DrJekyll (#686146)
Level 4 Wildclaw
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Spidered Seat
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Energy: 50/50
This dragon’s natural inborn element is Plague.
Female Wildclaw
This dragon cannot breed until Feb 09, 2021 (20 days).
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D0nrpNB.png Dr. Jekyll D0nrpNB.png

Member of:


[Dozens of Dragons]

6 digit
Not for sale or trade.
[Mr. Hyde]
Dr Jekyll simply awoke one day, and that was her beginning. Standing up from the remains of strange technology, mysterious cables and whirring machines, she took stock of herself. All her limbs were intact, her wings felt okay, and she didn’t notice any injuries, but she couldn’t remember what happened. She didn’t even know who she was. Across from her sat a Coatl that looked like shadows given physical form. He blinked at her with a vacant expression, and she suspected he knew no more than she did. She stood there, a Wildclaw with no past, and started walking.

It wasn’t long before the emptiness set in. As she wandered the Scarred Wasteland with nothing but her tired feet, she chalked the feeling up to hunger. She was exhausted from walking when she spotted the distant banners of a dragon clan. She managed to stumble her way there, and they gave her food and water from their meager supply. The small clan was nameless, and only just managed to scrape by in the waste, yet they welcomed her as more than just another mouth to feed. She quickly proved her worth with her calculating, analytical mind. She was accepted, and maybe she should have been satisfied with that, but the emptiness remained.

The nameless clan had one rule that must not be broken: do not open the box. The box was small and made of dark wood bound with iron. The clan always kept it hidden, and no matter who she asked, Dr Jekyll couldn’t get answers from anyone about what was inside. She theorized a hundred possibilities and more, but her mind wasn’t satisfied. The question consumed her. She convinced herself the emptiness inside her could be filled if she only knew what was in that box. One night, she slipped into the room where the box was hidden and took it. As she hurried away, she knew the clan would soon know what she did, but she didn’t care. At last she would know the truth, and that empty place inside her would be filled, but when she opened the box, the box was empty too.
Maybe the contents had been stolen years ago, or maybe there never was anything in the box, but it didn’t matter anymore. She couldn’t go back to the nameless clan, but she couldn’t survive in the waste alone, so she had to keep moving. She set out, nursing that empty part of her like an old wound. This time she headed for the coast and found refuge there. "The Namárië", a ship docked nearby, provided the perfect escape. She expected a place to lay low for a while, but what she found instead was a home. She found a place for herself and was welcomed. Staying there was fulfilling, and she always had something to occupy her mind, yet that emptiness still tugged at her. She tried to ignore it, to keep herself busy in this clan she had come to like so much. Finally she knew this was something she had to know for herself, she couldn’t ignore it any longer.

She told her friends goodbye, but promised to return when her journey was finished. Dr Jekyll set off, following the pull she felt deep within her. Once she gave over to it, her wings seemed to move of their own will, taking her back to the Scarred Wasteland borderlands, not far from where she first woke up. She was so close to the Tangled Wood that she could see the shadows moving in the trees. Her wings decided she had gone far enough, and she flitted down for an unexpected landing. She looked around, hoping to make some sense of what led her here and why.

As she searched, a movement of shadows in the corner of her eye caught her attention. Looking to see what it was, she found a shadowy Coatl looking back at her. The very same Coatl that had been here when she first woke up. From the moment they locked eyes, that strange empty place in her faded away, as if it had never been there at all. Maybe he had taken a part of her when she left, or maybe he was that missing part. It didn’t matter now, now she was whole.

;- Lore by AwkwardAngel
; - Charm dividers and tiny fossils by shroudrat. Animated Candles by juunebugs.



Drawing done by Xenosa
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Exalting DrJekyll to the service of the Plaguebringer will remove them from your lair forever. They will leave behind a small sum of riches that they have accumulated. This action is irreversible.

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