Unnamed (#69076039)
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Earth.
Female Tundra
This dragon is hibernating.
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Personal Style





3.15 m
2.73 m
325.81 kg


Primary Gene
Secondary Gene
Tertiary Gene


May 02, 2021
(1 month)



Eye Type

Eye Type
Level 1 Tundra
EXP: 0 / 245



  • none


  • none


Frequently Asked Questions
That aren't actually asked but...it doesn't hurt to put them here, right?

Forum pings, friends, PMs, blocking, etc.
Why aren't you responding to my ping?
I'm either uninterested, or I missed it. If you believe that it's the latter, please make sure that you spelled my username correctly and ping me again :)

Why aren't you responding to a profile comment? Did you miss it?
I generally do not respond to profile comments, because most of them tend to be "I like your profile dragon" or "One of your dragons was on the front page."

Why aren't you responding to a PM?
Chances are, I'm busy or I missed it. You can send another PM if I don't respond within a day ^^

Can I send a friend request?
If we have talked before and you seemed friendly, sure!
If we have never talked before, I will probably accept it, but don't be surprised if I remove you in the future.

Can I ping you to advertise my thread/get extra raffle tickets in a user run raffle?
I'm fine with receiving pings if I asked to be on a pinglist, such as user run raffles/giveaways, g1 hoarders pinglist, GASP, etc. I'm also fine with receiving pings from people that I have talked to on my friends list.

However, if I have never met you and you found my username in the active users or on the forums and you purposefully pinged me, I will not tolerate the random ping. I will contact the runner of the thread (assuming that you aren't running it) and tell them that I was randomly pinged (sorry if this sounds a little harsh ^^)

Are you fine with profile comments?
Typically, yeah. I would love to know if one of my dragons ended up on the front page or if you were browsing through my lair and they caught your eye. I might not respond, but I definitely will read it ^u^

I do ask that dragon inquiries and anything that has to do with sales goes through my PMs!

Are you fine with PMs?
Yeah, as long as you aren't one of those PM spam bots. Feel free to PM me about anything.

Why did you block me?
You shouldn't be able to see this, but there are three possible reasons.
  1. You are a PM bot and you sent a sketchy link in my PMs.
  2. You were amazingly rude on the forums or in my PMs.
  3. (most likely) I accidentally blocked you while scrolling the forums.

Exalting/Dragon Ownership
Are you an exalting lair?
Yes! I am not the "exalting person" who exalts hundreds of dragons a day, but I still send dragons off to serve the deities.

Can I breed one of your dragons with mine?
No. Any dragons that I'm willing to breed are my XXX obsidian dragons, and XXX obsidian dragons are very common on the AH.

Can I buy [x] dragon?
If they are in my sales tab, sure. If they aren't, probably not (feel free to send an offer though.)

I'm interested in buying one of your dragons (that are on the AH), but I can't afford it. Can you accept a lower price or hold them for me?
Definitely! Please PM me if you are interested in buying a dragon (that is on the AH.)

You exalted one of my previously owned dragons! Can you restore it and give it back to me?
If you sold it on the AH and it wasn't an accidental sale, nope. Please do not sell dragons at fodder price if you don't want them to be exalted.
If you sold it on the AH and it was an accidental sale of a loved perma, perhaps. I might restore it, and sell them back to you at the restore price + 30g/kt.

One of my previously owned dragons are in your fodder tab. Can you not exalt it or send it back?
All fodder dragons can be sent back for 50g/kt each. The high price is to ensure that you aren't "buying" leveled fodder from me for profit purposes.

I'm fine with you exalting my previously owned dragon, but they have a really weird name. Can you rename them?
For the high, high price of 20g/kt, a renaming scroll, and a name suggestion, I'll rename them. It's just tedious to rename dragons imo.

Item Sales/Gifting
Will you gift me?
If you are here to ask this question, no.

Can I gift you?
Sure! Just know that my wishlist isn't fully up to date ^^

Can I have an item that's on the AH for free?

Can I buy [x] item at a lower price?
Potentially. PM me if you are interested in something.

5/2/2021-Bought for 5g
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