Divine (#6995699)
Level 10 Pearlcatcher
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Nature.
Female Pearlcatcher
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6.95 m
4.68 m
419.12 kg


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Oct 15, 2014
(5 years)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 10 Pearlcatcher
EXP: 397 / 27676


Seer of futures

Star light, star bright,

The first star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.




Nogitsune - small, malevolent tricksters. This is Divine's personal Nogitsune.
"The future is not always a straight line. It has splits and curves, and the choices we make pushes the other ways and loops away. Therefore we present it as a straight line. No one knows where it ends, though, not even the best foretellers.

I can see a few choices ahead, but what I see I cannot change. What can be changed, however, is the dragon about to make that choice. Oh how they must find me annoying. But time is the trickster, allowing me a glimpse of importance before vanishing until that time comes again. I feel like I live twice. "

"The night goes by, and dreams flood my mind. It's not easy distinguishing true dreams from a myriad of normal ones. When I wake up I write down the true dreams only. Then I do what has to be done, before time keeps up once more.

Time can, however rarely, be transparent and kindly helping. A foretelling may knock me to the ground during the day, or render me immobile, but at least then I know it's a foretelling. These are often about catastrophes that has to be taken account of and prepared for. It can be bad weather, a coming desiece or a beastclan attack. This is also the moments where others will really believe in you. These times they won't think you are high, or just messing with their minds for fun. Everyone listens and does what has to be done, without complains. They believe in you, and each other. It strengthens the clan as a whole. "


Brushtail fox - mischievious calligraphy spirit


Zenko - benevolent messengers of Inari. This is Divine's personal Zenko.

(Not permanent.)

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~ Digital Love ~

Colours must be
pastel or pastel goth.
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When she was hatched, she gazed at the world trough cloudy green eyes. They were not as brilliant as her two sister's, and the clan wondered if she was borne blind. She was not, or rather, she could see more than what was normal. She could see things and creatures that was not in this world. In the beginning everyone thought her funny, then they grew worried. Her sisters tried to understand, as their imagination was still at it's peak.


Suzaku - celestial fire spirits
Three days old, as many days before her biggest growth day, she had her first real foretelling. It knocked her to the ground for a millisecond, but it felt like minutes in her head. Fire. The whole part of the forest was on fire! The beastclans would sneak in during the night and set the whole area ablaze. They wanted to kidnap and enslave fleeing hatchlings and smaller dragons. They had buckets of water and a pump in one of the rivers in case the fire spread to their disadvantage. She looked up, and noticed for the first time it was night. It was not a full moon, just one night too early. She was standing right under her birth star, facing what had to be west.
She woke on the ground to sister Cedar's laughter. "You clumsy!" she exclaimed. She thought Divine had just tripped! When she saw the serious expression on her sister's face she stilled. "What is is? Why the face? You can't be mad at me for laughing." "We have to find someone who believes me" was what ran trough Divine's mind, and it slipped her lips. "Believe what? I always believe you, who else do you need, what happened?" She had started running, and Cedar took to her wings to follow. She was silent for only a second. "What did you see?" Divine turned around and they almost crashed. "Fire. In this world. The bestclans, mainly centaurs, set our whole town on fire. It will happen in three night, the night before the full moon. I don't know why I'm so sure, but I am. It will happen. We have to warn the clan." There is no reason to take dreams serious, she thought. But this was not a dream, she knew it wasn't. She had been walking with her sister, not slept in the cave. She knew she had always been different, seeing creatures where there was none. But this was different. This was this world and her forest. It was real, she felt it.

She ran until she found Tranduil, the clan leader and druid of the clan. He had been a clairvoyant dragon when he was younger, but his visions seemed to come less and less often. His last true dream was 2 years ago, when the sun had been so bright it nearly dried out the clan's crops and they had to rebuild the old watering system. Divine blurted out the vision, now crying hysterically and clutching her tail so hard it hurt. He drew her into an embrace, hugging her and singing softly until she calmed down enough to view the vision rationally. The song was a combination of dark humming and a lighter verse, the text deciptering a young guardian that could see time flow by. He saw his whole life, and that of his friends, family and lovers. In the end he was young again, the whole tale being his vision. Then he met with the goddess of time and she explained how he could change some things, but not all.


