Naida (#6980820)
Level 1 Skydancer
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Living Sculpture
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Water.
Female Skydancer
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3.58 m
5.55 m
522.59 kg


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Oct 15, 2014
(8 years)



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Level 1 Skydancer
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Neutral good
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Golden Wing

"Why are you so concerned with what’s real and what isn’t? If something is real does that automatically make it right?"

Naida is a balanced and captivating dragon who moves as if she was flying the whole time. She rarely shows up as friendly and likes to remain at some distance unless she’s acting. She’s more of a contemplative and creative dragon, rather than a social one, so on her free time is easier to spot her polishing her skills rather than making social life, to Nishant’s dismay. She’s disciplined, farsighted and focused, and doesn’t like to be interrupted.

She’s brutally honest though. Whenever someone asks her, they have to be ready to hear the worse since she doesn’t make up her words. Whatever she thinks, she says and won’t lose her time with white lies. Even though, Naida’s loyal: she won’t compliment you, but if she calls you friend she will be with you until the end. Don’t hesitate to ask her a favor since she’ll do whatever’s on her paws to help out someone in need.

She’s a bit dreamy though and on her free time can be caught up in her inner world pretty often. Calculating and graceful, whether if she’s walking, flying, dancing or swimming, and she’ll always look ethereal, as if she was a dream surrounded by light and water. Her magic, surprisingly, also makes her a strong magic fighter, but she doesn’t like fighting enough to polish her battle skills. Thanks to the dance, she makes amazing dodges though. This has given her the title of “Battle Dancer”. Naida doesn’t agree with it, but it seems that the title has gotten out of her hands.

  • She’s really close to her friends, but cold with outsiders. Her jokes are awful.
  • She trusts blindly her visions, even if she’s scared of them.
  • Her magic is part of her performing and, pairing with Nishant’s light magic, they can make a beautiful scenery.
  • Surprisingly enough, she’s afraid of drowning. She’s not sure where does this fear comes from, but despite being a great swimmer and a water dragon, she still feels scared of it.
  • Nishant seems obsessed with chimes. She doesn’t like them pretty much and tries to get rid of them, but still finds plenty of them on the caravan they share. “FOR WINDSINGER’S SAKE, NISHANT, WHERE DO YOU GET THEM?”.
  • Despite being born to the Tidelord, she considers the Windsinger her deity. Her visions had made her faith in the Tidelord shaken and she feels more close to the Windsinger’s point of view.

Born in the Tempest Spire from an unhatched water egg, Naida never felt like belonging in there. Consumed by her visions from either past and future, she ran away to the Sea of the Thousand Currents, where she tried to learn how to control her gift. Hopefully, she would find a way to stop them. After months living there and finding that her visions were more concerning, she flew away to the Sunbeam Ruins, where she sang on her own to make a living in taverns and such. Her visions were still bothering her, but at least she managed some inner peace.

During her plays in taverns in the Sunbeam Ruins she met Nishant, a musician who quickly stated that he wanted to travel with her. Him being a musician, they quickly started performing together. At the beggining she wasn't fond of him, but he proved himself to be a reliable travel companion who supported her and helped her to endure her visions. Naida isn't sure about how it happened, but she found herself falling in love with him and that he reciprocated her feelings.

They travelled together for a long time, until the Golden Wing, a group of itinerant artists was in the Sundial Terrace. They offered them a place among them as itinerant artists, to sing and dance. Since Naida had no home, she quickly agreed and Nishant was soon to follow her.
After joining the Golden Wing, Naida has been feeling better than ever. Her visions have subsided: she still has them, but currently doesn't worry about them pretty much. She's at ease and her visions do rarely show bad omens, and when they do, she tries her best to ignore them. Future is future, it will change if it has to, right? At least, that's what she likes to think.

She does enjoy her life, never leaving the Golden Wing. She has an exciting life, she travels and gets to see the world. Now she doesn't worry about her visions, but she uses them to help some dragons at her own pace. She still tries to keep them off her mind, but since it's not working, she tries to help for now.
When the Golden Wing stops near to a clan or a city, she stays within the caravan. She rarely feels like socializing, but does enjoy when she's gifted flowers and such. Despite not using them, she tries to keep them alive as much as possible in her caravan.

Currently Nishant is pretty happy about the development they're currently in. Both of them are feeling safe and beloved, and they often joke about having kids. Not that Naida really feels like it's the moment, but she's content with her life now.


13753756p.png Nishant is Naida’s mate and first companion ever. They started travelling together as a pair of artists and, even if at the beggining she didn’t like him pretty much, she currently thinks that Nishant is the best thing that ever happened to her. Not that Naida would use those words, though, since most of time he’s making fun of her and announcing his everlasting love. Their relationship is a curious one, since they don’t like to stay far from each other, but most of time Naida will be content by staying by his side while Nishant enjoys doing new things everytime.
Celes joined the Golden Wing quite late, but still Naida considers her the best friend she could ask for. Celes is quite friendly, open and talkative, making a good contrast with Naida’s silent. Still, Celes feels grateful towards Naida since she was the first to welcome her and probably the reason she joined the artists. Naida would love to sing with Celes, but she doesn’t seem comfortable with that, and Celes often asks Naida if she knows anything about her charge, but her visions hasn’t told her something new.

Despite not having a real leader within the Golden Wing, Cullen often is considered that. And Cullen is quite friendly towards the whole group: as Celes, he’s really talkative, but with Naida he seems to enjoy solitude and they often can be found drinking tea early in the morning, while the rest of the group is peacefully sleeping. If it’s a rainy day, Cullen often offers his caravan to have some quality time since Nishant can sleep until pretty late.
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