Azure (#7844156)
Level 10 Fae
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Slight Eyewing
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Wind.
Female Fae
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1.47 m
0.89 m
3.12 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Nov 17, 2014
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Fae
EXP: 23 / 27676


wind_rune_20.png • A Z U R E • wind_rune_20.png

  • Name pronunciation: < Ah-Su-rE(h) >
  • Hatchday: Nov 17, 2014
  • Original clan: Wind
  • Parents clans: First Dragon of this lair
  • Familiar: Raptorik Warrior (Awakened) / trained: ...

Earliest Memories...

"A sound aroused me to a confused state of wakefulness... because of the utter darkness and the painful throbbing in my head, I had no idea where I was. Looking around, smelling the air, I suddenly realized: I wasn't home!

“Rather, I had no idea where 'home' would be! Nothing seemed familiar and I remembered nothing.... there was only a dark, quiet void inside my head.

“Stumbling onto my feet, looking around, I searched for a glimpse of a glimpse of any kind of a familiar sight! I remembered being so confused, thinking ‘What am I? Who am I? Where am I? Are there others searching for me?’

“Until today, I had no idea where I came from or where my parents–my family–would be. Nobody came looking for me and my memories never came back...."

A New Beginning...

Azure loved the feeling of the wind under her wings. The little Fae was born in the Windswept Plateau, but knew nothing about her own past or family. She had been alone for as long as she could remember. The loneliness gnawed at her soul until she couldn’t bear it any longer. Day after day Azure wandered the lands of the wind, looking for someone who would keep her company or a place she would be able to call “home”.

During one of those days, she encountered a young Mirror named Alec. Looking at her reflection in his eyes, Azure felt like she was watching a mirror image of herself: a lonely dragon, searching for something not yet found.... Immediately both of them felt a certain attracted to each other. They knew nothing about where they’d come from, the clans their parents lived in or what plans they had for the future.

Azure and Alec continued traveling together and over time they established a bond like siblings, becoming each others' family.

Together the young dragons dreamed about a clan of their own; there, every dragon would be welcomed with open arms, no matter the breed, land they came from or their character. Everyone would be able to find a new home with them, as nobody should ever have to bear the loneliness of not being able to call a place “home”, of not being able to feel the warmth of a family!

It was right then, in the sweetness of young dreams, when Azure and Alec laid the foundation of the ‘Clan of Àidhear’.



Clan of Àidhear
Flight Element Population

Wind - 33
Light - 13
Nature - 10
Ice - 9
Plague - 6
Arcane - 6
Lightning - 4
Shadow - 4
Water - 4
Fire - 2
Earth - 2
DybjsRE.png aUXSsWK.gif DybjsRE.png

Breed Population

Imperial - 24
Skydancer - 14
Spiral - 8
Coatl - 8
Pearlcatcher - 8
Wildclaw - 6
Bogsneak - 4
Snapper - 4
Tundra - 3
Fae - 2
Mirror - 2
Guardian - 2
Nocturne - 1
Ridgeback - 1
* updated Jan 05, 2018


Azure is the strength behind the whole clan, putting its welfare above everything else. The little leader is also very proud and despite her delicate appearance, she will not hesitate to get physical with those that challenge her authority or make fun of her abilities. By no means is she afraid to act out on her own and she takes matters in her own hands.

While Azure started organizing and leading the dragons, Alec prefered staying on the sidelines. Still, the young Fae relies on him more than most know, using the calm Mirror as something of a lifeline. Even if he dislikes being the centre of attention, his wisdom is worth a million.

Being quite accepting of the ideals and ideas others have, Azure welcomes every dragon looking for a place to stay or eventually settle down in with open arms. The Fae loves to take in every stray she encounters, but also has a strong will and would do anything in order to ensure the wellbeing of her family.

One should be careful to not underestimate Azure because of her size or her open mind towards everyone… it can backfire very badly! Even the grown men and warriors of the clans describe her as being quite scary if angered.

The big Imperial lady, Kaida, was the one who helped the two young leaders build their Clan. She described to them the structure of other dragon families she had visited during her travels and also her own home lair. Over time she became the leader’s right-hand dragon, helping Azure to settle down in her role and to spread her own wings.

At one point, Kaida more and more withdrew from her original post, enjoying a more relaxed life while looking after the little hatchlings, telling stories of the Clan's beginnings and cooking for everyone. But to Azure, the elderly dragon would remain a mother figure, the go-to dragon whenever she needs advice.


~ The Conflict ~

"Everyone in my family always tries to avoid conflict.
But sometime that is just impossible."

Generally, one is aware that when dragons meet, there is bound to be differences in their ways of thinking and their position on matters. The moment they get involved with each other, two complex personalities encounter each other, sometimes they are very similar to each other, other times they could be the complete opposite. Also, everyone is very ready to "take sides" based upon current perceptions of the issues, past issues and relationships, role within the clan. Conflict is a normal part of life, it even provides numerous opportunities for growth through improved understanding and insight. But at the time it occurs, the daily grind gets shaken up very badly, causing great unrest in the formerly well-trodden order.

The same thing happened as Azure and Krashos noticed their difference in thoughts, ideas and feelings, for which direction the Clan should take in the future.

Krashos being quite the rebel–and with his love to stir up commotions–started questioning the way Azure leads the family. In the end he started to separate and to dissociate with her ideals and started to gather other dragons that would be of the same mind as him.

Azure at first tolerated the different opinion, but still got into regular discussions with the Pearlcatcher. She did not even mind as he founded his “Treasure Hunter Team” as she herself wanted her clan to have the freedom of opinion. Still, it was hard on her. But as Krashos tried to persuade more and more clan members of his ideas, converting them to his side, Azure could feel the situation get out of hand.

That was the beginning of their famously heated arguments. Krashos loved the clan, even if his ideals differed from Azure’s sometimes. He certainly took pleasure in their arguments, and if Azure was being honest, even she enjoyed the wordy debates.

More than once a day the Spiral Mishka had to act as a buffer between the clan leader and the hothead so the situation wouldn’t end up in a bloodbath. Mishka was getting used to always calming down the two squabblers. But then the arguments were getting to the point, where Azure's former right-hand dragon Kaida, the clans strategist Fiendark and the diplomat Étaín decided it was time for them to interfere. It seemed like Krashos lived off of the Azure’s frustration and for the whole matter to have the chance to settle down, they tactfully suggested in a talk that Krashos should take a brief journey outside the clan.

And so, for the benefit of social harmony, Krashos decided to take the advice. He appointed his best friend and first follower Mishka as the new leader of the team and set out to travel the world. But he always has his place and home over at his clan.


Edited/looked over by Dunkarooba–thank you so much for your help!

Art by me - larger image

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