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Glowing Globe
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Energy: 49/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Aberration
This dragon is on a Coliseum team.
This dragon is an ancient breed.
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Personal Style

Ancient dragons cannot wear apparel.


Accent: ThunderRing


Scene: Flamecaller's Domain


6.68 m
6.27 m
603.62 kg


Primary Gene
Slime (Aberration)
Slime (Aberration)
Secondary Gene
Sludge (Aberration)
Sludge (Aberration)
Tertiary Gene
Glowtail (Aberration)
Glowtail (Aberration)


Mar 10, 2022
(1 year)



Eye Type

Special Eye Type
Level 25 Aberration
Max Level




Dragon's Lore

All of the dragon lore is written from the point of view of Television. Television's opinions aren't mine, she'll sometimes state annoyances or dislikes for specific dragons, and is additionally not omniscient. She functions as a 3rd person limited narrator of sorts.

Television herself doesn't have a bio in the account of being where I store all of my notes, references, links, and personal info, and therefore:
Television wrote:
Television is an overseer and organizer of the clan, being the one who keeps track of where dragons live and which dragons actually count as part of the clan. She is actually heavily connected to lightning, and while she can appear in "physical" dragon form, she prefers to reside in digital screens. While she is mysterious and anomalous in origin, she actually very infrequently interacts with the clan. The only ones she is known to interact with is Cadeiwyn and Valdis, but these aren't particularly frequent. Most of the time she simply overviews and takes notes of each resident of the clan. On that note, she does use Valdis as a messenger for finding this info.

The idea of a "clan" to her is very loose. There is more of a string of close relationships, for better or for worse, that determines who counts. Some dragons simply ask to be part of her clan, to which she rarely says no, which is how loners end up in here too. The only solid indicators is that the clan has a shared hunting grounds, where most food stores are kept and shared, and that they have an optional nursery where eggs are kept and "protected".

Finding Television isn't actually that hard; usually Television roams the lands or can tell when one of her clan members are close to one of her screens, to which she can either spy, interact, or acquiesce. Because of this, joining her clan is a simple process.

Television's personality is ambiguous. While she does have opinions, her notetaking is very objective and doesn't go much into emotional detail. While she is mysterious, she makes an active effort to appear non-threatening and unspectacular, with the hopes that nobody will go prying into her background. This is made more important by her strange, indragon nature.

Dragons with a > in their broadcast message have completed and readable bios! Dragons with no title in their broadcast message I have no ideas for lore-wise, so if you have suggestions let me know. Some dragons do have partially completed bios but they're not marked as complete until they actually are.

Dragon bios will contain the dragon's most important/notable relationships, their core personality traits, and their overall descriptions. Descriptions can be very long or very short; some dragons are more significant and some are more side characters than anything. Both bios and broadcast messages will include the dragon's title, which will make it much easier to pin down what dragons may be interesting to you.

Some dragon bios have lore written but aren't marked as complete, for various reasons. Relations specifically often aren't immediately filled out, so if a dragon with a title catches your attention it may still be worth checking their bio.


Individual Dragon Notes

Some dragons have extra lore notes that should be followed when drawing them. I mentally separate dragon cover art to dragon character art, so if you don't follow these I won't be upset!

All Bogsneaks have two head crests. In their cover art, their "back wing" is considered their second fin, as most people mistakenly see it. I just prefer the look.
All dragons with skins that add "transparent" effects, whether it be matching to the scene or just white, are canonized. Similarly any genes that seem to add solid effects, like extra/altered limbs, clothing, etc. are also canonized.
All dragons with elemental halos do not need to have the halos; it's purely for visual effect and not technically canon but is a representative of them having magic. However, Noc is notably an exception to this. His halo takes form of a solid object that floats over his head with a void on the inside unless he is currently viewing something through it.
The above rule also applies for special/floating effects, such as swirls, flowerfalls, seasoning breezes, lanterns, will o' wisps, the grasps from the NOTN apparel sets, presences from the NOTN sets (except for the solid skull wing decor), mist crystals and recolors from the NOTN apparels, and candles from the NOTN sets. So basically, if it's an effect not connected to the dragon, it doesn't need to be applied (though the grasps and presences are technically connected to the dragon, they still count). Floating effects resulting from other apparel, for example the incense mantle and bewitching bangles, are in fact considered real.
All dragons' sexes are as their canonical biological ones; silhouette scrolls don't effect/change anything except for appearance.
Dragons' canon age groups go as follows:

Hatchling: 1-10 Years
Teen: 11-30 Years
Young Adult: 31-50 Years
Middle Aged: 51-150 Years
Elder: 150-300 Years
Apple house characters have character equivalents, as they are remakes of my OCs. Even though I'm super shy about instigating people drawing my characters, if you're interested in drawing these characters in their actual forms I'll have to ask that you request their reference sheets from me, as that gives me a proper chance to explain all of their specifics in person. Their forms are very particular in anatomy and appearance, as much of their appearance has a specific reason for it (as deep as tiny anatomical details, scars, clothing, the number of teeth they have, face shape, and even posture/expression). Other than that, if you're drawing their dragon forms, go nuts, they're inexplicit. If you want bonus points, Jordan can be drawn with only one head. As an additional note, dragons' sexes here are based on their silhouette scrolls, and not on their actual sexes.
For ctrl+f, Angel, Jordan, Mae.


Breed Organization

Dragons in this clan are organized based on breed lore. Lore rules will be listed here. They are listed in encyclopedia order for easy reference, flight-based lore doesn't apply (basically, I'm not switching flights to fire just because I want to keep my Coatls), and rules must remain reasonable (I can't give every Bogsneak it's own isolated tab). Dragons with no rules are listed at the bottom to make things easier to process.

Banescales need to have at least one Coatl in the same tab. They cannot be kept in a tab with more than 24 dragons.
Only one Bogsneak of each sex can remain in each tab.
Greyscale/dull Coatls must not be in the same tab as brightly colored Coatls.
Must be kept in a tab with 30 dragons or less, and must be placed next to or near their charge if it is another dragon, or if it's charge is connected to their tab location at all.
Can only have 2 or less of it's species in the same tab. Must be separated from Pearlcatchers.
One tab is to be dedicated to all Mirrors in the clan.
Must be kept with at least 5 other dragons.
Must be separated from Imperials, and must be kept in a tab with at least 5 other dragons.
Must be kept with at least 5 other dragons.
Must be kept next to at least one other Veilspun.

Aberrations, Faes, Obelisks, Gaoler, Snappers, Ridgebacks, Spirals, Tundras, Undertides, and Wildclaws.

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