Fenghuang - This is Divine's personal Fenghuang.

Tranduil did not look as if he doubted her. He had been there when she hatched, and knew she had been telling strange stories of things that did not exist. She silently wondered if she would be like him one day, and if he had once been a strange little hatchling like herself. A little different from the rest. When he finally spoke, however, she felt a bit insecure. "We will prepare for the coming ambush and stack our water supplies. We will water the ground, all plants, all dens and houses. You may have seen the future, but we can't know for sure until time keeps up to what you saw." "So they may not attack?" She felt cold. She had been so certain. "They may noice we have been watering and delay or change strategy. You did right in notifying me, and the future might already have changed by you doing so. We will prepare for an attack."

She walked home with careful steps. She had been told to stay down and let the clan leaders inform the rest of the clan. Only an hour later her parents were called to a clan meeting, along with every adult dragons. When they came back she cut in before them. "We have gathered everything in the whole den we can use to hold water. Wanderer will watch the crops, they have been watered. Cedar is on the roof, damping it even though we know it's a bit early. It won't take damage, we promise." They looked troubled, and she remembered the clan leaders would not mention her name unless the attack actually happened. "I saw the fire happen, I told Tranduil and he believed me. He believes I can see visions of the future. The rest, the other world and the strange creatures I see, are not real in this world and I should overlook them. " It was not totally true. She had not told Tranduil of them, mostly because she totally forgot, and partly because they seemed not to affect anything real. Her parents calmed down after a while, finally admitting to themselves there was nothing wrong with their child. However, she could feel their anxiety grow alongside her own as the day before the almost-full moon neared night. The whole clan was on edge,awaiting the scouts' reports. There had been three, but only one returned to the gathering. "We need assistance on the western border, the others have engaged in battle and we need assistance. Requesting a team of four. Ese they are gathering south as well, hoiping to creep up at us from the side." Four warriors stepped forth and followed the scout. Another team of four would move south and spread out. It was really happening! She felt a rush of pride in herself, mixed with the horror of knowing the beastclans was upon them. She went to Tranduil once more. "Their pumps, there was something behind them that I could not see clearly. I believe there was a huge crate or cage. Can we go look?" The druid looked troubed at her request. "You know it is dangerous, but something is nagging at your mind, or your memory. Something important, right? Something you didn't see, but still is clearly there. We will go. Two can easily hide, three can not. " And so he spoke softly with his wife and the two of them slipped away in the night.


