Nekopallet (#70417846)
Cheese. || My About Me/FAQ!
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Mottled Buttersnake
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Shadow.
Male Wildclaw
This dragon is hibernating.
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5.21 m
8.62 m
565.16 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


Jun 25, 2021
(1 year)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Wildclaw
EXP: 0 / 245




  • none


My dragonsona! I switch the apparel a lot but the googly eyes stay where did they go......

Stims a lot without realising. Flips or taps her cards*, taps her claws on the ground a lot, loves the sound if it's on tile or stone. Sometimes ruffles her tail feathers or flicks and curls her tail.

*I don't have them on her anymore but she still has her Fortune Tellers Deck


Hi welcome to my About Me/FAQ I guess

» Where you can find me

» About This User

Whom is thee?
» Hi i'm Nekopallet, please call me Neko or Das!
» I am +1 FR time!
» They/Them
» Please read all of this and everything I say in a neutral tone!
» I am autistic and dyslexic
» Please be patient with me!
» I ask kindly, that you DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, correct my spelling! UNLESS:
A) I ask for help.
B) You clearly see i'm repeatedly trying to spell the word.
» Otherwise I am a very friendly person! I don't bite haha.

» FAQ or something

You're age?
» I am awful at updating my age anywhere but 18+ (2003)

Your hobbies?
» This site, drawing (an artist, if you will).. uh.. what else to put here..

What do you do in your spare time?
» Usually I play on Flight Rising but I sometimes draw or sleep.

Music taste?
» Too wide to list haha, but typically EDM. But that is... also kinda wide oops.

You haven't responded to me!
» Either
A) Be patient.
B) Poke me!
C) I'm sleeping.
» I am a very busy person and I forget often, I can't really say i'm drowning in notifs even though I get pinged by GASP a lot lol.

Do you make skins and/or art?
» Why yes I do! This is my Skin/Accent Shop! and Here is my Art Shop!

» About Dominance

» I typically level to level 6 or 7 and exalt the dragon then. I sometimes level to level 10 just because.

Rename this dragon immediately!!
» Hi, no. Name the dragon yourself before you sell it, alright? I'm not gonna do that for you and if you send a rename scroll, i'll just keep it since you already sent it and I see no use sending it back.

Why do you exalt dragons?
» For my own profit. Love me some stonks.

Can I have [Dragon]?
» Yeah sure, only if they're for sale. (NEVER ASK FOR DRAGONS WITH FAMILIARS, THEY ARE 99% LIKELY NOT FOR SALE)

» Other/MISC.

I am going to report you for [some reason]!
» Ok? I guess, you have no proof probably so.. whatever.

Why do you have so many aesthetics in your lair?
» Idk dude I just like too many.

This art has no name under it? Who made it?
» Simply click/tap on the art! If it brings you to a user profile, that's who made it! If not, then it's by me!

» Sorry, I have none other then a few individual tid bits haha.

Kind of dragons?
» Gen 1s! So many g1s....

Can I give you a dragon?
» Sorry, but no. I would rather buy my own. But maybe... just simply ask first!

Can I use [Dragon] for breeding? I'll return it after!!
» Absolutely not.

Can I gift you art?
» That depends! Please do ask first though!!! I don't want random art of a dragon I might not keep, so I have a list that I can give if needed. Only available through Discord, however. (see below)

Do you have a Discord?
» I do! But only friends / people I know / people I share discord servers with are able to receive my tag. (DO NOT GIVE OUT MY TAG. You will get blocked.)

Thoughts on PMs and Friend Requests?
» If it's about a dragon I have / an inquiry about them, sure! If it's random... no.. unless it's a giftbombs then absolutely! Friend Requests are an absolute no, unless I send one first!

Can I comment on your profile?
» Yep! But please stay respectful and kind. If it makes me uncomfortable or it's mean / a sensitive topic, it will get deleted and ignored. If you're a multi-account and I know, your comment(s) will also be deleted and ignored.
» Rude, mean, sensitive, offensive, etc. PMs will also be deleted and politely ignored.

» I'm too lazy to put these into a question

» DO NOT THANK ME FOR BUYING YOUR DRAGON! It is likely getting exalted and I will not take good care of them! If I bought your dragon above fodder floor, (lowest AH price) then I might keep them. If I decide otherwise, they will get exalted. Unless it's a g1, then I might resell it. Maybe.

» Feel free to like my dragons! The more likes the merrier <3

» About Blocking

» If I have blocked your friend: I rarely block people but if you are a friend of someone I have blocked and the person I blocked wants an answer as to why, feel free to PM me about it and I can give you an answer. If not? Leave me alone, I blocked them for my own personal reason, thank you.

» If I have blocked you: What are you doing here???

Regarding this: Please do tell me if something is offensive or makes you very uncomfortable! I might be able to change it! If it's lore, I will not, however. (Unless it's offensive, only a group can make me change it. But DO NOT send your friends to do this or all of you will get blocked, this is extremely rude) My lair is kind of "look at your own risk" I guess.

Pointing this out because it causes me great anxiety and stress and due to multiple conversations: I don't like my dragons compared to characters or people or anything. NEVER compare my dragons to anything unless there is something referencing that thing in their bio. Now shut up about this, i'm done being nice about it. I've renamed dragons over this, just stop. If you have done this before, you're getting blocked.
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