puppet Exotic Arcanist Idol Heavy Earthshaker Idol Rotting Plaguebringer Effigy Soft Lightweaver Idol Furry Icewarden Puppet Smoldering Flamecaller Puppet Faded Shadowbinder Effigy Charged Stormcatcher Sackdoll Lost Gladekeeper Sackdoll Sopping Tidelord Sackdoll

Icewarden Ice Sculpture Arcanist Meteorite Miniature Earthshaker Stone Statue Flamecaller Terracotta Figure Gladekeeper Topiary Cutting Lightweaver Marble Bust Plaguebringer Bone Scrimshaw Shadowbinder Onyx Idol Stormcatcher Scrap Metal Welding Tidelord Seashell Decoration Windsinger Painted Vase

If you're coming from a wishlist thread and have fodder dragons, I also would love to take those!
  • a 6-digit dragon? maybe even 5,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • August 3rd dragon
  • August 1st dragon
  • February 10 dragon

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