Manticore - made by Kurayami

They stood on the spot where her vision had started, and she looked up to her star. She felt as if their gazes locked, hers and the stars' and she felt magic rush trough her. She grew, and as she did her body was able to take in more magic and her senses stretched around her. She could feel the trees, the flowers, the scared critters and the confidence of her companion. And she sensed a centaur. "Centaur" she whispered and pointed at the place he was hiding. Tranduil reacted on instinct. He sent the spot, the centaur and the bush flying in one attack before sprinting after them. When the star finally let go of her, Divine was reaeaved to see and sense that the intruder had been rendered immobile. She was still full of power, and the search for the crate went quick. It was a huge crate containing something even bigger. It contained a very angry, stressed, young Crowned Roc. "Now what do we do?" the elder wondered out loud. "They must have planned to let it loose on us if the fire failed. There will soon be lots of centaurs here to move and release it. Can you tame him?" She should have flinched at the idea, but in stead she said "How do you know it's male?" They both laughed on their insides, not daring to make more noises than necessary. "The patterns and plumage." She nodded, and brushed the creature with her magic. It barely brushed the creatures' feathers. "Let's tame it", she said. "But not here." For the first time she stretched her magic, her awareness, towards the other world. The creatures jumped as they felt her touch, and went into hiding. "Ah" the elder exclaimed with a dreamy smile. "I've not been there in years." She could feel his magic be added to her own, mixing with it, shaping it. Together they opened a portal to the other world and pushed the (luckily wheeled) crate in. The portal closed enough that only insects could pass trough.
"Now we calm it, release it, battle it if we have to and tames it." she did not feel as sure as she sounded. "Do you know a song?" Tranduil smiled and started singing. It was the song of a small coatl that had lost it's parents while walking in the woods and got picked up by a family of dryads. They raised him to become a druid of the land, and when he finally met other dragons he did not know if he was dragon or dryad. He believed he was of the forest, and that plants had feelings like animals do. The dragons tried to tell him otherwise and he fled and was never seen again. They felt silent for a while after the song, and was pleased to see the Crowned Rock had settled down. It seemed rather happy when they opened the crate, but still turned to attack them both moments later. They dodged, but did not attack. It stared at them and they stared back without moving. "Sing more" Divine said in a light voice. "I don't know what more to sing" he replied without moving his gaze. "I use magic when I sing". "Oh", she said after a second, "That explains a lot. Please use mine." She stretched her magic out like a ribbon in the breeze, and he welcomed it like hot tea. He started to sing again, this time about a centaur and a guardian that had always been friends. They did not see each other for a year and when they returned they both had families. The guardian's charge was of course his children. Their families, however, tried to kill each other before the males recognized each other. The kids, that had grown up believing the other part was evil, could not understand the situation. As they grew up they learned how culture affected our view at other races and make us blind. During the song Tranduil had moved closer to the Roc. He was allowed to touch it. He stroked the feathers end the bird's beak while it stared mildly at him. When the song ended it was still under his spell and followed him about like a gigantic chicken after the mother hen.


Mandrakes - vegetables that scream when picked


Cockatrice - made by Kurayami. This is Divine's personal Cockatrice.

They exited the other world, or the ethereal plane as Tranduil called it, just outside of the main part of the town. As they joined the other dragons she noticed for the first time that Baku were present both in the ethereal plane and in her own. The other dragon could not notice anything but the Crowned Roc. They also got to know the centaurs had been chased away and that only a few trees had been burnt. One of the centaurs they captured had boasted over a powerful weapon, but had not been cooperative enough to tell what. He wilted before their eyes when he saw the "weapon" waddle after Tranduil.

Weeks went by, and the true story became known. She was famous and her foretellings were taken serious from then on. She tried to understand and control her gift, and tested herself every day. She figured out how to view an item's timeline, but most unvaluable items held no interesting stories. Gleaming, expensive or rare items often held stories of trade or theft. She could to some extent foresee who would buy the item in the near future, and when it would break for good. The method consisted of holding the item in her hands and weave a thin blanket of treads on it that connected it with her senses. Its smell filled her nostrils, mer hands felt everything curve. Every treatment gave faint echoes in her ears while her mind was flooded with its most important moments. When she viewed its past she took the senses from deep within the object. When she foresaw its future she drew it from somewhere trough her, as if it came from behind her just beyond her sight.

For about half of the items she tested she could not "see" their origin, or anything at all. There was no reason she could see as to why, as she continuously tested pieces from the same batch of wares. She used to wonder if items had souls or if it was just that some are more exposed to magic.

She tested this new-found power on other dragons, but had to modify both how she started out mentally and how her weavings were laid. She could not let them food her mind, lest she loose herself for several minutes. She had to approach them more carefully. Calm her mind, then get determined on what she needed to find. She wanted to find events that made a difference. With items there was often nothing to be found, but with the living there was always something.

Zenko - benevolent messengers of Inari


Fenghuang - made by Kurayami

(she moves to the windswept plateu and gets word that the clan moves deeper into the woods and is never more to be found, but she thinks she knows why (the Roc) and knows she will be able to find them if they and she wants her to find them. )

button2_by_cas_a_fras-dah3p4z.png Round 1, best dressed.

Praise (X)

She foresaw the end and reverse-turning of the twisting creacendo. Dragons were still scared when it happened, but her promise of it beginning anew was somewhat calming and reassuring. She did her best to appear publickly during the whole incidence, radiating dafety and confidence as well as she could.
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