Firn (#7436281)
Level 11 Tundra
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Flora Cerdae
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Ice.
Male Tundra
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4.51 m
4.05 m
380.97 kg


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Nov 02, 2014
(5 years)



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Eye Type
Level 11 Tundra
EXP: 11349 / 34264




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Firn is an awkward burly dragon who has yet to really find his place in the clan. He is extraordinarily helpful and polite, and is famous for both his honest gullibility and his bursting desire to know and understand things. The combination of this latter trait with his polite nature means he will generally not press his curiosity on others verbally, but will instead sit there and vibrate until somebody takes pity on him and explains. He is a common sight in the background of any commotion; pale eyes wide, absorbing every detail and bobbing his head about like an owl.

His social clumsiness is acute to the point that that in itself can be quite endearing to others. While he has no close friends, everybody generally likes and trusts him, and his gullible nature is a grand source of entertainment for the more impish dragons.

Firn's memory is excellent for a Tundra, likely from his half-Snapper heritage. Although scents remain powerful emotional and mnemonic triggers, he usually doesn't require them to recall distant memories. Firn lost friends during the War, and unlike the other Tundras the memories remain fresh and difficult to talk about.

History: Firn came to Driftwood Shore from Northslope Clan, a friendly ally of what was then known as Cindercone Clan. He has very little connection to his home clan, though associates fond scents and memories with it, especially of his nest brothers. His decision to come to Driftwood Shore was fuelled by curiosity, as are indeed most of the things he does at the moment.

Physical: Firn is a large, burly Tundra who takes after his Snapper side. His fur is generously fluffy, his horns short, and his solid face features a blaze patterning uncommon among dragons. Firn's Ice nature means he is always comfortably cool even on the Shore's hottest days, and he is the only Tundra at the Shore who undergoes seasonal coat changes, becoming a tumultuous mass of icy white fur during the colder months. He is a typically poor flier, especially in his winter coat. He also dislikes swimming and avoids the Sea, though he is an excellent and enduring traveller on foot and can run at a ceaseless lope for miles in good weather. Firn is a capable if indecisive fighter, using Ice-clad claw swipes and burly tussling to bring his opponents down on physical strength alone.

I can't stop thinking about the dragon in the cave. I think I dream about him, but I'm not sure.
23861.png Familiar:
Firn has been spending time lately with a Cerdae under care of the familiar-keeper Pauin. The elegant but energetic creature reminds him of his Celestial Antelope; a childhood companion lost in the war. Although his sadness remains, it feels good to interact once more with a similar creature, and Firn likes to bring the Cerdae sweet seaberries while it affectionately nibbles his fur.

Kin & Others
The spring-legged Wildclaw is trouble to everyone, but Firn is one of her favourite targets. She enjoys telling him desperate tales of peril and then laughing and tussling with him when he dashes 'to her rescue'. Although she presumably considers him a friend, her attentions tend to be a little exhausting for Firn, especially when she drags him along into whatever grand crazy adventure she has thought up for the day, usually involving Vivi the Coatl as another participant bobbing along in her wake. Firn is one of the dragons most frequently assigned to watch the imprisoned traitor, and to maintain his icy bonds. He finds himself fascinated with him; longing to ask questions but afraid to do so. His most burning question: Why?? He thought he knew his fellow Tundra quite well, he seemed so nice, so full of forethought and intelligence. They say he wanted to take over the clan, but that can't be right, can it?? Rennic, who never spoke harshly and never made anyone do anything they didn't want to. Surely he had practically been a leader already, without creating some crazy blood-soaked Serthis war?
Firn's father is an acerbic and practical Plague Tundra who specialises in uncovering the secrets of virulence and infection, both as a medic and as a scientist. Firn has vague memories of being gruffly scolded on what plants in the den he was not to eat under any circumstances. His mother on the other hand is a highly elemental Ice Snapper of a gentle if somewhat absent nature, whom Firn takes after both elementally and in the softer parts of his personality. Firn has very strong memories of his brothers, and misses them on occasion, especially his now exalted brother Huckleberry.


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