Iraia (#71366561)
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Brightwing Dwarf Hainu
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Energy: 0/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Female Skydancer
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5.13 m
5.79 m
699.29 kg


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Aug 03, 2021
(10 months)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Skydancer
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


  • My dergs are unfed (below 50%) and
  • I have not posted in any forums recently
(BOTH OF THESE!) that means that I have quit.


Alright. Before we start, just let me say - I'm not doing this to spite people! It's just really annoying when people PM me about questions I have to answer over and over again. Please - I'm just tired and school has been a pain lately.

This idea came from a few people around the community! If you're not ok with me using this kind of format, please let me know right away and I'll edit it, thank you!

About Me

Why are you quitting?
I've played FR for a few months, and found that it just simply takes up too much time. I'm currently trying to focus on getting into a good school, so maybe in a few years I'll come back...

When are you quitting?
I will probably be gone mid-2022.

Will you come back?
Most likely, yes. I will probably check back once in a while, maybe come back fully in a few years :P

What's up with you and stars?
I... I don't know, actually xD However, if you EVER want to talk to me about Artemis or greek myths, I would LOVE that! <3 I will surely respond! (unless I'm on hiatus)

If you're actually a nice person, what's the point of the FAQ?
If you know me, then you know that I am a very lazy person, and I was inspired by some other users that created a FAQ, and I thought that it'd be a great idea, so that I wouldn't get as many questions from random people.

What do you like to talk about?
Well... let's see... erm, Greek Mythology, Cats, FR dreams that we cannot achieve (lmao), Dressing Dragons, well, pretty much anything, but nothing that may be offensive or inappropriate, please!

Friend Requests & Chatting

Can I send you a friend request?
Sure, but I would prefer if we have talked first/interacted in some way!

I see that you have unfriended me. Why?
If you think this is a mistake, please talk to me! But if you don't really know me, most likely I was just cleaning up my friends list. This is nothing against anyone!

Can I ask you questions?
Yes. Yes, please! I love meeting new people <3

Why did you block me?
Most likely, it was a mistake. I'm not sure if you can still message me if you're blocked, but if you can, you can ask me why! I don't think I've ever blocked anyone, for everyone around is super nice, but accidents happen. But if I meant it, these are probably the reasons: (a) you made me feel uncomfortable (b) you were rude to me/my friends (c) we argued over something (which is not likely)

I PMed you, but got no response.
I'm forgetful. Seriously, everything slips my mind. If I don't answer and you are asking politely, most likely I forgot or am on hiatus. If my dragons are unfed and I haven't been active in the forums, I'm gone. Otherwise, send it again!

How do I become your friend?
Err well, please don't PM me asking this- that's just weird o.o But it's gradual, if we talk with each other a lot, I will warm up to you eventually! <3

I need someone to talk to. Can I talk to you?
Yes, of course! If you need a friend to just chat to, I'm always happy to!

Fodder & Dragons

Can I buy back fodder that you bought?
Yes, you can, for the same price that I bought it for from you, although I may raise the price slightly. However, I have the right to refuse you for any reason.

Can you rename the fodder that you named [insert dragon name here]?
Well. If unnamed, I can name it what you would like, but if I already named it, I will rename if you provide me with a renaming scroll. After I name your fodder, I most likely will not rename it. I urge you to name your fodder before you sell it. (I made this mistake before and didn't like the name)

Can you unexalt the fodder you bought from me and exalted?
I don't think that people would ask this much (as I barely exalt), but I thought I should add this anyway. No, I will not unexalt the fodder I bought from you. (I would probably be on cooldown anyway-) However, if I bought your dragon from you as fodder and it is still in my lair, I will sell it back to you for a higher price, but if I have already exalted it, I will not unexalt it.

Can I buy [insert dragon name here] from you?
Depends. I have some exalt rescue dragons for adoption, but otherwise, no, you can not buy my permanent dragons.

Why'd you name my dragon [insert dragon name here]?
I normally use RNG, or I just name on instinct.

Item Sales

Do you do mixed payments? (treasure, gems, items)
Yes. I do mixed payments, but only if specifically stated, you are welcome to ask, though.

Can you hold dragons/items for me so I can gather the funds?
I probably will unless I specified that I will not. However, you can ask me and then I can most likely hold dragons and/or items for you even if I said I couldn't, but only for a specific amount of time.

Can I buy [insert item here] from you?
If I have it, most likely, yes, unless it is part of an outfit and I do not have duplicates.

Will you haggle/lower the price?
Yes. If it is a reasonable price, then probably!

I have [insert item here] from your wishlist, are you interested?
Yes, I am most certainly interested! However, I am unable to afford a great number of things from my wishlist.


Will you train my dragon for me?
I can probably do your dragon to level 4~5 ish. I am not a trainer, but there are many trustworthy services out there! All of my services are pwyw (pay what you want)!

Will you brew [insert item here] for me?
Yes, I will, if you send me the money and supplies, and if I'm high enough level for it. Tips are appreciated, but not necessary.

Will you dress/scry my dragon?
Yes. I love doing this kind of thing, so if you'd like me to, I can totally do it for free! Again, tips are appreciated, but not necessary.

Thank you for reading! I promise, I don't bite!

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